Yang Mi then the United States also lost to a hunchback, how important?!

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Yang Mi then the United States also lost to a hunchback, how important?!

2016-07-22 19:14:08 490 ℃

There has always been a double enviable legs go girl and goddess route Yang Mi, but there is a fly in the ointment, a lot of Netizens found goddess actually humpback, sometimes also leaned forward "stretched out his neck."

This is Yang Mi walking habits and manners really seriously affected her temperament, fans can't watch anymore.

Fortunately, the large power power can be real-time review, listen to the recommendations of the fans to get rid of the drawbacks of hump head".

Past and present activities according to contrast, there is a big change, deportment is so magical!

But the cultivation of good habits is not accomplished in one move, some time ago hit "translator", Yang Mi not inadvertently will still reveal her hump in extending old skull defects, whole the ego is no energy.

Manners than you think more important. That is why it is said "woman's temperament than the face is mainly" reasons, do not believe look down!

Just married Michelle Chen from the "red carpet killer" back to the fresh and gorgeous "Jiayi", there is no feeling like the same person?

Taylor in the dress of red carpet is really beautiful!

Anli street photography, humpback and stretched neck mycophenolate mycophenolate is and not so sweetly that the height of 1 meter 80 did not nothing to speak of aura and temperament...

The entertainment circle is the beautiful female star does have a lot, but face and temperament are good it can make people relaxed and happy!

Liu Yifei

Liu Shishi

Jiang Shuying not a shape is large as the sense that

Set whether, like Liu Yifei, Liu Shi, Jiang Shuying these either standing or sitting can be "attitude textbook" woman, Jeff Karstens practice dancing has a great relationship. However, there is no learned dancing girl cannot have good temperament the?

Have too many people because of work, study full-time sitting in front of a computer or a desk, with the passage of time to develop the inaccurate posture habits, not only seriously affect the itself of deportment temperament, time grew to also affect health, causing cervical pain, shoulder pain, back pain... If you also have this kind of trouble, according to her elder sister give you the way, insist to do it!

"Stick wall"

Her elder sister secretly tell you, "wall" is the correct body posture, the most straightforward manner, is the entry into force of the fastest, is a professional model entry will be required to practice basic skills.

1 first of all to find a large enough wall, feet together back to the wall standing, the lower body clinging to the walls.

2 as 60 degrees, so that the upper body above the waist, first slightly separated wall.

3. Forced inspiratory stomach or is the first hand hold the belly, and then from the end of the spine, hips, waist to shoulder, finally is afterbrain spoon, entirely flat posted on the wall.

4 shoulders to open, hands to relax, clamp the hips.

Need special attention is, standing is bound to clamp the hip, legs and feet close together, can take a thinner magazine caught in between his knees, make sure not to drop it and buttocks, back, legs, waist, head, neck, and other try to stick close to the wall.

A seemingly ordinary strange "affixed to the wall" movement. After a few minutes may will be particularly tired, even sweating, but must insist, because this is really amazing, not only thin waist and legs, neck, face, can thin, the most important is it correct your posture is the best way, not one! Every day off for half an hour, early and late each 15 minutes, a week will be able to see the results! And then is the confrontation, confrontation, confrontation, the main work said three times!!!

mckenzie therapy

Mccann based therapy is also very simple, mainly for a "neck forward" problem girl.

1 lying in bed, relax and breathe deeply.

2 to use the power of the head to recover the jaw, can not be received until the next few seconds, then relax back in situ.

3 repeat the above action, do 10 groups every night before going to bed, do not use a pillow oh!

Neck anteversion is every happy fun phone "nutation family have. Nothing serious divergent level disambiguation kind, there are a lot of people is to suffer from the cervical spondylosis is we often hear the" head stretched forward, lower and lower, the greater the pressure on the cervical spine. " It will be a direct result of your neck, chest and hunched forward, many 20 year old girl appears to have a 60 year old attitude.

In addition to the "wall", like the girl who can choose to practice Yoga Yoga action, every night before going to bed half an hour to start practicing, "special period" can also be done, there is a good improvement results.

So, her sister for you to pick out the three ways, the girls are get to it?

Face to the father and mother, but can develop through temperament cultivation and practice process of the day after tomorrow. If you feel enough in itself is beautiful, it is more to have a good attitude and temperament to icing on the cake, what position the means not wasting a good Yan to? It is not easy to be a woman, it is more difficult to be an elegant woman, so the girl, from today began to cultivate their own good habits, you can do better, why not? Confrontation, may give itself a big surprise yo!