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The beauty of beauty from Russia is also beautiful

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The video of the recent F-Jun brushing to the Russian supermodel Vlada Roslyakova's catwalk show is really the originator of the immortal model. Russia is full of fairies, especially in the model team. Today, F-jun is checking out what immortal Madou.

Vlada Roslyakova

Vlada Roslyakova, was born in Russia on July 8, 1987 Siberian body, 178cm tall and only 49kg in body weight, is extremely slim and full of bone charm. Due to the superior appearance and elegance, the newspaper's friends became affectionately "Little Fairies."

After being excavated as a model, she started her modeling career in Tokyo, Spring/Summer 2007 Fashion Week The number of games in the field was 50 places, ranking the highest among all models, and it was an iron man in the model industry. Her innate "Lolita" temperament was loved by countless fans. In just two years of his debut, he has become red and purple.

Although the body was lean, it did not affect her gas field.

The fairies are highly malleable, Hermes' nobleness, Versace's wildness, Burberry's English style, Fendi's simple and gorgeous, The classical YSL of Paris, the low-key but screaming Chloe of the girl next door Feel, Vlada Roslyakova can perform at their best.

The debut of Gemma Ward became the advertising model of Burberry and Hermes just one year after the debut, and replaced Hermes, Dior, YSL, Burberry, Fendi, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, D&G, etc. Big name catwalk.

Imitating Monroe's big waves, it is also beautiful to suffocate.

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< p>Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova is a Russian supermodel, a Russian girl with the beauty and magic of Cinderella.

Before 17 years old, she was just a girl selling fruit. At the age of 19, she was a blockbuster in the international fashion industry. At the age of 25, she was already an international supermodel known for her charity.

Natalia's face makes her love at first sight: profound The color of the eyelids, the slightly upturned nose, the peach-like sweet cheeks can be broken, the temperament between the girl and the woman, inviolable, and a little uneasy.

Grace Coddington, Creative Director of FashionNatalia was given a high rating: "She doesn't have a temperament of modelling at all, and she is incredibly generous. She feels very fortunate and she hopes that others will be equally lucky."

When Natalia was 19, she became a real princess and married Justin Portman, a descendant of the British royal family. Natalia was dressed in a pearl-gray satin wedding dress designed specifically for her by Tom Ford and held a fairytale wedding in St. Petersburg.

19-year-old married child for a model, it is likely to mean the end of his career. However, Natalia returned to the T stage in the 6th week after giving birth to his son Lucas. Soon, Mario Testino personally fought for Natalie Gucci autumn and winter fashion and perfume ads.

From New York to Paris, Natalie Natalia is an opening model hand-picked by major brands, and at the same time, she has gathered major brands to speak for herself. From Gucci, DKNY, Max Mara, YSL, to Calvin Klein, her presence is everywhere, and she even has the courage to reject Chanel's invitation.

After marriage, she discovered that her husband was an empty aristocrat. After falling behind in the family's path, often drinking and gambling often burst into her. Natalia decided to divorce alone to raise three children.

In less than three months, LVMH Prince Antoine Arnault took the initiative to show her love to know that LVMH can be said to be absolutely The biggest “wealthy” in the fashion circle.

After marriage, two children were born and the family had a happy life. Natalia and her son together can not see the mother is ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~>

Eugenia Volodina

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The world's top model Eugenia Volodina is born In Russia, her perfect face and figure made her the top model of the world's most popular supermodel. She is a model for many top brands and well-known magazine covers, and a frequent visitor to top fashion shows.

Eugenia has a very beautiful face, sharp outlines, high nose, perfectly shaped eyebrows, such as the deep sea Jewel-like, beautiful and gentle eyes, sexy chin. Unlike some exaggerated or skinny models, she grows full and harmonious.

In childhood, she came from a poor area. She leaned on her own efforts, and finally put on the queen's crown.

In 2002, when she was eighteen, she first boarded VS and scored two Outfits and one piece. wing.

After becoming dimension The dense resident guests, due to Eugenia's overpowering aura, were fans of "Queen Eugene."

At the age of eighteen in 2002, Mei Shuzhang photographed such aSeal VI, full of gas field. The cool and enchanting Tsarist Russian obediently smoked on top of her own car and plucked all sentient beings. Afterwards it became a model for fashion magazines.

Although Eugenia has rarely appeared, every time you appear, you can make everyone shine and let everyone think back. How did she fall in love with her? This is the charm of a true supermodel!

Introducing so many Russian beauty scenes, it is not difficult to find that people who look beautiful have their lives open. of!

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