Do not look at the 36-year-old Wang Kai is known as a formal school textbook! He was casually dressed in casual wear.

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Do not look at the 36-year-old Wang Kai is known as a formal school textbook! He was casually dressed in casual wear.

2018-04-27 10:25:19 284 ℃

As everyone knows, the best-looking actor in the entertainment industry is Wang Kai, and when we really only think that Wang Kai's hands look good, I don't know that he is wearing a formal dress. He is also known as a “dress.” Session textbooks."

In particular, he has recently cut his bangs, is cute and younger, and finally matches his delicate facial features. Just like an elegant prince.

If you ask me the origin of this handsome photo, it is necessary to say that he was wearing a suit to participate in the Beijing DS on 4.25 days. At the auto show, in the photo, Wang Kai was wearing an ETRO black, dark-print suit suit and appeared in an event with a pair of burgundy Munch shoes.

In addition to this, Wang Kai has provided us with textbooks for the 'fair-dressing session'. A lot of handsome photos for us to screen, although most of them are simple suits + trousers, but it is always boring.

So apart from formal wear, what about the private Wang Kai outfit? Is it also very formal? To be honest, I really did think when collecting the following private photos, but after reading it, I discovered that Wang Kai was also a great tide boy.

Like this, Adidas's white oversize sweater with jeans, there's no shortage of temptations and blues. The decoration of the baseball cap is even more youthful. It looks like a big boy in the distance.

There is a simple white T match, jeans or black pants are great, with small white shoes, youth By age, sports and leisure.

Flying Jacket + GuardianClothing should be a standard for many trendy men, with a touch of elegance in style and full height on the street.

Denim jacket with sweatpants, this style of collocation is believed to be not unfamiliar to many of the girls, casual, comfortable and durable.

It is still a denim jacket. The strength of the pink knitwear inside is obviously tender, with a pair of black pants. It's good to watch.

All black, full of cool, white lambskin lapels appear to be more masculine and masculine.

So, the “two faces after the person before us” may be said by Wang Kai. Haha, so which one do you prefer for the two images that are so large on the stage?

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