Domestic female stars love tearing X? Oh, which is comparable to the top history of this top "struck"

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Domestic female stars love tearing X? Oh, which is comparable to the top history of this top "struck"

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Some time ago, at the 9th Directors Association Annual Recognition Conference, “Dahua Dan” Zhao Wei and Zhou Xun had a frame and chatted through the seats...a moment to arouse heated discussion among netizens.

Slide up and down to see "Da Hua Dan" Zhou Xun Zhao Wei hot chat

After this hot topic search on Weibo, the general idea is that it has been 11 years since the release of Zhou Xun and Zhao Wei’s co-production of “Painted Skin”. Wave Memories Kill ~


Attention Keyword Sentences: "Da Hua Dan" in the same box, breaks down and rumors......

Well, it's no surprise that the entertainment world has always had the female star "bright pressure", "pressure", and various "goddess" disputes.

Speaking of those female stars who do not meet “rumors” in the country, compared to the female stars of the Hollywood gods era, that can really be a matter of worship!

I have to mention is the most representative: Jean Crawford and Betty Davis, but they are in reality Life staged an epic Hollywood X tear drama, this past event was also made into the American drama - "Ren rivals: Betty and Joan", Douban score 9.0!

Jessica Lange at "The Place"The enemy played Joan Crawford.

Susan Sarandon plays Betty Davis in The Enemy.

Between the two world wars, it was the golden age of Hollywood and the age of the goddess. Two celebrities, Joan Crawford and Betty Davis, are the two most shining stars.

Jean Crawford

Betty Davis

They are old enemies. They have been incapable of everything from coffee, headlines and even men. Strive for your death.

For example, when the two collaborated in "Lanji Convulsions", one of the scenes was Betty's kick and kick against Joan, and Joan was afraid of Betty. Really, the director was asked to use a substitute; and Joan was not a vegetarian, but for a play, it was Betty who would hold Joan out of bed... I did not expect Betty to stand up straight after a few days. It is Jean who hides a belt full of stones.

Betty Davis (left) and Joan Crawford photographed Lancome Fright.

It's not embarrassing. Both of them competed outside the play:

Jeon adopted a pair of children but saw the media on that day. When Betty’s daughter was always praising better, she immediately adopted two more beautiful girls. After telling Betty about this, she immediately ridiculed Joan and said: She went to the supermarket to buy a child again?

When Betty was shooting "Woman, Woman," she was guilty of Joan's then boyfriend. After Joan knew that, instead of breaking up with her boyfriend, she quickly ended up with her boyfriend. marriage. The purpose of her marriage is also very clear, mad death Betty! Let her grab her fancy man~

Betty Davis

Betty'sOn the day of the premiere of the new movie "The Former Wife," Joan Hyun suddenly announced news of her divorce with her husband and successfully grabbed the headlines of the entertainment industry.

Here again, in "The Enemy", the revenge of Joan and Betty, the enemy of the enemy, stormed the headlines:

At that time, the female stars appeared together. Who is sitting on the left, who is the headline of tomorrow's newspaper.

One of the scenes was like this: Qiong Qiong first opened the chair on the left, but Betty, who was clearly separated from the chair, sat down and said politely. Thank you.

In order to grab the headline, how could wuli be lost?

Thereupon, Qiong Ying simply stood behind Betty's left behind him!


Even the reporters on the floor all lamented — God, too much.

This is a picture of the duration of the year

Joan and Betty had really countless things before. However, the real grudges also come from the film "Towards the sea".

In the beginning, the movie was intended to bet, but Betty felt that the characters were not positive enough and they refused.

But Joan chose to star in this movie and won the best actress of the 18th Oscar....Ha, Betty's shadow is not small. Now.

Speaking of Oscar, it is definitely the pinnacle of the two gods tearing the X. The thing is this:


After the film "Lanji Fright", the two women are looking forward to their own Oscar nomination, the result. . . Only Betty was nominated, Joan Crawford JaneShe was going to die alive, but she was so wise that she couldn’t stop. She told other actors nominated by the film (in addition to Katherine Hepburn, she wouldn’t have been present at Oscar), and she was willing to personally accept the prize for them. The actresses of the younger generation are also very embarrassed to reject the predecessors’ plea, and some still believe that the idols are receiving a prize for themselves as a prize. (I really admire her ability to flex her muscles.)

