Yuan Quan's high face, maybe Ma Yili can't learn it all his life

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Yuan Quan's high face, maybe Ma Yili can't learn it all his life

2017-12-27 18:31:33 417 ℃

yoga, yoga is the lack of a life, you.


paper: love fashion reader (ID:Misslinggg)

is really beautiful and elegant, I saw Yuan Quan at noon today just send photos of only one idea:

is amazing, no superfluous posture, dress it and the ordinary people but, only a senior figure, also was amazing.

tell the truth, no matter how many times I took before Yuan Quan's clothing accessories...... In fact, all her elegance and elegance, and really not from clothes and other external things, think of the body of the body.

, well, even in a barren field, wearing ordinary shirts and jeans is also so beautiful.

and friends to take the map, even look down at the mobile phone, the whole person is standing straight ~

said standing problem, can not help but think of a while ago and AB with DIOR Zhao Liying endorsement of ridicule, distressed her:

is standing outside the eight also, the shoulder is not open, seemed a bit stiff.

is neither black nor white, Ying Bao can be a diligent and diligent pronoun, but also a sweet and witty, but the elegant temperament is excellent, so we still have a feeling of "forget it". What's the matter with

? Is it not beautiful enough? (people are wearing Dior) most important, I'm afraid, still lost in the manner.

for the prize, her hair table speech photos, and endorsement of the Dior suzhuobozi cute pictures of the......

contrasts the Kate devil who opens the air field with the shoulders open.

just wants to sigh, "the devil is very beautiful." How important is

's deportment? The contrast of the star's counterattack: Zhao Wei and Ma Sichun, in addition to the clothing promotion, the stylish people feel that the change of posture is the fundamental reason for the change of beauty.

, which side looks better? There must be a physique behind these stars to help them train their body problems.

today's help they steal the division of Mary Helen Bowers to create a good posture, also summed up some good temperament to absolutely can not do the small details, check it out!

01 basic text, posture correction

some habit to get rid of!

has passed a picture of a woman's vs goddess on the Internet, trying to get a preliminary gesture of the right goddess on the right side of the get. First, some bad habits must be changed.


head head can not reach a bad habit, Liyan Tong had used his head, looks very timid self-confidence; Taylor once head of bad habits we are obvious to people:

head doesn't look good. The key long time head, can cause back muscle force is not uniform, the final joint with other body side posture is not positive, such as:

" (two) does not contain chest shrinkage shoulder

is round shoulder, perhaps this year due to squint and discrimination Chinese, could not come in the Great Victoria Secret Show the Red Net supermodel Gigi have chest problems:

of her predecessors, one of the five major American supermodel, Naomi Campbell, the first open - invincible momentum, shoulder, chest should not only say: "/1ydzximg/0HzbGMpB9r

(three what is

to the pelvis) is the pelvis is not? Exaggerated as the picture below two on the right side (left posture posture is not good), a pelvis forward, a posterior pelvic shift:

especially the pelvis forward, the result is:

do you think you have stomach, actually not but do you think you are Ptlt Qiaotun; that tragedy is the pelvis......

often wears high-heeled shoes or sedentary. It is easy to have this problem. The inspection methods and solutions depend on the wall station. If you are on the wall, if you are on the back of the two, you can't touch the wall.

to solve the problem like the one on the left. Every station 10min, the first two problems can be solved by the way with ~


advanced articles, practicing temperament beautiful ballet p>

< / of course I know most of the girls in attitude are good, but compared with the side of the temperament of goddess, is said not to come out the gap, such as the Faye Wong vs so that your average:

pose difference