Blue, purple and white have to love your nobility

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Blue, purple and white have to love your nobility

2017-12-28 18:27:32 854 ℃

blue coat super fresh by age, give people a sense of bright eyes

Ni Ni recently attended the event also wore a light blue coat and white dress collocation, super seductive.

blue coat can temperament and texture more than black coat, if you want a little leisure street style, can collocation sneakers and jeans or some loose slacks.

" if you love a little yuppie style, Muller shoes or slippers can collocation.

is the collocation high-heeled boots knee was thin.

blue down clothes are also very eye-catching, smooth subtraction of the feeling of depression.

wide leg pants are more elegant collocation and straightforward, this LOOK is very suitable to wear to work.

with half skirt is more feminine.

can also try to add a gauze petticoat!

Bei Sao's set is a blue sweater with gray suit pants and small white shoes, fashion and temperament are taken into account.

blue sweater is also the star of people's mind, chic, like Liu Yun can catch irregular dress.

this year most of the fire is also very suitable for blue color, more all-match wear.

, loose edition of Haren pants, street fashion is very full of feeling, very American style.

white shoes with a double blue shoes, not easy to dirty and strong sense of existence.

blue boots look very rosy, legs look very white, black boots can be compared to a more dazzling, collocation with the color of clothes.

blue boots are fashionable leather is essential, regardless of the winter or the fire velvet fabric, can make you thin and stylish.

all-match blue bag is full of texture, is well worth the investment of the explosion of color.

collocation blue bags, you can choose single product blue collocation echo.

can also choose different colors of clothing to match, gray, black, white and yellow will make the bag look more eye-catching and colorful.

earlier Pantone (Pan Tong color card) released the annual color next year, the winning bid is Ultra Violet (ultraviolet light color). Bid farewell to the annual "green grass" ugly color, ushered in the "yellow Nemesis" future purple, the Internet is a groaning.after. In fact, you are not good enough to grasp the purple. This purple this year in a lot of big cards already show a face! This is Karlie Kloss and Yang Mi Salvatore Ferragamo turned brand leather skirt, collision with purple cortex, like Ultra Violet as ambilight.

Salvatore Ferragamo 2017 F/W

Alexander Vauthier is the whole T stage arranged purple light haunting, all kinds of metallic color clothes to blink.

Alexander Vauthier 2017 F/W

science fiction movies also like to use this purple, such as the legendary supermodel Milla Jovovich (Millla Jovovich) starred in a science fiction movie, also known as Ultra Violet. Inside, she plays a girl with purple hair, both mysterious and noble in every move, and the perfect interpretation of the color.

and "Hai Bian Wang". How many girls in the sea are killed in the heroic dream? The same purple body, with the evil charm of Chloe Moretz, almost kill all creatures.

royal family not less wear, before the purple only the aristocracy to wear. In twenty-first Century, purple is still a symbol of nobility, which is enough for hold to live in important occasions.

although the purple superior temperament, but when it comes to collocation, we estimate the heart is a purple black skin was astounding, after all, and there is a sense of