By the British media as "nearly a thousand years the most beautiful woman in her sexy, none such under heaven":

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By the British media as "nearly a thousand years the most beautiful woman in her sexy, none such under heaven":

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if you don't cry,

then your eyes won't be charming.

Sophia Roland

sexy is a kind of personality,

is also a kind of confidence and seduction.

insisted on trying to please themselves, and

made himself full of passion and charm every day. Since

has been in history, the definition of beauty for

is not narrow.


will agree to allow a born beauty, enduring fragrance. The

world is becoming more and more common, and the beauty of

is constantly refreshed.

, she was known as the British media, "

nearly a thousand years the most beautiful woman" ,

is also the history of Oscar, the first foreign actress


her acting defeated Audrey Hepburn

, her beauty had swept the world.

she is Sophia Roland.

is famous for its sexy and gorgeous women. There are numerous

, but in the end,

will never escape the radiance of the bright star.

very few people like her,


with the value of Yan sexy, talent and acting together.

58 won the Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award. She defeated young model in the beauty contest at the age of


became 's "Millennium beauty" .

looks like a shining and glorious life. Actually, there are countless tears and sweat adheres behind it. What

can't think of is that Sophia, a full and sexy man, came from a slum in Naples.


Sophia Roland was born in Rome.

, besides being born in the slums,

also has another identity -- the illegitimate child .

's mother's love story is like a movie plot twists and turns: she has a rare beauty and talent, playing the piano class, but very rebellious.

is a little older and does not oppose the family, and goes to the United States to pursue the dream of film alone.

results in unmarried pregnancies. Sophia was born out of poverty, and soon after that,

, the man who had abandoned their mother and daughter hard, disappeared.

so Sophia never saw his father.

is due to the shortage of father's love, so it directly led to her serious father in love complex: Carlo Ponti, a 22 year old man who can't bypass this life.

childhood Sophia,

is in the Second World War,

material is extremely scarce.

back to her grandmother,

not only bear the material hardships,

more to bear the sishengnv cross,

by peer ridicule and exclusion.

was due to the shortage of food for her peers will

emaciation with sallow complexion, she is called ",

received a toothpick" so was Sophia in the face of outsiders,

will become very sensitive, introverted and inferiority.

Sophia's autobiography, there is a small story very carefully described her since childhood is the continuation of the sensitive and inferiority of

: "once upon a time there was a little girl, very thin legs, big eyes, his mouth often with sorrow. She was very disgusted with herself and worried that the fairies would not like her.

but she loves every piece of grass and flowers on the earth, and she embraces the whole universe to watch and experience everything. But she was afraid of the role that life gave her. She was afraid that she would have to make arduous efforts to go to a distant destination. She was afraid of her weakness and fear of love.

but she insisted, and she was no longer afraid. "

childhood tragedy is not overwhelmed by her thin body, in contrast to

, life temper let her grow rapidly,

than their peers to become more strong and sturdy,

as soon as possible to assume the economic burden of family.

until the age of 14, as Sophia laundrymen, miraculously developed into a beautiful girl.

and at the same time, with her mother's insistence, she took part in the beauty pageant held in Naples. She was the "12 Princess" , who lied about her age and had never been trained.

to this, Sophia and disagree.

but for the dream of the mother's film,

is still obedient to her mother and

to the capital Rome for better opportunities for development.

is perhaps the love of God and compensation,

soon, in a miss Rome competition,

she made second good results,

caused a famous producer -

Carlo Ponti's attention.

in Ponty's help, she starred in the film


, although only a small role, but this is for Sophia

, acting Polish realize the role created a solid foundation.

Chinese "hero mowen source", grassroots born Sophia, although I have no systematic training of performing arts, but childhood experience, he makes her tough character of hard work and a large outbreak in the screen.

in the film after the opera "Aida", her acting has a


of the Italy cinema.

at this time, Sophia was only 21 years old.

, because of the shadow of childhood hardship and birth, is introverted into the deduction of her own life tenacity.

, because of the rich psychological activities of introverted people,

has been so temperamental,

and her emotional performance,

has become her characteristic.

1955, her M Saul Dati's "river woman" as wild was abandoned by the man woman, after the success of Hollywood Director Dan Ni Cranmer invited her starring "magnificent".

since then, Sophia went to the world movie world.

network says: "luck is just someone who works harder than you."

's childhood hardships honed Sophia's unique temperament and made her stand out in the many big blond and beautiful long legged legs of Hollywood.

, most of which are exotic women, are wild and real, and become a beautiful and unique landscape of Hollywood.

at the same time, at the same time, Carlo Ponti,

, who is also a teacher and friend, has been walking into her heart imperceptibly.

love germination quietly in stay together morning and night.

can be Sophia's struggle. My mother's early let her slip towards marriage and love of cautious, mother does not support their difference of 22 years old.

, while on the other side, Carlo is a married husband ,

, even though he has been separated from his wife for many years,

can not completely dispel it.

is a traditional girl's concern from childhood.

is more serious, she is Italy Catholic Church, and Italy law forbids her and a Youfuzhifu together.

three strong resistance,

forced this love 14 years later,

to fruition.

can not resist the determination of the two people to love each other even if the wind and rain are heavy.

in Italy law sentenced Ponty bigamy

to arrest them, two people emigrated,

obtained French citizenship in 1966,

in France and legally married.

is not just a piece of paper Sophia become a legitimate wife of the witness, is two years of wind and rain to accompany each other's witness.

, however, as if fate always makes this woman something. Due to overwork, Sophia had two miscarriages and lost her long - awaited child. The pain of

's body and the inner wound made her at the brink of collapse.

fortunately, all of this is just a life insurance without fear of the safety test, with the help of the doctor's advice at, after looking forward to five years, she finally gave birth to her first child, before long, second children have been born.

since then,

Sophia has achieved fame and success, and

family has been successful.

she is the happiest woman in the world.

children from the slums, weak thin,

to amorous feelings