Is the scandal of female two and Feng Xiaogang true in Fanghua? The female drama is not left to the main rolling slag...

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Is the scandal of female two and Feng Xiaogang true in Fanghua? The female drama is not left to the main rolling slag...

2017-12-28 18:27:24 841 ℃

recently "green" fire, a dinner conversation, cannot do without inside a few natural to the carving of the heroine. Especially Xiao Suizi's Zhong Chuxi, because the atmosphere, the rich identification of the five officials left a very deep impression.

Yan Gao, will wear, there is a gas field, one after another to bend Hsu Chi, He Sui two goddesses. Zhong Chuxi is now a fashion red man, a variety of magazine covers and hard photos. A firm faces collocation tall outstanding stature, cool and beautiful.

is a rare and expressive face in the entertainment circle of all girls and girls.

fashion resources are also good to fly, invited to all kinds of fashion activities.

LV especially favoured her, not only cooperating with her, but also by the invitation of LV to the fashion week show.

attended the Chanel J12 watch activity.

, as a woman No. 1 Miao Miao (He Xiaoping), is the least splash after the movie.

probably a lot of people may not be able to remember the way she was going out of the movie, especially when she was taking pictures of her.

why Zhong Chu Xi is more approved by Internet users, fashion magazines and entertainment circles than seedlings. Don't worry, listen to the sheep.

five senses

you must have heard a lot of people saying that she is a senior face, but where is this face in the end? In fact, the advanced face does not have a template, but there is a forbidden area. Our face, a good marriage is hard to face, red net senior hung up, because it is dependent on the product of the male aesthetic.

advanced face core is "no desire without seeking", in the five senses and temperament are not compatible with the net red burst.

advanced face to a certain extent is contrary to traditional aesthetics, because traditional aesthetics is mostly evolved from the influence of patriarchal society. Happy face, Cardiff face with a strong brand of old age, to the present network face is more simple and intuitive to male sexual attraction, so advanced face sought to a certain extent reflect women's aesthetic evolution.

does not care about whether men appreciate their beauty and style, as long as they feel beautiful.

we first come from their facial features of two people, the bell Chuxi chiseled lines clear, some jobs. The brow, zygomatic height are compared, which makes her facial features more three-dimensional, strong plasticity. Miao Miao slightly rounded, partial contour is more gentle and soft, straight love style.

Zhong Chuxi mandible especially, cheeks slight depression, middle cheekbones and jaw bone with shadow, which is the necessary qualities in such a supermodel face, put it in the general sense of the pursuit of young female stars who should have to fill in, and Miao Miao is relatively full.

Zhong Chuxi Miao Miao's natural high nose, rounded nose hypertrophy, especially the nose. The high nose brings a strong sense of oppression, and this insensitive round nose increases the feeling of childishness. There is a big difference in

two features a strong, heroic spirit, strong aura. A sweet man, like a girl next door. Can not say who is better, can only be said to belong to different styles of beauty.

is a LV outfit Zhong Chuxi love fan, Miao Miao is a highly di Aojia love.

, you're not wrong, this is really Miao Miao micro-blog self beauty, excessive dermabrasion, each one like a person, there is no clear personal traits.

Zhong Chuxi's private style of micro-blog is more than 100 variable, comfortable and natural fresh breeze.

rebel punk wind.

enchanting the charm.

literature and art euphemism.

sheep turned over to Zhong Chuxi's INS and micro-blog. The more they looked at her, the more envious of her life. Besides envious of her high face, they also envied her wearing clothes. They could change clothes every day without any heavy samples.

two days before she also just participated in the Cosmo grand ceremony, back to the ancient beauty of the beauty of the same time, no lack of handsome. In fact, the clothes are good, and the variety of style can be changed infinitely. It is also a very important strength of the star.

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