The festival is hot on search, and the 44-year-old wizard girl Zhou Xun is really old?

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The festival is hot on search, and the 44-year-old wizard girl Zhou Xun is really old?

2018-04-27 10:25:16 352 ℃

Recently, Zhou Xun, who did not have a personal microblog, had two Weibo searches within one day.


Once the 9th Directors Guild Annual Recognition Conference met with Zhao Wei


Two people stuck in a fever After chatting, the netizen called Jing Princess and Xiao Wei finally joined again. “Painting the Skin” has already been in the past ten years.

Once again at the Yugong Yishan Music Festival, for friends Dou Jingtong join in, Zhou Xun was photographed and Song Jia together open-minded, the strength of cute ~

Zhou Xun in the impression is a fairy girl, a son of Zhou Gongzi. Sometimes she is like a livid and wild crane. Sometimes she suddenly jumps in front of you and makes you smile. Your child's eyes are filled with innocence. Light. Zhou Xun in the heart of Barbie's sister is like this, with Zhou Xun-style aura.

So much to see someone commenting "When is the moon?" Zhou Xun's skin was slack. When she finally got old, she couldn't help but wonder if Zhou Xun was old.

She used one more time One eye is always imbued with ignorant and innocent characters to impress us and lay the imprint of the elven girl in our hearts.

Dam Ming Palace The word "Peace" princesses who loved the children in the world"

A poetic talented woman Huiyin in "April Days"

In the fog of rain, it's like the wind. Trapped Du Xinyu

In the Legend of Eagle Shooting Heroes, Huang Rong is the culprit

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At that time, she always had a sense of adolescents. He looked at the world with the eyes of a child who was not deeply impressed. Inadvertently, his eyes flashed innocently. Light, with her childish appearance, is naturally young, not just on the skin.

Now, Zhou Xun, who was born in 1973, is 44 years old and has passed the period of least a year. But is she really old?


You look at the light in her eyes, you look at the way she walks

She practices herself Become a child, always forever, for acting, for feelings, for the world.

Square uses "42 The "Sweet Edge" in Zhang Jing" describes her : "Knife licks your mouth and you lick it. Others will think that my tongue has been stabbed in two. She thinks so. Oh, it's so sweet! Zhou Xun shook his head and thought nothing. "I don't know if it is a knife."

She is not Open his own personal microblog, because "does not need so much to attract attention", the prosperous will eventually call off the curtain, only the essential things can go long-term

She puts her every feeling in the sun because"There is nothing in the heart that can't be said"

She can bluntly say on the show, "I would die without Li Daqi," because then I love Depth

You can also stay with the current high holy, and don't hide it, just send a blog "Please take care" Because of frankness

"Love is 100%, I can, why should I give 70%?" Immensely enthusiastic, even if I have been injured, I still have the courage to die for love.

I even cooperated with Zhou Xun. Li Shaohong, the director of the Palace and Orange, commented on Zhou Xun. “She knows the world by acting and falling in love.” But she knew the world, she got rid of evil, left the good, and kept her own.

When Yang Yan interviewed, asked if she hated some people because she was hurt?

The blunt syllable Zhou Xun did not directly Recognizing, but thinking, "I hate so little and then forget it myself."

In the interview, she volunteered to talk about the conflict between herself and the co-directed director. Shooting "Orange is Red", Hideo is pregnant but does not want to marry her uncle. The director thinks it is time to cry.

Zhou Xun I don’t know why I cry. I didn’t compromise with the director, but when I was shooting “Balzak and the Tailor”, I saw a little bit of seedling growing on the road. She suddenly realized that “Oh, that’s life.

Just call director Shao Hong, "I understood why you wanted me to cry"

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Even if she recalls this scene, she is like discovering the world's newest wonderful child

Obviously You can compromise with the director and speed up the shooting; obviously there is no need to tell the director his surprise afterwards, but she is Zhou Xun!

She took pride in her childishness. “When an actor has a responsibility to make himself clean, he keeps a very simple, very childlike feeling.

Asked how to stay pure

Her answer was that because she had met many kind-hearted predecessors, she would be kind enough to teach her former seniors how to deal with the problems and protect their own truth.

But the real world only allows her to see the goodness and the pureness and goodness that she retains?

Of course not. Other people's protection is always temporary. Without their own choices and persistence for goodness and purity, how can they live through the years while retaining the aura in their eyes, their childishness, their courage forever?

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Barbie couldn't help but feel that the title of "Zhou Gongzi" is the most suitable for Zhou Xun, not only because of the image of men's clothing in "Dragon Flying A". More is the modest son and gentle jade.

The genie girl is her young and natural, but the son is After a prosperous life, choose to be a gentle person.

Can you still say that Zhou Xun is old?

Even if the childish face that has never been taken off disappears, with a pure, pure, and always innocent soul, you don’t have to rely on the young skin.

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