China likes paper people and Europe pursues a slim waist of 32.5cm. The beauty of different countries is so great!

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China likes paper people and Europe pursues a slim waist of 32.5cm. The beauty of different countries is so great!

2018-04-30 20:25:25 318 ℃

There are many babies in the background who leave message to the director: My height × × × weight × × × This is not fat?

I am a single eyelid with a snub nose, is this too common?

What are the five features? What kind of body is perfect?

The straight men's aesthetics in various countries are different, and they are different in women in different countries. A designer from the United Kingdom made 8 sets of photos showing the aesthetics of straight men in different countries.

1, United States & Venezuela

American Straight Men Like: Well-balanced white skin with a sensual s-shaped figure.

Venezuela's straight man likes: dark complexion, large chest and small buttocks.

2, Mexico & Peru

Mexico Straight Men Like: Darker Skin, Hip and Shoulder Ratio Moderate body.

Peruvian Straight Men Like: Pear-shaped body with breast fat legs.

3. Argentina & Colombia

Because of Argentina's Geographical Environment Straight Men Like: Complexion Deeper, more symmetrical body.

Colombian men like: Grandma's slim body.

4, Ukraine & UK

Ukrainian straight men like: fair complexion, well-balanced body .

British straight male likes: healthy skin color, smooth body with flesh at the base of the thigh.

5. Philippines & Italy

Philippines Straight Men Like: Full upper body.

Italian Straight Men Like:HealthKang bronze skin, legs long thin body.

6, Romania & Serbia

Romania Straight Men Like: Moderate Moderate Size, Busty woman.

Serbian straight men like: women with attractive looks and medium build.

7. Netherlands & Spain

Dutch Straight Men Like: Shallow Hair Laughter, Limbs Slender woman.

Straight Spanish straight male likes: a fat, buttocks woman.

8. China & Egypt

Chinese Straight Men Like: Fair-skinned, slender waist Thin woman.

Egyptian straight male likes: Black curly-haired woman with dark complexion and busty hips.

Hong Kong is really true. The director is a straight 800-percent man. He does not support you in pursuit of thinness and neglect of health.

Everyone has been limited in the era of thin beauty. As a public figure, celebrities can't be underestimated. In order to achieve their best figure, their leading hunger strikes and diets also give most people a sense of distortion.

Men's lunch recipe for fitness weight loss: boiled saffron + egg white, this amount of nutrition can not be Do you worry that she is hungry?

Yuan Yu's body is fairly balanced after losing weight, and the combination of dieting and fitness is barely enough. But Zheng Shuang, who was in a lean period before, let the chief manager worry about her.

emmmm... Height 168 The lightest weight is less than 40kg. The small arms and small legs are really worried that she was blown away by a gust of wind while running.

When photographing "Fine Smiled Allure", many people said that Shuang Mei's facial features are very good, but there are always morbid lean ones. Little fairy spirits are gone.

More fans said she didn't want to lose but she was not fat, silly and naive When Qiao Zhenyu photographed with her, she disclosed that “she never eats”, and she is already blind to the morbid state of illness.

Comparisons are already obvious, and the morbidity of the blemishes on the face is not as good as it is in a girl full of collagen.

The morbidly skinny and Chen Luyu are the same, and the official body weight of 164cm is only 40kg. It is estimated that the actual weight should be less than 40kg.

Aimed at the director's sense of being a big-headed doll, worried that she is still skinny and able to withstand 48 years old?

In fact, Lu Yu was thin before the chest had a fart The stock is very savory, and the legs of the calf show a hint of sensuality.

Fortunately, now Luyu is on the right track. It is not unreasonable to expect that the overall status is healthier and tenderer, and it is not unreasonable to think that the weight of Luyu Yan is rejuvenated.

< p> Japan's Kiriya Kobayashi also thinned into a "paper piece", weighs only 39kg in a 164cm height, wearing a sexy strapless top, but the exposed arm thickness is only 3/1 of the director's length.

