Fat particles in the perimeter of the eye? Skin care products do not carry this pot

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Fat particles in the perimeter of the eye? Skin care products do not carry this pot

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public concern: cattle skin or niuer208 column, and the cow said beauty skin care

this paper

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1, long Zhifang Li really with skin care products;

2 and

3, can prevent the fat granule; remove the fat granule, choose professional medical beauty needle mechanism clear, don't put their hopes in the simple rely on skin care products to solve.

a lot of people think that the eye following fat because the ball is rubbed greasy cream caused, and even some beauty bloggers are also confirmed with certainty, that is because the eye is too fat grain oily, alive out of the doldrums. But do you know? Some small baby, which are soon born, will also grow fat. Is this a mistake in eye cream? Since it is a rumor, but be found for natural skin care products cleared injustice. What is the

fat granule specifically, in dermatology, the fat granule is called a milia cyst, also called the millet hill rash (in order to facilitate the reading, the latter is used to replace the fat granule, milia) is usually yellow or white, grainy, pick after the break can squeeze some white matter, generally not itching or painful, of course, because of its existence and influence appearance, caused by heart feeling uncomfortable except. It often occurs near the cheeks, nose, and eyelids, and sometimes the group appears.

is what causes the fat granule

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generally causes milia has two categories, namely gene genetic diseases, skin trauma.

gene and hereditary disease

miliary pimples can occur at any age, and most of them are related to genetic and genetic diseases. According to the medical school of Stanford University, about 40% of the newborns appear to be miliary, but the situation generally improves after a few weeks.

skin trauma

adults or older children is milia, the main reason is that the surface of the skin suffered some degree of damage.

is prone to cause surface damage of miliary papules, including severe

, such as skin burn, blister, or laser abrasion, skin surface repair operation.

slight , such as skin barrier damage caused by excessive cleaning, ultraviolet burn or long-term use of hormone products, etc. these minor wounds are almost invisible, but they do not mean that they do not exist.

we all know that after the skin is damaged, it will self heal, and in most cases, it is self repairing, but occasionally it is too hard. The so-called overexert means, might have been just a few keratin (an important component of the horny layer of the skin) can fill the wound, a crowd of forty or fifty, and these little ones one after another block in the original small wounds, plus another does not break the surface of the skin and a layer of thin cuticle. Then have a small particle, Whitehead is said, commonly known as "fat granule".

P.s: keratin 16 in keratin is one of the main structural proteins of epidermal keratinocytes, and plays an important role in maintaining cell function and skin barrier function. Interested girls, you can consult the first issue of the forty-second volume of the International Journal of dermatology in January 2016. Stella:

science syringocystadenoma and Whitehead

Stella often in the media since the background received some association with the flourishing beauty photo, then said his advisory messages the eye of the fat particles do? The result is a look at syringoma. First look at what syringoma.

is not very careful. It looks pretty like the miliary papules. But even twins, there are always differences. Syringoma is a benign tumor due to excessive cell differentiation caused by syringocystadenoma, usually without white symmetry about growth, grain, is to pick out what things to come. However, it is in addition to the ugly, the impact of beauty, in fact, there is not much harm. Because, this article mainly talks about the miliary rash, do not expand the cause of it, in a simple way, the way to do it is by means of medical beauty, such as laser. Again, please choose the regular institutions with medical qualifications to listen to the advice of professional doctors.

the rumor: please also skincare innocence

have already analyzed the cause of Whitehead, there must be some association with or will say: I used certain eye cream, use the fat granule on a long out, do not use not; or that I use eye cream to certain length no, before.

is very good, breaking the spirit of the casserole to ask the end, the old cow gives you a compliment. However, I said that today is to wash skin care products will cause the stigma of fat particles, it must be said to do, otherwise skin care products will despise me. The use of

cream have disable certain, no reason may be: a small wound invisible skin intolerance

eye skin, is in the inflammatory state, but this time you have a strong penetration of eye products, please, people are sick, you to use the "illness", like the sensitive muscle skin barrier is damaged, you must force with efficacy of skin care products, high concentration of the component is not dead, what is.

didn't use any eye products before. The reason for this is probably that has been using hormone products for a long time.

has mentioned before. Long term use of hormone products is also one of the causes of miliary eruption. Some irregularities in skin care products will add dexamethasone or betamethasone things, resulting in the appearance of "pseudo fat particles", and the fact that these are acne (Dou Dou). The causes of acne is related to

and solutions, not elaborate in this article, interested in association with the adult and long pox? Tell you the reason and the solution . here is that the hormone can cause what kind of impact on acne, is not only anti-inflammatory sterilization hormone , so bacteria will revel in pores, and had been brought in to destroy bacteria and against a foreign reinforcements are hormones to severance, so is not red, so you as a "fat particle" ", in fact these fat particles" below, is a pile of dancing bacteria.

so, not skin care products make you grow fat particles, the real reason is the damage to the skin barrier, you have not caused attention.

how to treat fat particles

if you really feel milia affect their appearance, it unbearable, then please don't hope skin care products can help you get rid of, because so far, no skin care products can help you, but it is recommended that you go to a regular hospital by a doctor. treatment:

1, traditional needle pricking method, please do not do at home, to the hospital, in order to avoid infection;

2, laser (laser), the use of small focused laser to destroy the cyst; treatment of

3 and other doctors suggest that you can take. But

, here to remind point is whether syringocystadenoma or Whitehead or, even if you use medical beautymeansto short time inside out, if you don't take care of late, but also will relapse. So, the other thing you have to do is , "prevention is the main, treatment is supplemented" . For example, do not clean too much, we should do a good job of sunscreen, enhance the body's immune function, exercise more, pay attention to life and rest, do not hand cheap to squeeze, so as not to cause skin trauma or aggravation.

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