She broke into fame! As a Victorian angel, she was ridiculed by stars, but she did not want to wear her clothes back.

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She broke into fame! As a Victorian angel, she was ridiculed by stars, but she did not want to wear her clothes back.

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Do you remember

who had a one-on-one opening in 2016?

Elsa Hosk, the secret angel?

She was arrogant and sexy at the time and impressed many people.

But recently, her legs scared everyone!

Because of long standing work

Elsa's leg has been severely varicose

< p>blood vessels project like skins on her skin

looking really horrible

Although she doesn't look very comfortable

but in one shooting job after another

Elsa smiles.

The expression is not exhausted, Superb business abilities

Like even a hard-working bee

wrote and imitates the ice queen Elsa's twists and turns

no wonder her recent resources are so good !

(Veyt's senior Ed and Elsa)

She is so dedicated that she naturally gets everyone's Appreciate it

I think she is the most potential Madou

There is an old model spirit that Snowflake Empress mentioned

(Photographed from day to night)

But you know

Now netizens consistently boast about her scene


A few years ago, it was hard to imagine!

Because she was ridiculed as a

Middle backstage a debut of Madou!

A secret angel that has been ridiculed as a porn star!

She starts with the first second that appears in everyone's eyes

It is very restless!

Remember that it was Elsa's first official act as an angel

A year for the Vedic Show

Although she walked through the show in 2011, she was able to become a secret member.

Still she was very excited

so that in the backstage of the New York Secret Show

she ran with naked gesture

Upload it to the internet to express appreciation.

Although Elsa is a point that is not missing

Cover your chest with your hands

Cover your privacy with floor curtains sometimes

Side-by-side with the camera

< /p>

But this group of daring photos

still makes Elsa stand out in a beautiful woman's secret show

and before the show begins

To seize the limelight of the entire show!

In the photo, the uncle of the end plate was frightened by Elsa

On the web, Secret fans were shocked by Elsa.

She was also ridiculed as a porn star by internet users.

Thinking that she had made a lot of efforts in the annual game.

Grabbing The other angel's spotlight

Let the secrets become vulgar

But Elsa doesn't care

Two years of professional basketball player's career

has given her sexy capital

she is confident on the stage

also Naughty play with kittens

It is tempting

AlsoThat year, Elsa finally got on the main line

In 2015,

has become so dazzling!

Now Elsa can achieve success today

Rely on not only because of the secret show backstage One off

And she is not afraid of public opinion, free and easy!

If little public opinion can beat her down

She was ridiculed by her flat ass earlier in the day

Dinner fled


She had a bad time because she wasn't sexy at the hips.

It took a lot of pain!

Understand as a supermodel butt ugly but also to be ridiculed

We look abroad The Kardashian big hips loved

Although the aesthetics of the model world are not so exaggerated in the aesthetics of the big buttocks

but the dry buttock of the fashion cannot be favored by fashion circles

And Elsa unfortunately has such a defect.

A flat and wide cobbled buttocks

And her modeling career is not going well.

13-year-old was photographed by her father looking for a model company

14-year-old model career but Not famous

It was not until she was 27 that she became popular.

Nearly 30 had ushered in the first peak of my career!

Compared to other models that have become famous in recent years

Elsa's life is full of frustration

But it's also in the unfamiliar years of the period

She has learned to face malice

< p>In the early days of the model

The staff often laugh at her in front of many people

They criticized her figure, joke her ass

Achored her "Not enough standards," "cheesy," "too fat"


But with the encouragement of your friends, Elsa has gradually adapted to

and slowly Come out of frustration

After all, his buttocks, then ugly have to accept with tears.

She's like this, relying on optimism

Ping Ping Ass becomes its own feature

and opens its "flat ass counterattack"

In the end from this hip

Looks like this /p>

Her body

is really inspirational ......

It may also be because of her self-confidence

that she has just taken a look at her

(Elsa's first show in 2011)

After a hip attack

She also changes Have to love yourself more

Avatar show body madness!

If Ms. Elsa Unemployed in the future in the model

Then she may be the world's hottest fitness coach

Because she is really strong!

Don't love the gym, don't love the diet

It's just boxing and the workout you can do anytime, anywhere.

You're training now. /p>

It's no wonder that every day is fascinated by his own body

Specially loves to put his own charming back


So it was very unlikely that she would be planning in 2015

p> Instead, it looks like a true feeling of expression

Narcous woman wants to sunself selfie

How can there be So many conspiracies can be said at the same time

I can't help but deprive myself~

She not only secrets the background off< /p>

Other graphic magazines are also taken off

< /p>

(GQ Romania inside page)

This is why

MDC’s world’s most sexy women’s list

Although her black powder is more

every age is black from age to body

Elsa doesn’t even fear

She accepts large-scale works

and accepts swashbuckling yourself

She's gonna fly.

It's bigger and heavier.

< p>

For example, someone would now laugh at

and stand with Stella Maxwel, Lily Aldridge


Special low-level

Lower new product launches

(Stella Maxwell ,Lily Aldridge,Elsa Hosk also appeared at the same time.

The adjectives referring to Elsa are "fancy stars")

but Elsa never cares

also thinks p>

"We always face judgments from different people and things

But what you need to do is to maintain your strength and self-confidence

Clear your own mind."

In her heart's content

What she does at work is for art

not pornography

Sexy Is her shooting tone < /p>

Exposed camera is also for fashion service

Mocking Charm That is, the low level is even more ridiculous.

Because the more people with inferior self-esteem are,

the more they will love themselves by ridiculing others

The ridiculously never naked one

is the person who looks around for brain supplements

Is it not?

- END -