< Img src="/1ydzximg/0Iw8jI7qKI" />

The clothes can't block the prominent bones. It's completely standard "bunny bones"

Either Zheng Shuang or Lu Yu, they are just the epitome of modern women, they paranoid to the "more lean more beautiful" as their own pursuit, wrong to Yue as delectable

The director to correct the majority of straight men to correct it, we like the flesh and symmetry of the figure, do not grudge their blind pursuit of thin, too much pursuit of thin will only be counter-healthy beauty is true The beauty of

Society aesthetics are now so that the previous aesthetics are even worse, and aesthetics in different periods have created a number of convergence phenomenon-level women. The director takes you to look at the ages away from us, what are the edgy aesthetics.

Chinese footbinding

The foot is also called foot binding, which is a kind of ancient Chinese The practice is to use a cloth to wrap the woman's feet and turn it into a small, sharp "three-inch golden lotus."


General Ancient women began to bind their feet from the age of four or five, until the adult skeleton is shaped and the straps are untied. There are also lifelong wrappers.


Three inches=10cm! Ten centimeters of feet have once become the aesthetic standards of ancient Chinese women. The director really can't get enough of the beauty to wrap up his feet and can only get one word “pain!”

Europe's waistband

European old-time girls are beautiful with waistlines, and they are a silent destruction to women. The most stringent period is 13 inches = 32.5 cm.

Healthy women now have a waist circumference of about 26 feet = 66 centimeters, which is less than half of your waist circumference.

Because the tunic originated in the palace, the history of the wild said that France's Josephine King had been cheating on her pregnancy, and she was trying to hide her eyes from the abdomen. Fashionable low-cut clothes have become a trend.

The waist is tightly attached to the stomach from beneath the breasts. After reaching a small waist of 32 centimeters, the girls tightened the straps and tied them tightly until the long and deep wounds on the two ribs reached deep into the skin and even led to injuries.

Look at the diagram below to know how painful this comprehension is, and glad that we were not born in that era.

Japanese white-faced black teeth

In ancient times, Japanese people liked white. Japanese girls usually painted their faces so beautiful that they did not have a trace of blood. Even worse, they also like to have dark teeth. If the teeth are not black enough, such girls in ancient Japan would be disgusted by men and marrying people is also a problem. Some people think it is ancient. There is no current toothpaste, so this is to prevent the development of tooth decay.

When it comes to horror films, long hair + pale face, should be the classic element. At the time, Japanese women used it as their beauty. White face, not only the geisha will be like this, many women will love the beauty of this.This is really not the general aesthetic, some people say that because of poor Japanese lighting at that time, so that her husband can see their existence in the dark room.

The once Japanese aesthetic was very malformed, with dark teeth and white faces. It was creepy to watch. /p>

Thai long-necked family

The northern Thai long-necked girl has to wear a copper circle weighing about one kilogram from the age of five. It is an eye-catching increase over the years. The neck under the copper ring is said to be an absolute ban on even the husbands can't even see it. When bathing, they often call on a few good sisters to bathe with their ancestral herbs. When faced with hot summer days, they even have to hide. The river goes to cool the copper circle.In fact, those collars did not really stretch their necks, but only pressed the shoulder clavicle down a bit, so that it looked like the neck became "long."

According to the customs of the Karen ethnic group on the border between northern Thailand and Myanmar, the local girl must wear a collar around the age of 5, put her hands and feet on a copper ring, and increase it year by year until the age of 25, up to 30. One, the heaviest weight will exceed 10 kg. Once the copper ring is removed and no support is provided, the neck will pull down like a soft noodle, and women will often suffocate due to poor breathing.

The aesthetics of the first few countries, although seemingly incomprehensible, can, for the most part, not be life-threatening. The aesthetics of the Karen people were more terrifying. Local girls began to wear a collar around the age of 5 and put their hands and feet on copper rings. They increased one by one every year until the age of 25, and many women lost their lives because of this aesthetic method.

Every country has had a number of decadent and backward cultures. These different aesthetic standards have caused a large number of contemporaries to suffer, both physically and spiritually. These wounds cannot be repaired. We cannot change the history of the past. We only hope that the society in the future will be more progressive and that we will no longer have these dregs cultures that cause the people to suffer!

I feel that the director of the director said something good to him! The likes of the baby can turn white and become beautiful!

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