The more laugh Zhang Zeng Yue, the more like Deng Wendi? The "sensual girlish feeling" blown across the entire network has been destroyed

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The more laugh Zhang Zeng Yue, the more like Deng Wendi? The "sensual girlish feeling" blown across the entire network has been destroyed

2018-05-02 10:26:01 388 ℃

Background "Avatar" for today's avatar creation

Since the sister of Milk Tea was married, the word "Zhang Zetian" has been officially put into use. It also means another layer of meaning - to achieve transformation. Every time she exposes a photo, it is like a gorgeous declaration - I am an ambitious woman.

Especially when Zhang Zetian and Deng Wendi are in the same frame, many people follow it. Naturally compare these two people. Although the two men and women have different facial features and their ages are not at the same level, the eyes of the two men are similar to each other, and they all have a bit of fierce flavor.

They laughed and actually wore the same standard lines, eyebrows and eyes. The size of the nose, mouth, teeth, and lying silkworms are exactly the same (fortunately they look different).

Of course, Zhang Zetian no longer has a sweet maiden but instead has a look. The shrewdness and disfigurement of the old man is 10 years old and it makes people sigh. This year she was only 24 years old.

Looking at the pure look of milk tea sister during the university period, Zhang Zetian attending the event seemed to change. A person, the temperament has become less pure.

Fan sister couldn't help but wonder if she was blown pure milk tea sister by the whole network. > Where did her “sensual teenage girl” ruin?

I want to clarify this questionThe question, first of all, is to know what it means to be a "sensual teenage girl."

What is a high-level teenage girl?

Senior teen girls are usually more cute and natural ingredients, if used in one sentence Described as: "The girl looks like a peach, she looks forward to life, and she is smart."

And this advanced girlish feeling is not With the slightest intentional ingredient, she comes from the happy state of life, comes from the sunlight in the life, with a sense of fresh air, one eye can kill you, and no artificial.

In addition to the sisters of Milk Tea, Chen Duoling, Liu Yifei, and Zhao Liying all belong to senior girls. Women with high sense of teenage girls are definitely irreplaceable goddesses in the minds of boys. It is also a school flower in the school.

They have smooth face lines

As the age increases, collagen will be lost more seriously, and the bones on the face will become more and more obvious. Like a cheekbone partner, if there is not enough meat on the face, it will become abnormally old.

The person with a sense of maiden, the overall facial line is usually very smooth, a line can outline a whole outline, without the slightest Faults.

Round black >Eye

The shape of the eyes will have different effects on the face. Girls with a sense of adolescents will generally have dark, round eyes and will have more eyes. At the same time, their eyes will be very bright, and they will laugh lightly and instantly become stars in the sky.

Besides, their eye distance is also relatively open. The greater the distance between eyes, the less fierce breath, the overall will give people the feeling of budding, Shu Qi's eyes are more open, which gives her a full sense of teenage girls.

But because her eyes are longer and narrower, she has more angularity and more attractiveness.

Appropriate eyebrows

Beyond the eyes, eyebrows are the key to affecting girls. The distance between the two eyebrows is called the eyebrow distance, and the distance between the eyebrows is closely related to the affinity of the face.

The shorter the distance between the eyebrows, the easier it is to feel cold and bleary. The wider the distance is, the more the girlish feeling is, and the affinity is directly out of perfection.

Moreover, eyebrows tend to be subdued, but hair color is better than hair It is much lighter, so that it is not too aggressive.

>Full lips

According to the curvature of the lips contours,We generally divide the lip into an M-shaped lip, a lip-bead, a thin lip, a thick lip, etc. The lips with a sense of femininity are thick lips with unclear outline.

Liu Yifei and Ariel Lin are typical thick lips


Of course, there is also a sense of lip-shaped lip in the thin lips - lip bead mouth, Han Xue is such a lip, is not a very pink girl?

But even if you have these, someone with a sense of seniority will be able to The cause was destroyed.

Where is Zhang Zetian's “senior girl feeling” ruined?

As we all know, the face of adolescent girls is not long-open, full of collagen. Very angry. Among these collagens, a very important part is the apple muscle.

