Liu Shi’s hot hair, ten years old

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Liu Shi’s hot hair, ten years old

2018-04-26 20:25:52 241 ℃

Lastly, INS broke a photo of Liu Shishi's new hairstyle. Short hair Liu Shishi scrambled her hair. To tell the truth, I was very unaccustomed to seeing it, and there was a sense of aunty next door.

A few days ago when Liu Shishi participated in the activity, she made a curling styling, which made it difficult to make a statement.

It seems that the beautiful actress may not be able to control curls.

The poems of Liu Shi's poetry have always been with a kind of temperament. Although the acting time is a dead fish eye, it is very beautiful whether it is a street shoot or a magazine.

The shape of the airport is even more remarkable, and the originator of the airport street shoot is not lost.

Liu Shishi's usual wear is very casual, with a little boyish, Wu Chi-Lung once held her hand at the airport and she has a feeling of holding a little girl.

Since cutting his hair, it seems that many styles are hard to manage. This red leather jacket Dawning makes people look like Zhao Yazhi.

The shit Liu Shi's shit at the site of "Drunk's Drunkenness" is also elusive. The truth is that people are not ugly and they are too ugly.

A big wave of netizens commented that "one cuts everything down"

Before Liu Shishi also cut short hair, dazzling thought it was Xie Nan.

All, Liu Shishi invites you to wake up and hurry to get rid of the stylist who doesn't fly, and keep your hair long!