It turns out that you are just a beautiful era, and look at the goddess of which era you belong to.

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It turns out that you are just a beautiful era, and look at the goddess of which era you belong to.

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How exactly do "good figures" are defined? In fact, the ideal "perfect" female figure is just a concept proposed by the media and it will be different over time!

From the 20th century to the 21st century, the mainstream idea and fashion of women's "perfect body" The trend is almost synchronous.

In some cases, the contrast between these decades is very alarming. As long as the mainstream of society determines, it can almost determine whether each woman's body is "good" or "bad". Is the judgment fair?

In the past 100 years, what have been the changes in women's "perfect body shape"?

1910s The Little Man's Waist Period

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, illustrator Charles Dana Gibson painted the perfect woman of his dreams in a magazine, and for a time became tens of thousands. The new image pursued by women: oval face, long neck, full bosom, full hips, lips slightly tilted.

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After wearing a corset, the body will show a perfect "S" curve. Between slim waist and healthy lungs, they chose the former.

1920s flat chest party era

The beauty of the flat chest and narrow hips dominated by a group of Flapper girls in the 1920s swept the society. The middle-aged women abandoned the corsets and they wore strapless shirts, garters, and knee skirts.

They smoked and drank alcohol. Drive and makeup, but they are good girls! They challenge the traditional social system in all aspects and represent women with new freedom.

It is like the Daisy in the movie "The Great Gatsby", which is the representative of Flapper Girl.

1940s Woman Age

It was an era of women everywhere. Since the outbreak of World War II, men were on the front line and women were forced to Work in the factory and farmland provoked family responsibilities.

Since we have to work, the body should not be too thin, so they began to pursue more "angular" figures, broad shoulders, slender limbs, proper muscles ... which makes them look strong And powerful.

The queen of the screen, Catherine Hepburn, is recognized as the best actress of Hollywood in that era.


1950s Hourglass era

Actress Marilyn Monroe is sexy at this time Goddess representative.

In this period, the curved figure became fashionable. A variety of fattening ads followed, and many women became more exquisite through drug fattening.

1960s: The Age of Loli


The Lolita was born to be the happiest in the 1960s, because of the petite stature and baby face. The curvaceous has become an antique, and the smaller chest and flat hips are the new fashion favorites.

In order to cater to their needs, the size of clothing has also been reduced. In order to have a small size, many women are on the road to losing weight, and various weight loss drugs have also emerged.

1970s: Ebony Age

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In the 1970s, when Disco rose, people all dreamed of showing a flat lower belly when dancing, so the slender figure and flat belly became the aesthetic trend.And, to become a disco wearing a good look pants Disco Queen, you must also have beautiful slender legs.

The goddess was tall and slender at the time, wide shoulders. , thin waist, narrow hips, accompanied by a little movement.

1980s: The era of supermodel

The supermodel of the Amazonian led the world trend, when the supermodel Elle MacPherson was a good figure. The criteria for judging good body are focused on the chest, buttocks and shoulders.

As the aerobics are popular, People began to pursue healthy beauty, tall, slender, and feminine. Meat curves are ideal for many women.

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1990s “Heroin” wind era

With the prevalence of junk music and culture, the overly morbid morbid “heroin” Styles swept the world, people love the small skeleton and thin body.

Female figure is in the era of "being beautiful with thinness." Obesity has become absolutely unacceptable, and "skinnyness" has begun to become the definition of beauty. However, this has also distorted the values ​​of many women and caused many social controversies.

2000s : Healthy Beauty Times

Farewell to skinny, the era of healthy beauty has arrived. "Fitness" and "sports" have become new pleasures in people's lives.

Bodybuilding and visible abdominal muscles are the mainstream. Tall, slim, well-proportioned, with just the right curve to become the "perfect body" standard.

2010s : The Age of Giant Hips

Social networks are active nowadays. IG, Twitter and Facebook have become the best channels for celebrities to promote themselves, for example, show themselves The figure.

Therefore, with the appearance of various "beautiful buttocks" on the Internet, people began to like large, buttocked buttocks. , people like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj who have "super curves" are very popular!

In this generation of us, you are in perfect shape What is the view? It does not seem to call for such a skinny lean, nor does it seek for flesh and fat. Instead, it is quite "just right" for middle age.

Remember, health is the most important As for the figure, back to the beginning: That's just the rendering of the media. Beauty is a subjective idea. The point is that you must learn to love yourself. Self-confidence is the root of beauty.

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