These ruined face skin care method you in a few, we are from

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These ruined face skin care method you in a few, we are from

2018-04-15 10:25:07 200 ℃

has been a man for so many years, who hasn't been pits? Some skin care rumors, you believe, is the more uglier you become the culprit! The blogger dug out 6 craters, and the fairies are quick to see how many of you are lying in the gun!

my face pores thick,

my skin care products should choose to shrink the pores!

pore problem is irreversible!

pore problem is irreversible!

pore problem is irreversible!

"/1ydzximg/0InIVSLtTq" there are many reasons for more and more pores, , water, horny accumulation of excess oil, is too violent, natural aging, skin extrusion of late , will lead to the tragedy of the pores!

pores become larger, no skin care means are not! Can! Can! Reduce the pores, except for the means of medical beauty. After skin care, there will be a sense of pore narrowing, because the moisture on the face is enough, so it looks like there will be reduced visual deception. When your skin returns to normal state, everything will naturally return to its original form.

pores can not be radical, but can prevent deterioration.

to do a good job of cleaning, pay attention to water, develop a good habit of practice , are all the way to prevent the larger pores. The

squeezed the makeup oil on the make-up cotton, and the

wiped the makeup with a make-up cotton.

, because the cleansing oil is relatively heavy, it will cause the contact time of the makeup oil and make-up is not enough and the cleanliness is not thorough, so that some sister paper will have burst pox or long closed . Use

cleansing oil right is squeezed in the dry hands

the make-up water will melt completely, thoroughly cleansing oil emulsion, washing net.

directly on the face cream in general, cream texture is thick, easy to paste directly face because it is too thick, the skin can not absorb the long closed mouth .

let the newspaper sister to teach you the right way:

face cream in front of the face, with the temperature of the palm of the emulsion, then press to the face.

"/1ydzximg/0InIVSICXG" so that you can reduce the weight of skin cream thick pull.

black eye ring heavy, with a large number of concealer to cover.

because of the thin eye skin, thick makeup is very easy to remove makeup, and will appear unnatural.

to deal with serious black eyes, the best way is to use color repair.

what is the color repair?

first to clear their black eye color is blue or purple, with the principle of contrasting color gently a layer of concealer to color correction.

Blue Black Eye Concealer with partial orange,

purple black eye with yellow concealer. The method of

is much better than the purpose of using the concealer.

uses lemon to whiten

. As we all know, dimension C can whiten, so many fairies want to carry forward the spirit of thrift and thrift, and apply lemon to face, or directly drink lemon water to whiten.

, let alone lemon can be white, lemon irritation is enough to make your skin become sensitive.

does that insist on drinking lemonade can turn white?

please have the authority of Science Museum Junlai explained: "/1ydzximg/0InIVSQVIY"

Museum Jun means "the sun will turn black, not the sun is not black." Do

fairies understand?


, sunscreen, face sharing,

, how do you rebel? People tell you not to use your face on your body!

different skin care needs are different, facial sebum secretion is higher, neck sweat glands are more, so for body and facial sunscreen skin care products in texture is also different.

, some sun protection is designed for the body to design high multiple sun protection,

texture is thick, painted on the face will clog pores, long acne.