On the other side, our heart Jon was still connected with the negative news in Betty's Hollywood, which affected Betty's people.

At the awards ceremony of the day The heart of Qiongqiong wore an ultra-gorgeous tassel skirt, wearing a silver hair and wearing tens of thousands of jewels, becoming the most dazzling star of the night. The ultimate winner of the movie was a junior actor who did not come. High-bearded walked past the lost Betty, took the stage to take the award for the younger generation, and took pictures for an hour in the background. The front page of the second day was full of photos of her holding the golden man. Betty was no use to skipping. . . Only uppercase service!

As the celebrity tearing X relationship expressed in the lines: “In the past half century, they hate each other and we like them because of this.”

< Frankly speaking: Many viewers are keen to focus on celebrities who are open to each other, especially female stars who like to look at similar ages and do things in similar ways. The media also loves to do things. Capital loves to circulate money like this.

Perhaps entertainment doesn't need peace. Infighting is the norm. Whoever wants to see "Hello, I'm fine, everyone." What is the Buddhist drama? Torn X is the highlight of the entertainment industry.

But the good-natured actress is born to eat the entertainment of the main bowl of children, such as Joan Crawford this woman.

She is considered one of Hollywood's best actresses of legendary actresses.

As a birth person, the heart is higher than heavenThe woman, born in Texas in the United States in 1904, was originally named Lucille Fay LeSueur. Her stage name, Jean Crawford, was collected by MGM Magazine in the United States.

Joan's celebrity is simply born.

Although her films are rarely described as "excellent," she is the most successful in film history. The longest performing actress.

The reason why Joan became a superstar in a superstar depends not only on her screen image, but more importantly on her efforts outside the screen. Because she has courage and means, there is no ambition.

In the beginning, Joan received a dance troupe for her love of dance and dance competitions. jobs.

Later, Joan, who was less than 20 years old, saw other girls in her office in a manager's office more beautiful than hers. She burst into tears on the spot and caught the attention of a broker. So she introduced her to a strip work.

In his deductive career, Joan also filmed some erotic films, one of which was called the "hidden rules." , showing a young girl doing all sorts of dirty things in the producer's office.

So she began to realize that in this way she might not be able to become a big star, and she sought change.

One day, she was at the time of the IT Girl - that is, Hollywood's most popular superstar Clara Bowe in the 20's. The boyfriend's office showed a sexy pajamas and attracted MGM's executives on the spot. She got a contract later.

There is also the opportunity to collect her name across the countryJoan Crawford followed.

In 1932, MGM gathered all of the superstar's "Grand Hotel", so that Jean became a first-line star.

But after entering the 1940s, Joan gradually developed a sense of crisis: Always stay in MGM can only repeat their own ... Then, after the end of the contract she Came to Warner Television. The fact that ps later proved that she was really very smart.

There is also an interesting anecdote: Mayer of the film, Meyer, was interested in Joan. Joan then The opportunity went to Meyer’s office to say that he had taken a fancy to the house. After the two people had “secretly negotiated” for half an hour, Joan even got a check for $18,000.

In 1945, Joan was awarded the 18th Academy Award for Best Actress for her outstanding performance in the film Sea of ​​Desire.

But it is said that on the evening of the award, Joan pretended to be sick and did not attend. After learning of the winning news, he received an Oscar in his bedroom. (Is it not a trick that this time, the technology of this epic game will be leveraged today)

Slowly, Joan He has appeared in many highly realistic films and has been highly praised.

In 1998, the American Film Society selected 50 of the 50 greatest stars in the 500 movie stars of the 20th century American film industry. Joan Crawford ranked 10th in "The Greatest Actress."

The business is so aggressive that Joan's private life is not disappointing, but it is embarrassing.

She is semi-bisexual. Apart from hooking actor and actress... Even Marilyn Monroe, once said that Joan seduce herself. ~

Marilyn Monroe

And Joan has married five times before. One of them is Gulliver's handsome Douglas Van Punk.

