Zhou Dongyu wears 200 denim skirts with Burberry and looks more advanced than 3,500 yuan.

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Zhou Dongyu wears 200 denim skirts with Burberry and looks more advanced than 3,500 yuan.

2018-04-26 20:25:53 495 ℃

After entering the summer, the popularity of denim skirts suddenly rose, it does not pick people, but also make you and supermodels, female stars are zero distance, in the summer skirts occupy the streets in the summer, rely on it to wear A sense of quality is not difficult at all.

Zhou Dongyu is definitely a petty skirter, often dressed in a mirror, recently wore a 219 yuan denim skirt at the event. Burberry print shirt, a bit mature, fresh and pleasant.

The cost of denim skirts is also very high, because the price and the style of thousands of blocks, not too much visually The essential difference is that you can still wear a texture in the match.

It's wild, and it has a lot of style. When Zhou Dongyu puts on a bow tie shirt, it changes. Become a sweet girl on the high street.

Casually wearing a black bottoming shirt with a denim skirt, simple and elegant, tucked the shirt into the skirt, and then Coupled with a pair of high heels, small girls can wear long legs against the sky.

Zhao Liying also wore a 529-dollar matching denim half-skirt in a recent street shot. Denim skirts are approachable and stylish.

Denim Skirt + T-shirt
The most basic match depends on details to win

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T-shirts and denim skirts eachPeople should wear this way in the summer, but how can they wear the characteristics? Then start with the details.

For example, when using a T-shirt to match large powers, the skirt is very characteristic, and the double-breasted decoration breaks the monotony of the skirt.

Or this deconstructed skirt can also be unique.

He Sui-white T with a denim skirt will obviously be mediocre, but the skirt will come with interesting patterns to decorate it. Different, a whole bright spot, clean and without losing features.

Zhang Xue welcomes the pink T-shirt and light blue jeans. The combination of the two colors is very harmonious and full of girls. It also has the taste of early summer, and the design of the raw skirt and color matching make it the biggest highlight.

Or Wu Hao's cascading design, also very chic

The printed slogan is still very young.

Blue The combination of color and white looks too plain? Ye Yixuan touched colored edges on the T-shirt and echoed the color blocks on the shoes to inject fresh energy into his body.

Yuan Wei's irregular skirt can also be used for reference. , leisure occasions to switch at any time.

If you don't want to add embellishments to your clothing, you can use accessories to make it, like wearing a straw cap like Liu Shishi, vacationing. Full of wind.

Even if notPatterns, decorations, embellishment, you can also choose a good sense of drape knit shirt, with denim skirt is also very good.

If your skirt is more self-cultivating, the T-shirt will come loose, casual, and looks like Very relaxed.

Denim Skirt+Shirt
Double-minded and youthful commuter


Besides T-shirts, the shirt we love to wear in summer is also a good partner.

What do girls who want to dress themselves have a little gas field but don’t want to be too old? This is exactly the model for the young white-collar girls.

After replacing high heels with flats, it will be even younger, even if it is an irregular skirt. Windy sleeves are not unusual in the office, but also make people feel fashionable.

Zhang Tian'ai's Oversize shirt with denim skirt, you can copy it, take a white T, you can unlock a few buttons Play well without dressing series.

The silk shirt with drape is also very comfortable with the denim, sweet and simple. Tan Songyun used this method Your taste is full.

Also, like Zhu Dan, you can lengthen your skirt, tighten it up, and feel professional.

A new sensation in the shirt. The puff sleeves made of stiff material are very casual and elegant.

Waisted shirt jacket with denim skirt can also wear French elegant feel, but like this leopard pattern Carefully selected, shirt profile can be used as a reference.

Denim Skirt+T-Shirt+Large Size Suit
Enhancing the gas field without being too sophisticated


The loose suit in summer and summer was successful. The suit + T-shirt + denim half-skirt was definitely the most in-appropriate combination, giving a big bonus to the taste, and the small-throat Zhang Xueying was so wearing a gas field. Now. Note that the suit should be more long-lasting.

Pure white T and denim skirts look very simple, accompanied by a large size suit immediately.

Denim Skirt + Gown
Gospel of the Small Legs


< p> There are many girls who have concerns about their thick legs, wide waists, etc., and stop looking at the cowboy half skirt.Take a long shirt to perfectly cover the small legs.

A thin, silky long coat can also be worn on the outside. A pair of high heels stretches the leg line even more.

In addition, the lower-fat girls should avoid choosing materials that are too soft, too docile, and too drape As such, it is easier to reveal the problem of the figure. This kind of material is a pretty A-line skirt that is a good choice and hides the shortcomings.

This type of A-layered split slit skirt is less boring and does not expose shortcomings.

How can a denim skirt be worn?
You should learn to tuck your shirt into the skirt


Long-sleeve sweater + denim half-skirt + baseball cap + stockings, dressed as a lively High Street girl.

Ruffles + denim skirt + heels, dressed as a sweet OL, is also a summer eye-catching commuter outfit.

Hoodie + denim skirt, comfortable and retain the taste, high heels, flat shoes can be switched at any time according to different occasions.

Sleeveless T-shirt + denim skirt, wearing a casual American style, even the simplest of the two single products, looks cool and comfortable, not pick people, everyone Can wear.

Looked So much do you want to get started with a denim half-skirt? Go for it!


Zara Shredded Mini Denim Dress ¥299

H&M Skirt ¥159

UNIQLO High Waist Cowboy Bow Skirt ¥ 199

Edition 10 Deconstructed Denim Skirt ¥1499

MONKI Waist-lined A-line denim skirt ¥ 199

ALEXANDER WANG zip-embellished denim mini skirt about ¥¥ 2361

ACNE STUDIOS Two-tone Denim Skirt Approx. ¥ 214 0

A.P.C light denim skirt about ¥ 1338