Don't buy only H&M, ZARA, these girls are good - looking and not expensive

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Don't buy only H&M, ZARA, these girls are good - looking and not expensive

2018-04-16 10:25:16 135 ℃

hi beautiful babies okay

I buy clothes kept grass chicken

words every time shopping need to punch HM, ZARA

around for a long time no new

and European fast fashion tailoring ---

often let the chicken the typical Asian figure

a - - - -

such as last week the chicken in the ZARA fancy a skirt is up to and

for the chest with high

XS code it is still long and ground

(I really not short!!!)

just from the beginning of a trip to China Tourism

and pickled cabbage several Korean fast fashion brand

relative to the European fast fashion is more suitable for Asian girls

quickly look down like

must go to at the end of the paper, point like oh

purchase channels: stores, Tmall

price: 51-629RMB

password: $zIwL0I2M8TR $Amoy

SPAO is South Korea's E-LAND fast fashion brand

overall style is

very complete product line

in addition to clothing, has all the bags shoes accessories

chicken to early tourism when passing pickled cabbage

SPAO stores are basically a building type

mall /

the overall price relatively cordial basically one hundred or two hundred

the price of

can enter a good T or

of the

Institute in addition to wind a little full of youthful spirit serious. light ripe single product also meet the different needs Goods are available in all varieties.


SPAO is the most attractive I joint < / Strong>

basically what it is and who joint hot

the latest this year and cooperation the crayon Home Furnishing clothing

Macarons color really won my heart

and bare bear joint series is also very warm

minutes and male ticket a "/1ydzximg/0Inx1MMGqa" with


and HM while the price difference is not

but the quality is really good too many

recommended SPAO home

shoes are interesting basic

is not expensive very durable


drop the chicken in the Tmall store writing

see a recent group on the activities of are interested in discount

buddy to see

purchase channels: stores, Tmall

price: 19-799RMB

Amoy password: $sSuv0I2oqpr $

8 second is Samsung's clothing brand

is said to be known as the in

relative to SPAO's pickled cabbage vitality out of

is more texture online basic

style comprehensive

such as light ripe OL commuter Casual street style outfit

recommended entry-level

around 8 seconds

woman can find the kind of

you want nice and easy-going occupation

writing the

grass silently leave two baseball T-shirts

you say buy what color is good?

also can often find the same elements of the

group of men and women a sense of fashion out of CP

8 second single movement of the series of

chicken although not bought

but evaluation seems to be pretty good

simple high comfort

as a fast fashion the Tmall brand

8 shop is seconds every Wednesday, five new


discount fairly frequent synchronization in pickled cabbage

if the love which items think the price is too high can wait a while

< strong> purchase channels: stores, Tmall

price: 47-1590RMB

$GMn70I2LnGw $Amoy password:

and SPAO

WHO.A.U is South Korea's ELAND brand

of the chicken YouTube before

saw several soft sister bloggers recommend them

so early on the grass

light retro campus wind

and parent brand ELAND style very similar to

but the price is kind too much "/1ydzximg/0Inx1MmGFg"

always filled with a eighteen year old

is the real youth retro wear

the same style sweater T-shirt

single product basically has many colors to choose

and small a group of sisters Sisters with the duly completed

summer is coming

WHO.A.U T-shirt about

is the love of the chicken all-match cute style

playing off to and 50 yuan can buy a

the same lovely collocation single product can not be less

of the chicken as a lazy cancer

love actually WHO.A.U sportswear

bright color collocation too deceptive

let me have a kind of impulse to exercise every day

purchase channels: stores, purchasing


MIXXO is a very elegant girl home brand

lookbook is about the delicate girl daily

love you girl it has < /p>

elements and the occasional hit incense grandma sweater

since it is pink and invincible brand

can not miss the girl is certainly a variety of small skirt

in their home about master

one hundred floral skirt open

a village full of fairies don't soil style

spring must also have chiffon shirt Different exciting

silently red floral dress and

recommended MIXXO small bags

classic popular style can find similar models oh

although the same as the ELAND's brand

MIXXO in addition to first-tier cities have stores

no day cat shop

so love the buddy to find

or directly to their official website,

- at the end of -

to you tomorrow they notice Enjoy the experience of all kinds of

beauty items.

, a semi permanent tattoo, grafted eyelashes laser hair removal ...

interested in the baby must see it at

and view the recent picture:

< strong> (the first point of praise chant)

average price of 50 yuan repurchase makeup

nice door red giant cold here strong>

recently featured nice dress bag mobile phone shell

want to see the Japanese fast fashion brand and

< strong> The 3000 is to praise!!!