I heard that the recent PS epidemic has led you to witness the gap between “scamming” and real people.

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I heard that the recent PS epidemic has led you to witness the gap between “scamming” and real people.

2018-04-27 20:26:18 313 ℃

There is no shortage of myths according to the defrauding session

You don't necessarily lose 10 pounds a year.

Pips into the thin people you want! ! !

The recent sister paper is said to be very hot. The photos on the Internet are long!

Large leg, small v face, proper beauty

And the deity is this style ▼

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The magic of PS is simply a god! The following Xiao Bian will take you to witness the gap between “scamming” and real people.

This is the use of PS to change faces. what!

This PS is too fake, and it instantly saves N. more facelift Feiha.

Actually, this is still barely plausible, that is, it is slimming.

This group is fine-tuned.

This is a kind of "Feng Jie's big transformation" feeling!

Actually, if you think about it, you can understand that PS blessing is similar to superb makeup techniques.

Large tight Takamatsu

For example, the following little fairies

< Img src="/1ydzximg/0IutTsSzKB" />

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Diagram of Weibo User @kanahoooo p

P ↓

P ↓

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P before

P after

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< Img src="/1ydzximg/0IutTszopz" />

The skin is getting better! The face value is getting higher! p>

The style has changed!

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This is a P map,

is simply a face-lift!

< p>There is no harm without comparison!

Who doesn't want to be an idol?

Who doesn't want to be an idol man!

Even if you're pretty good,

you'll get a new height!

You can even take photos of your most beautiful passports,

and again I can't recognize your mom!

This group photos Half of Thailand have a feeling how big transfiguration it?

The above picture is the same table in reality. The one below is the same table in the dream. Haha

PS treats portrait trilogy: modified face, enlarged eyes, microdermabrasion!

This is a woman who has become a cute girl.

This group is not too much, right?

This group also understands that wedding photos are so decorated.

The person is getting thinner and the legs are still elongated. This is a relatively high degree of deception.

This change is also great, and with PS, you become a girl.

This also has a cosmetic effect.

This pair of contrasts has been modified to make it lighter.

This is a bit too serious.

If I encounter this kind of "cheat," I will definitely be black.

This group is also reluctant to accept it, at least like a person.

This retouches the front and back, feeling bad at least 10 years old.

How does it feel that girls become boys?

Is this a cosplay makeover? But the original picture is a boy or a girl...................

After the beauty becomes beautiful, it's really like a net red face.................

P map once, the mother no longer has to worry about the value.

The face is completely different and the skin is smooth. Tell me what skin care products I use?

The girl's glasses are beautiful, and the p-contrast is still very large.

Do not want to say anything.....

Pyjamas can become two effects

Little brother, Xiaobian think of "Liu Yuchen"

The younger brother is still very handsome, p map wears skin tone brightness, too much handsome.

Simply have buyers and sellers show the same sense of sight,

feel normal The photos are too pediatric,

It seems that the gap between me and beauty,

There is only one PS God has wood?