< p> Little Douglas's father was the most famous actor during the U.S. silent film period, and was the first chairman and co-founder of the U.S. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and was the first movie star to settle in Beverly Hills. /p>

The trail's father and stepmother once opposed the son Qiao Qiong, and the stepmother Marie Kirk is also a movie star. Once the world’s richest and most famous woman in the world, she even warned Jo’s “Don’t give her grandchildren.”

Actually, Joan’s ridiculous life in the early years led to habitual abortion and she was unable to give birth. And because she couldn’t have children, she and her husband were divorced later.

After Divorced Jean and the trail, The third marriage started, and the husband was a stage actor.In fact, Joan didn't start to see people at first, and she got married just for a breath—especially for Betty. Because Qiong jumped to Warner and met his rival, “Betty Warner,” Betty Davis.

He later married fourth and broke up four years later. Saying that he is no longer married, in fact, she began to change lover, whether it is actors, directors or producers, brokers, have become the plaything of this femme fatale.

And Joan sent her adopted children to other places for the convenience of dating her men, so this made her and her children unreliable.


When she was 55, her fifth husband, Petra's chairman, died. The company’s first female director, using his identity as a Hollywood star, made a great contribution to the promotion of Pepsi in the 1950s and 1960s.

The Pepsi Group later excluded Joan, but NoRelationship, this once Oscar actress immediately began to re-produce the film ...

The most famous is the "Lanji Convulsion" in cooperation with the enemies Betty Davis, which is the beginning of the article The relationship has been scored as "Renaissance: Betty and Joan" with a score of 9.0.

"The Enemy" Stills

After the death of Joan, her eldest daughter also wrote a book, "My Dearest Mother," revealing the unknowns of Joan. Kind of amazing things. The book was almost watched by everyone at that time and it was far-reaching. Almost all of the rumors of big-name female stars playing big-name cards were almost inspired by this play.

Of course, the adopted daughter is still describing in detail how Jean cherishes her beauty: once she has time, she masks and uses it. Fresh lemon rubbed his elbows, slept at night with a face-lift bandage, and Joan also invented the ice-washing firming technique~

Is it right? What is the shadow of surgery?

In addition, the glorious Joan has also greatly promoted the development of fashion trends, for example, because She, more women began to choose to wear clothing with shoulder pads.

Although she is a goddess on the screen, she is actually only about 1 meter 62. There is also no advantage in physical characteristics: the flat bottom of the buttocks is wide.

Fortunately, this wide-shouldered beauty met the famous American fashion designer Gilbert Adrian.

In 1932, Gilbert was in the movie "Love is Lightweight." Joan designed a white dress with a shoulder addedLayer after layer of frills, this white foam-like organza skirt was sensational, when Messi Department Store sold 500,000 copies of this design replica for $20.

He then began to use shoulder pads to emphasize his already wide shoulders and pencil skirts. The bright and beautiful women's style became popular in the 1940s and is still used as a source of inspiration by generations of designers.

The genius of design Alexander McQueen was in this 1997 and 1998 show. Superstar shadows.

This also gives everyone an inspiration: a figure can be covered with clothes, but the best thing is to use clothing to make it a strength or even a trend.

In the golden age of Hollywood, Joan is a great synonym for fashion and luxury, and a new woman representative of perseverance and independence.

She claims to never use clothes as clothes, but instead treats her clothes as adults: "Every time I buy a new dress, I There is a new friend. Since it is a friend, how can I hang it there and leave people homeless? Absolutely not."

So, this social origin The Oscars at the bottom of the film have been able to exchange ten sets of clothes in one day. Even at home, fans must wear special clothes!

Allegedly, once she let Gables take her to Los Angeles to play. Gaibo asked: Did you not see this movie? Wuli Qiong Gei replied with a valiant attitude: "Yes, but not wearing this dress to see."

It's no wonder that someone has commented on her: in dress, Joan Crawford's frenzy is truly unparalleled.

The Phoenix still wants to say: It's more than just dressing and celebrity tearing X. At that time, even now, there are several female stars who can match her.

Similar to her ability to compare with her, there are several Oscar-winning titles?

Good acting, more natural drama That’s what’s said in the past~

So, if you don’t have any artwork on your headline, you’re all waking up! Wake up, try to practice skills, after all, there is a courageous and high-level struggle to make the audience watch fun ~