62 year old Liu Xiaoqing and 52 year old Carina Lau with box Bimei, users: the older, more charming!

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62 year old Liu Xiaoqing and 52 year old Carina Lau with box Bimei, users: the older, more charming!

2017-12-28 18:27:28 897 ℃

entertainment is not the old myth a lot, most of them young, beautiful, delicate features, and even fifty years old, 18 years old still face. But over maintenance, the face is unavoidable to leave a different trace. When it comes to the aging of the female stars, you first think of who?

the white snake as elegant as the Angie Chiu?

"sweet and resistant" Wonder Woman Zhi Lin sister?

also own intellectual temperament of the strong woman Faye Yu

speaking of Faye Yu, many people are not what special impression of this name, but speaking of" Li flying "of a fairy, no one I do not know the.

put a selfish, not only modification, not to express the beauty, but also make people feel beautiful in the light.

but admire the most is the 62 year old Liu Xiaoqing, in the age of the girl's grandmother this appearance is also surprising, the whole people can look in good out of a bandbox. The 52 year old Carina Lau with the temperament of the goddess temperament box, beautiful, friends lamented: look much younger than Carina Lau!

Carina Lau is wearing a formal suit, is very good to show the beauty of neutral. A white shirt with a black ribbon around the neck is tied into a bow, instead of a tie, more elegant. Full of heroic spirit feeling, shook Liu Xiaoqing's hand and suddenly have a high handed president smell blowing!

a light blue print dress lining Liu Xiaoqing skin is more delicate, in good out of a bandbox. Blue skirt with a pink flower pattern, a sense of ink painting, hazy with artistic conception, all over and down a number of literary and artistic breath.

neck wearing a silk shawl, mixed blue and black, is a classic and beautiful shawl with yellow totem, is full of sense of extravagance.

Liu Xiaoqing skin care is very good, although his makeup, ruddy and shiny. A short hair dyed dark gray, more age less, very modern. Carina Lau makeup more natural, with a partial low ponytail, full of temperament! It is older, more charming!

Liu Xiaoqing attended the usual activities are based on the color gorgeous dress, a purple suit color very conspicuous suction eye, bright surface differ slightly a gloss, is full of high sense. And her husband the same box, is completely clothes shy little woman.

and Bing Bing. Also not afraid! "

and former US President Barack Obama box!

Liu Xiaoqing privately is a great emphasis on the health and sports, a sportswear is really out of the girl full of feeling, especially this is a good figure, really is a 20 year old girl looked to be ashamed. A blue T - shirt with white pants and a pair of black sports shoes. It's very dynamic.

has to say that women stars are very good for maintenance.