In ten years, she told us not to dress up for others.

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In ten years, she told us not to dress up for others.

2017-12-28 18:27:18 835 ℃

has passed a long time news, recently finally confirmed the

Celine creative director, 44 year old Phoebe Filo Phoebe Philo to confirm the departure of , go to the next step of unknown occupation. said, 2018 early autumn series will become her farewell for. The message of

makes many Celine fans heartbroken . They think Phoebe take this, Celine will no longer change.

worry is not unreasonable. Today's Celine is Phoebe spent nearly ten years built.

she was an Englishman. She went to Chloe at 23 and was an assistant to Stella McCartney. Is wearing a grey bra on the small.

later Stella McCartney solo, 28 year old Phoebe to replace her, as a creative director for Chloe success.

is known as the it bag queen , and Chloe was the popular lock package of Paddington Bag from Phoebe's hand.

, however, she suddenly left in a sound of praise, and returned to the family . Two years later,

returned to Celine when 34 year old creative director. She told the New York Times that my daughter was older and I could start to work again.

was in 2008, and everyone's aesthetic is quite different from the present.

, such as WAG and Mrs. Cheryl, WAG (football star wife group) is wearing tight fitting, revealing the clothes of , showing off their wealth with the famous brand bag. said that under such a climate, Phoebe reinvented Celine, and " redefined luxury". Through her design,

conveys a restrained, thoughtful, fashionable attitude.

, for example, when all the people are wearing tight pants, Phoebe designed a large number of wide leg pants .

(from the following Celine 2010 spring summer, 2013 spring and summer and 2015 autumn and winter series, respectively).

and now seems rather fashionable Jumpsuit wide leg pants .

(below Celine 2011 and 2015 respectively from the early autumn spring and early autumn 2015 series.)

she wears the best look!

can't see this picture in 2010.

in many ways, Phoebe has served as the fashion circle's pilot role.

for example, now everyone wears hair slippers ...

was actually in the 2013 spring and summer series, and Celine added a coat of hair inside the slippers.

2015 spring and summer, Celine glove shoes is not understood.

is this the old lady's shoes?

was quickly imitated by many brands, including Rachel Comey, COS, and Maryam Nassir Zadeh.

doesn't talk about Celine's own shoes. Since the fashion week March 2011, Phoebe often wore Xiao Bai shoes and curtain call.

to the two years small white shoes rotten street, all of the literacy articles will take her years call to say.

saw that Celine had such an eye, and many brand began to follow the .

(pictured below are Celine 2015 series, Marni 2016 Series in early spring and early autumn, spring and summer of 2015 Celine series and Edun series of spring and summer of 2016.)

above the map from ins account Diet Prada, specifically exposing the designers to learn from each other.

Celine has always been 's "reference" to , so the blogger of this account often regrets that Phoebe is a god!

(the next figure is from the Celine 2015 autumn and winter and the spring and summer series of Lemaire this year).

Mara Hoffman these children (right), from shirts to wide leg pants, and Celine in the spring of 2016 (left) are twins.

and play the combination of .

Sonia Rykiel is in the early spring of this year (right picture). The skirt is Celine 2015, and the stripes are knitted in early spring. The shoes are Celine 2016 spring and summer rivet, cowboy boots.

Celine 2015 winter gloves knitted skirt + shoes, also went to the Beckham own brand this year early autumn series glow second spring.

is not just design.

was tight skirt + high-heeled shoes Beckham, now downneck + white shoe , is also considered to be the next Phoebe".

can say that Celine in the Phoebe period affected a lot of people.

even if she didn't buy her design, all the years of our and fashion - related memory, , were deeply branded with her.

, such as all kinds of Celine package , Classic, smiling face package