Because "disgrace China" only resisted? The ugly Balenciaga was long blacklisted by me.

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Because "disgrace China" only resisted? The ugly Balenciaga was long blacklisted by me.

2018-04-27 20:26:21 419 ℃

This morning, a topic called, #Don’t buy Balenciaga, start with me#, Immediately on the Twitter hot topic list!

After a while, Weibo again appeared, #boycott Balenciaga discriminated against Chinese ># topics!

It is estimated that many people already understand the whole story of Blogs discriminating against Chinese, and Xiao Bian does not say it here!

Today we are talking about the brand itself. When it comes to the brand of Balenciaga, I believe that many sisters who love to buy bags and Chinese paper lovers who love Tide are all familiar...

But when it comes to the Balenciaga, Xiao Bian's mind comes out of their enigmatic designer's mystery design, as well as a surprisingly high price. ...

For example, the "old shoes" that caused the dispute, you mentioned that its first impression was expensive? ugly? Tide brand? What else can there be?

Balenciaga Triple S vintage sneakers, also known as old shoes, look like this.

What about IKEA shopping bags?

Ask the site with red and blue woven bags.

The "Snakeskin Bag" square on the fashion table.

High-heeled shoes hole shoes? Children do not wear my mother's high heels, will fall down!!! Say the hole shoes + platform shoes, is just a straight male aesthetic minefield, ah, wear it There is no elder brother to talk with you...

The hot Chinese and foreign street shot... Please explain to me Ah, this is the end is a shoe or a sock?

There is a package that doesn't know what to do.

There is also this jacket that does not know how to say.

But wearing this dress to send the courier, it feels even double 11 will not be late!

The demolition of the Mercedes-Benz logo on the vibrato is simply too low. The home removes the trunk of the motorcycle and the rearview mirror of the car, and goes directly on the T-platform show field in the next second.

Finally, there is a legendary guardian special bracelet and necklace. The official website offers 830 Euro. I'm 9.9 RMB. I'll customize one for you and give it back to you.g>Free shippingOh

Seriously, starting from SF brother and first-generation boots, Paris Balenciaga succeeded in Ugly! expensive! ugly! expensive! Was it really worth long queues to buy it?

really do not understand trend in the end is the media's rhythm or really aesthetic online! ! !

In fact, taking a look back at foreign countries to look at the Chinese goods, you will suddenly find that it is now a new Made in China!

Remember, Aunty carrying Gucci lined up to grab China's Li Ning?

Li Ning In the New York Fashion Week, the performance was strong and excellent. The Chinese Li Ning was clean and neat.


China Li Ning

Comprehensive series of old shoes is also this summer Hot styles.


The better the other domestic sports brand Anta, the performance in Shanghai Fashion Week is also remarkable, especially the shoes introduced this year, it is worth a mention.

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Shanghai Fashion Week Anta

There are other countries such as Taiping Bird and Chen Guanxi's CLOT. These domestic products are slowly rising.

From the Paris family discriminating against Chinese incident, Chinese netizens not only called for a boycott of Balenciaga, but some people also suggested that the Chinese should wear domestic goods.

Some international big-name rude people are angry and form a kind of support for domestic goods. The power of this kind of power brings about a stimulating effect on the rise of domestic products. It can make the domestic products you once despised, and one day it will let you not climb high.

- END -

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