Divorced with her still married 90 rich handsome, so what is the number?

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Divorced with her still married 90 rich handsome, so what is the number?

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Recently, and her boyfriend had a year long Miranda Keren, recently finally in individual Ig promulgated: the will itself and married her boyfriend of the good news.

Gao fushuai finally with a big diamond, capture the goddess of the heart, picture Keren also p on the cartoon stickers to marry her boyfriend, it seems that the expression is considerable.

Miranda Keren, many people even do not concern the fashion circle have heard of this name.

Because she is really too fire, of course a lot of people understand she is through the process of Victoria's secret.

Yes, she is a veteran of the Victoria's Secret Angels, T Taiwan 10 years ago on the mystery of Vitoria.

A walk is 7 years, as the Victoria's secret show on the old model, turned hot mom, 2011, Miranda, pleasant success become angel with a fantasy bra.

The name of the bra is called & quot; the temptation of Adam and Eve & quot; by nearly 52 pieces of precious stones inlaid, including amethysts, sapphires, rubies, and colored diamond, by London London jewelers jewelry manufacturing, and the median white flowers on the drilling of more than 20 carats, can be described as astronomical bra!!!

The achievements of Miranda's image, she also became an international supermodel, skyrocketed.

In 2015, Miranda, pleasant is in Forbes & quot; the most profitable in the world supermodel list & quot; with annual income of $550 million ranks sixth place.

In addition to the cause, the object love Miranda is to let women envy.

First captured the number of girls want to marry the "Wizard of the Prince" Orlando Blum.

And he also gave birth to a super cute adorable baby.

This baby's face value is also high, ah, the parents of the value seems to have been played by the baby.

This section of sentiments and nothing more than Prince of the elves, and finally got a final break and etc..

But although the divorce, but worth it can not only increase.

In a LV dinner, but Miranda met now fiance, Evan · Spig.

Evan & middot; Spiegel is now the world's youngest billionaire, than Miranda, pleasant little seven year old, he is already snapchat, CEO of the.

This is really really high rich handsome ah! Rich face is still a little meat, is already hot mom Miranda, pleasant fact is how the charm after the divorce, also won the gold small meat?

Of course is to rely on their own beauty and body slightly, ha ha Yitai joking.

It might also try to figure out, but face it, to the father and mother, I also don't like that is the whole whole.

So we're still here to study the hot food.

Miranda, pleasant is a ultra feminine, compared to other models cool ascetic face, round face pleasant is very charming feminine, she is aware of itself, so dress spirit are relatively lightly cooked.

Is suitable for the girls have to go to work.

Pencil skirt for a lot of people, all the office work can choose a pencil skirt.

And the pencil skirt really fried chicken with a woman, if you do not want to be too mature, can be replaced with high heels sneaker.

The upper part of the body can not be such a choice of collocation mature black silk shirt, T-shirt, is a very good choice.

If you have two legs, then dare to wear pants. All denim collocation can test exam, choose all denim then the shoe bag became the collocation of key and ordinary buy comparison exaggerated bag despite winning back out of it.

Of course, if it is to go to work, then wearing a pair of shoes is a little exaggerated.

Leisure time there must be no vest vest ah, summer is not the perfect summer.

Whether it is with a long skirt with a baby out of the street, is still going to the gym is a good choice.

Of course, most of the goddess, it must be the white skirt! White dress can make people appear pure kerr.

H type of white dress, immediately from the hot mom turned back to the girl, playing the tender ah!

Sling long skirt is full of gas.

In the human body can also be dressed very sexy.

Of course, in addition to Miranda but also dressed, super spoiled.

The way to kill what, my aunt is too a girl to be bent into a ring shaped.

No, it was a foul!

Beautiful is so sultry, which can escape the tease it Cougar little meat.

In addition to ogle also fried chicken will kiss yo.

This city is no wonder beauty on the road. The reporter cannot kiss. This is a man of the demon ah.

Finally give babies a blessing of love meme Da, freaky.