Every pair of high heels of Zhou Dongyu is too suitable for 18-year-old you

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Every pair of high heels of Zhou Dongyu is too suitable for 18-year-old you

2018-04-28 10:26:12 492 ℃

High-heeled shoes are always linked to women. In major TV dramas, fashion magazines, or on the streets, they can be seen intertwined with different women and inextricably linked.

Most female students receive gifts from friends or family on the day they reach the age of 18 - The first pair of high heels in life.

So what kind of high heels are you 18 years old? Let's take a look at the heels of next week's high-heeled shoes!

1/Thick-heeled shoes p>

The soles of high-heeled shoes are characterized by being treadless, but there is always a feeling of stepping on stilts. It is a kind of no-frills for novices.

2/ Sandals High Heels

Simple sandal heels fit each Kind of wear, whether it is an elegant little black dress.

It's still a casual commuter's daily dress, but Miss suggests that if you just wear heels, don't recommend too much. It's high, 6 cm is good.

3/Square high-heeled shoes

Square high-heeled shoes Similar to the ballet shoes, it is suitable for the same age of the flower oh ~

4/ pointed high heels < /strong>

Pointed-heeled shoes are more visually elongated than other high-heeled shoes, but if the height is higher, there are suggestions for fixing the band.It's best for everyone to buy a big one, and the feet won't crowd.

5/Fish head high heels

Fish head high heels Largest Characteristically, the toes are “looking out,” revealing two toes in the entire pair of shoes and hiding three toes, which are both sexy and elegant.

Especially suitable for women with a somewhat wide forefoot because wearing a shoe that opens a small fish mouth, Feet will be more perfect and refined.

6/Banding High Heels

The strappy heels are undoubtedly The most popular models in the past two years, this shoelace with a smart design, conquered the hearts of thousands of young girls.

Types of high heels details If you divide it, it's quite a lot. The first pair of high heels in your life, 18-year-old are you ready?