The strong thighs are like people like it, and this is another kind of beauty!

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The strong thighs are like people like it, and this is another kind of beauty!

2017-12-28 18:27:37 928 ℃

in China, almost every girl wishes to have a pair of chopsticks and legs. They think muscle legs are very ugly, and even exclude any squat. But not everyone is fit for the chopsticks leg, and the legs are so beautiful.

the Greek girl, the name is Sami Mia, the Greek is now living in the city of Portland. She is a large size model, leg weft is close to 68cm, or even part of the thigh than girl waist are rough, but this woman, let her harvest nearly 700 thousand fans, is the fitness network red fans very high.

not only domestic girls like chopsticks legs, but also the Greeks do not like thick legs. Sami Mia was born in Greece, was a lot of classmates laughed at, because she was born with a relatively large pelvis, lower body more sturdy, at school she was sitting in the last row and never speak.

but at the age of 15 and her parents immigrated to the United States, first opened their own face book, released the first photos, by the love and praise of many people. When she was in senior high school, she reaped a lot of love letters, and countless boys fell for her body. From then on, she began to become confident.

Bohemia, go to the gym exercise your body, so you can make your thighs not only thick and strong! In the introduction of friends, after the opening of the instagram, the number of fans rose in a straight line, almost every day thousands of people pay attention to her, which really made her ecstatic.

Bohemia, later became a large size models, become a fitness apparel advertising spokesperson, many now she is come in a throng, earning tens of million successful women. Although the thick leg made her begin to be unconfident, she did not expect such a natural advantage to give her such a huge wealth.

in domestic aesthetic, many girls are not willing to go to the fitness line and iron, is not willing to skip running, because they are afraid to build muscle, make their legs thicker and more ugly. But this deformity aesthetic, let a number of girls lose confidence, so that girls in order to pursue the so-called chopsticks legs and unscrupulous. In fact, the leg is not necessarily fine, the legs are not necessarily ugly, but when a woman loses self-confidence, no matter how thin, she will always feel ugly!

finally, I want every girl to believe that you are the most beautiful, learn to affirm yourself, because you are all unique.