Eating whale | Is there a ten-year-old gap between hot and cold rolls? About Perm is enough

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Eating whale | Is there a ten-year-old gap between hot and cold rolls? About Perm is enough

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Sisters who frequently brush their voices must have noticed that in the video-shaking video, the Tony teachers who have finished their curls praised Are very high.

And for hair stylists at the barber's shop, their favorite thing is also after cutting the hair With the hair sticks to continue processing guest hairstyles, some girls like big curls, but some girls think they are very old.

Then the question is, in the end the hair is young or straight hair is young? Is curls suitable for everyone? Today, the seal gentleman tells you with the first-line flower Diligeba, the hot-rolled thing all look at the skills!

Understanders of Wuli Feidi's netizens know that Fat Di attends almost any event or shoots photos All must be curls.

No matter what it is Fairy hairstyle, or the head of the senior ball exposed the swan neck, curly hair must be standard, and even according to the street shoot must also be curling stick blessing.

Dili Straight What kind of hot bus? Then look at her in the stills! The fiercely singer-like hairstyle in the hit drama "Enjoy the Song" is black and straight. For Xiao Di, such an exquisite "hybrid" face, it really has a bit of maturity!

But the long black straight is not the standard for a pure woman? How come to the fat di this curly hair is the key to age?

Curly hair is always misunderstood, 30+ is the same as curly hair ageing

Some girls feel that only 30+ are suitable for curls, because the curls are mature, and 30+ people think that they should be younger than this age, black straight or short hair It's more suitable for you. At this moment, the curls become very embarrassing. In fact, it's just you're "rolling" the wrong way!


Why do female stars of all ages choose curls?

In addition to Dili Seybah, from Liu Wen, Fan Bingbing, Yang Mi to Liu Yifei, Liu Shishi and Tang Hao, almost all actresses They all roll out mirrors, because their professional hairdressers know how to create age-appropriate curls that fit any face! In fact, the curvature of hair can not only modify the face shape, but also create a sense of air and increase the effect of hair volume.

Saying so much, what exactly is the correct way to open curls? Let's take a quick look with the seal king~

Key 1: Fluffy roots

When many people curl their hair, they often ignore the hair roots, which can lead to the collapse of the hair on the top of the head.Not only the failure of the model but also the feeling of being unspiritual, that is, it will appear old.


When curling, care should be taken to add some radian and fluffiness to the hair roots so that oxygen curls can be created from top to bottom.

Key 2: Hair curls should be moderately curled >

The curl of the hair is too messy and looks awkward. Therefore, it is only necessary to dismantle “compact large volumes” into “smart micro-volumes” to regain the youthful vitality of girls. This is also the key reason why some curls may look old.

1. First heat up the curling iron bar and grasp the appropriate amount of hair.

2. Repeat the above action to wind both sides of the hair. Roll the hair stick up.

3. After all the curls are finished, use your fingers to comb through the curls to make the curl look more Fluffy naturally.

4. If you don't use a wand sticker, there is a very simple lazy approach . First divide the hair into two parts, and then weave them into braids, which can be coded tightly, paying attention to all hairs.

5. Then wait for the next morning to open and spread the hair with your fingers. A small curl is formed.

6. Finally combing the hair roots to make hair lookMore fluffy.

Key 3: Get appropriate haircuts

In addition to learning the key to curling and fluffy hair, if you want curly hair to look old, then the hair on both sides of your forehead is even more important! And there is the effect of disguising the hairline and increasing the visual volume.

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After curls, he deliberately cuts out some hair from the hairline, and may even ask the hair stylist to cut some of your bangs extra hair to create a delicate, airy curl.

Learning these curling techniques, You can also have the same lively and lively spirit of a young girl as Diliemba.

If you have other hair problems, you can leave a message for Seal! We will answer your questions patiently!