The apple muscles are two centimeters below the eye, showing an inverted triangle, an area that bulges due to facial muscles when you are doing facial expressions or laughing.

The difference between apple muscle and bun face is when laughing, bun face is The whole face was flesh and the apple muscles just smiled at the rounded arcs that rose from the cheeks.

If the apple muscle is plump, it will make people feel young and full of charm. If the apple muscle is sagging or not full, this woman will appear abnormally aging, so the apple muscle is also The key to evaluating whether a woman has a sense of teenage girls.

His full apple muscle has been her standard configuration for a long time. It was only a while ago that her apple muscles had a fault.

After a fault, it will appear older because of the height difference between the cheekbone and cheek, increasing the depth of the contour, making the overall line of the face No longer smooth, it becomes layered.

Besides, the flesh on both sides of the corner of the mouth can also affect the girl's feelings. Pushing the meat on both sides of the corner of the mouth to two centimeters will have different effects.

Look at the photographs of Milk Tea Sister's University. The flesh on both sides was full and full of vitality. Take away from a bulging gang, and now she becomes a lady. The flesh on her face is clearly open and her liveliness is reduced.

In the face of this situation, cosmetic surgeons generally recommend hyaluronic acid or internal filling. Many stars are doing this, and Zhang Zetian apparently also trims his cheeks.

After the remodeling of Zhang Zetian, his face has returned to normal. The apple muscles are no longer full of faults, and the meat on both sides of the mouth has become just right. A gentle face and a full sense of the girls. .

< p> Just a white, fresh and elegant, comfortable temperament. Many people can not help but sigh, such as Zhang Zetian seems to return to the look when the milk tea sister, still beautiful youth.

How do we have a sense of teenage girls?

In reality, we do not have long imagingSuch beautiful faces as Liu Yifei and Zhao Liying do not have enough financial resources like Zhang Zetian to go to the hospital to repair his cheek anytime and anywhere.

How can we maintain our youthful look and become young and beautiful?

Supplementing collagen

Collagen is an important factor in maintaining the muscle of apple. Collagen is well-replenished and will make our skin shiny and elastic. The face looks three-dimensional and full of spirit.

However, unfortunately, with age, collagen can be lost from the body a little, and poor work schedules can exacerbate this loss.

The most natural way to maintain collagen is through food supplements.

Straps: Not only not fat but also full of amino acids


Feathers: It has a beauty effect, but it also increases fat.

Soybeans, bean curd skin and bean curd skin: Collagen can also be supplemented

Seafood: Shrimp are relatively high in content and are not as fat as meat.

Of course, in addition to eating, proper exercise can increase facial muscles and increase mental energy. Fan Jie recommended 7-step ultra-Q face-lift yoga to help enhance the overall smoothness of the face and move it anytime and anywhere.

Or, learning Fan Bingbing, for the entire face massage, enhance facial lines anytime, anywhere.

< /strong>Increase eye appeal

1 , When the eye rises, the eyeliner used must fall, and try to use lighter colors And light-colored eyeshadow make the whole eye brighter.

2 ,Shrinking eye distance, shorter eye distance The stronger the sensation is, the closer you draw the eyebrows to the painting and the pink eyeshadow around the eyes to make the eyes look closer.

Eyebrows are thin and light.

There are many types of eyebrows, eyebrows, eyebrows, eyebrows, eyebrows and eyebrows, and the general shape of the eyebrows will make the face softer.

Moreover, the color of the eyebrows should not be too thick. According to the color of the hair, the painting should be slightly lighter. Too strong will give a very fierce look. sense.

Lips draw fullness

Not all people's lips are perfect. If the lip is imperfect, learn to draw the shape you want.

A thin lip shape tends to give a harsh feeling. If you want to become a girlish thick lip, you can do so.

First draw with a lip pencil, upper and lower lip lines can be 1mm beyond the lip of the original lip.

Second, besides zooming in, there must be a bit of curvature in order to make the lips appear plump and rounded.

For the same reason, in the face of other lips, the perfect lip is drawn in such a way.

Okay, the above is the big knowledge that Fanny has provided for her baby today. I hope that the baby likes it.

Make a baby look like a ZAN~