Fat to 180 Jin is also called the goddess? Dad was a man and she had a new love affair

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Fat to 180 Jin is also called the goddess? Dad was a man and she had a new love affair

2017-12-28 18:26:39 718 ℃

Joyce Cheng in recent years in music with good results, sideline cookie shop also opened more than automatics career full of sound and colour, in love, has made new progress.

recently, she was 30 years old in Ins out of the sun and a man's intimate photo and text with Christmas and the love of my life together "announced generous love, is named plane model boyfriend was quite handsome!

two people have many interactive

" even though Joyce Cheng is not a slim shape beauty, but warm and cheerful personality, have always been the peach blossom constantly, there are also many ex boyfriend or scandal object. After the entry of

, Joyce Cheng and the Canadian foreign boyfriend Mark Ryan started dating in 2007. Childhood love sports Ryan is athlete, also with Xinyi through life and death in the face of low Lydia pain day. It is a pity that the two people, after five and a half years of time hand in hand, finally broke up in 2012. After

after him, Joyce Cheng and Korean male model Cui Haojin (Jin) went on the scandal in 2012. The handsome Jin also had 6 perfect ABS.

2014, Joyce Cheng was the explosion of love and tattoo photographer Silas Lee, Joyce also praised her boyfriend don't mind her fat, frankly very happy life. But this relationship is quite rough, 2016 Joyce Cheng at the concert had to admit to her boyfriend left knees -- "I even put down the dignity, finally he went away".

today announced a new romance, managed to open a new chapter, but users have the blessing at the same time, there are many people in the message said: "fear carefullykey, hope you don't go to the old mother, you find a love, love you, cherish your marriage."

why do Internet users say this? This is to begin with Joyce Cheng's family.

Joyce Cheng is the entertainment the most shining star in the two generation, "Lydia" mother Lydia Sum is Hongkong showbiz legend, father Adam Cheng is the most handsome classic adam. But eventually, Joyce Cheng's parents were divorced because of the intervention of the third, making her grow up in a single parent family.

Joyce Cheng inherited the mother fat physique, a child is a big fat girl, this is her trouble in adolescence.

later, after Joyce Cheng's efforts and her mother's help, she really lost weight and lost 100 pounds.

from the previous "pork chop sister" at a "slimming" Idol ", launched the book my diet diary" has also been a major media magazine.

but praise is only temporary, was repeatedly picked up and weight often go hungry let her tired, into the entertainment she also by the time of outside pressure of public opinion, and the mother died, a lot of things backlog together, her weight has gone back up.

, just before everyone thought Joyce Cheng had been burned, she stood back in front of the audience again with the image of fat coming back. She boldly declared that she should stop losing weight, and began to reorganize herself and develop a healthy life. But Joyce Cheng, who came back so fat, got more popularity and attention than before.

, she said, "the most difficult thing for everyone to do is to tolerate their shortcomings and find beauty from them. I think thin does not represent beautiful, does not represent happy, also does not represent the health. I think the most important thing is to be physically and mentally healthy, with physical health and mental health, so that we can send out the most beautiful. " The sincere "plump confession" has made many people slowly change their views on her.

, although she is not a fat mass in the eyes of the beautiful, but that from inside exudes vitality has a charm, accept a round face and legs, like the image of her becoming kylin arm than before and more confident and more love to laugh. When the seal turned over her private picture, she felt that she was really happy in her life.

is always with a smile: "

is even easy fat physique also insist on doing exercise, not only to give up, healthy and happy, "a word horse" ~

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