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Hello, Mademoiselle Ken bean

2018-04-10 20:25:04 156 ℃

summer is not far, it is time to pay attention to the body, to learn the spirit of moral models. Of course, she's not just that.

Kendall Jenner Adidas Originals recently, as the original voice came to Shanghai to celebrate the upcoming new Arkyn series of shoes, women's lifestyle and many influential opinion leaders gathered in Arkyn Club. The crowd is certainly the most dazzling her; it went, people can not avoid the eye casts a thousand beams.

comes with a bad light born supermodel face

height 179cm Ken beans, thin waist hip circle shape beautiful, slender limbs but not weak, natural wheat color out of the ordinary, even without the Kardashian family aura, congenital advantage is enough to put her into the ranks of line model.

23 year old Ken bean has many fashion magazine photographed the cover, Lafayette Carle love, go CHANEL show is commonplace, enter the show's more be nothing difficult in addition to; endorsement of Estee Lauder, Fendi and other major brands.

"/1ydzximg/0IkqKEeCin" a lot of people say to beans can have today's height, thanks the Kardashian family aura, but have to say, who wants to wear a crown must bear the weight, it also gave her the same pressure and injustice.

just entered the fashion circle because of family background and she was unpopular, often criticized media - the stiff, hard as poor performance, but also by other models at even backstage together throw cigarette butts in her glass.

that Ken has reserved the beans good character, very low-key to deal with these specious PR events, and through their own efforts, the creation of their own brand catwalk endorsement, go down step by step, finally have a head.

born good figure with zero errors collocation skill, is already a young man in Ken bean fashion pioneer, the goods with the queen is worthy of the name, in addition to sister Kylie to create their own brands, in cooperation with PacSun and Topshop, the introduction of the same name design series.


to concern bean Instagram has 89 million 400 thousand followers, INS is one of the top 15 most popular celebrity, was named "instagirl", is a model of social media model.

special family background brought her innate social attention, but a good figure will wear out the Ken beans, Sifu new heights, has become the trend of young people vane, what she wears what sell. The explosion of red

social network, will undoubtedly bring huge commercial value, the major brands spotted this point have thrown the olive branch, was undoubtedly the most successful CK, officer Xuan said that net sales in cooperation with Ken bean in May 26, 2016 after an increase of 13%.

, many brands have taken a look at the commercial value of Ken beans. Clover and La Perla are decisive to seize the initiative and quickly sign the global endorsement with Ken bean.

2015, Ken bean has faithfully Forbes list ranked sixteenth, 2017 is the world's highest income into the first echelon model, even more than the empress ji.


external evaluation of the immeasurable charm to beans too polarization, but there is no denying that her personality really attracted a lot of fans for her. It's a low profile, a little shy, and a little sexy; although the family background is mixed, she still has the same age as she should be.

to the beans really, also let her in the confused circles made 35 friends, Lauren Perez, as well as naive Cara Delevingne and she is a great friend of Ken bean.

a person's family background is not selected, the Kardashian family to bring fame to beans, also brought her controversial 23 year old she was so beautiful, to do their own, there is reason to believe that the future is immeasurable to beans.

can not choose to accept it, let oneself grow in the direction of hope.

source China / Oriental IC/

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