The stars were more embarrassed to cut short hair, especially the last one.

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The stars were more embarrassed to cut short hair, especially the last one.

2017-12-28 18:27:13 786 ℃

hair cut well, than make many popular cosmetic ~ general actress cut short hair, fashion sense or several grades.

like Dongyu Zhou, from rustic to fashion darling is a short distance......

high face of Rhododendron with short hairstyle.

"but this body modeling wind again" when the boot was stunned a buddy, it is the noble image, it was like standing at old fashion models, a lot of important visible hair.

but some women's short haircuts can not give their own models, but they are a bit delayed.

recently whipped up a circle of offensive wind, each star is to set a concave offensive, cut up man than men with short hair, but also more and more short cut. But not everyone is able to attack...

Tian Jing issued a micro-blog before: she cut her hair again, will she be beaten?

below commentary unanimously advises Tian Jing to stay long... In fact, Tian Jing's short hair is not ugly, but it is obviously better in the middle and long term.

and short hair also looks like a big head with great difference from previous styles.

long hair is really beautiful, after all, big eyes white skin is beautiful temperament, the fairy Xian ~

the same temperament elegant, elegant atmosphere of Liu Shishi there is a short hair is also a short. The recently unveiled a short hair bracket bangs, feeling a bit old.

Ye poetry itself is full of heroic spirit, really do not need to rely on the hair to create, this actually a little hard concave feeling!

is also very beautiful when it is a little longer.

this is the most correct way to open the poem!

Xinyi Zhang's short haircut tells the truth that it did not reach her beauty.

or Lob head to raise eyes.

Gu Li Na Zai also had a short time to cut the boy's head, the neutral wind used to be accustomed to, really had the feeling of small meat.

nuozha actually or Bobo most ness, both cute and lovely, but a little sexy.

Xun Zhou also short hair for many years, but feel this super short style= is not suitable for her, seems to be missing some aura.

medium long modeling more casual and uninhibited...

"Ode to joy", the sprite has developed its own second spring with an unruly short hair.

but the second part began. Wang Ziwen's short hair was broken short of aura, but it was lively and sharp. After

the previous period, because of the image of the female elite in my first half life, has been on fire again, but recently I attended the activity recently.