87-year-old wearing high heels domineering go T station, with 18-year-old shoot pictures of small fresh meat, this sexy old woman with beautiful interpretation of life

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87-year-old wearing high heels domineering go T station, with 18-year-old shoot pictures of small fresh meat, this sexy old woman with beautiful interpretation of life

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Beautifulness is a responsibility,

whether it is 18 or 80 years old.

Carmen del Oliver

In people's minds,

The 80-year-old lady may have: < /p>

Floral hair, wrinkled skin,

Difficulties in walking.

But today's 80-something old woman,

approaches her lips and steps on high-heeled shoes,

to face the erosion of the years. < /p>

She is not afraid and elegant as ever.

Her name is Carmen Dale Oliver,

is a famous British supermodel,

The oldest model on the world's T stage,

She is now 87 years old,

叱咤T station for more than 70 years,

It is still active in the show field

Every appearance is stunning.

82 years old, Paris Fashion Week finale show,

Carmen is dressed in a white suit ,

A 4 meter long cloak with shoulders,

Costly fashion show.

85 years old,

< p>Langfang, Hebei, China,

Carmen took part in a special performance to pay tribute to life.

She played in a long red dress.

Carmen of such a senior age,

Smaller than 18 years oldFresh meat shot sexy photo,

There is no violation.

More important is

The silver-haired grandmother

not only keeps a girl-like figure,

also maintains a girllike attitude,

She even calmly told reporters:

"I still have sex."

< Img src="/1ydzximg/0IxMwXJupN" />

This casual style,

the attitude of fearless age

Make Carmen alive for most women

Don't dare to look like,

Also made her sigh at others,

When I was old and no longer young,

Still elegant and noble.

Carmen was born in 1931. Her mother is a dancer, her father is a violinist, and she is an artist's home. Her childhood is not happy.

Carmen's father had a very persistent pursuit of art. He abandoned his wife and left Carmen and his mother in order. Both mother and daughter were often too poor to pay for their rent. Even Carmen was sent for some time. Go to orphanage foster care.

Because the mother is a dancer,

Carmen studied at a young age Ballet,

I know that fate made a joke with her.

When she was 12 years old, she was suffering from rheumatic fever and was in bed for one year.

The body was damaged. The knees are painful.

In desperation, Carmen bids farewell to the ballet.

She said it was the first death in life.

But just a year later, Carmen was photographed by a photographer in the fashion magazine "Bazzar" on the way home on bus, and took a group of photos. The magazine felt that she was "not quite in the picture."

Even her mother had ridiculed: "How can I shoot magazines with two big ears and two coffin feet?

Maybe magazines don't want to fight too much against Carmen.

So the editor asked her: "Do you think you are beautiful?"

Knowing Carmen answered affirmatively:

"Nobody can deny my beauty!"

It was this sentence that impressed the editors.

The magazine decided to send Carmen to Paris.

Carmen's modelling route began here.

Frozen Camembert,

Driving in fashion circles Hard work,

In order to save on travel expenses, she was not on the bus to take the job,

but instead skating and rushing to get big ads.

Like a delivery boy.

Carmen was severely malnourished at the time.

The photographer was When she takes pictures,

always use a pin to pin the clothes off,

or put something in your clothes to get it up.

< p>

Carmen is fortunate.

Soon, her efforts were fruitful,

At the age of 15 she boarded the cover of Vogue,

became the youngest "Vogue" cover girl at the time.

But the good luck of the business did not continue.

Afterwards she experienced three failed marriages,

and three moments with nothing Bankruptcy.

At the age of 16, Carmen met his first husband.

Carmen is He had a baby and gave birth to his daughter, Rolla.

Unexpectedly, he was derailed and defrauded.

Roll away Carmen's years of savings and property running,

She became nothing at night.

< Img src="/1ydzximg/0IxMwXVBGO" />

Furthermore, Carmen married a photographer,

and decided to retire the river.

Unexpectedly when the cameraman hears Carmen,

After the previous marriage experience,

Immediately broke off from Carmen

The third marriage,

Carmen chose an architect.

Carmen soon discovers that he is not only drugged,

> Induced her daughter Laura to poke medicine,

He insisted on breaking up with him.

After several failed marriages,

Carmen decided to return to the show.

But this time the fashion It's no longer the same year,

Models aren't just clothes,

but they have to be shining stars.

However, Carmen unexpectedly

Quickly adapted to all competition.

She walks shows, books, and movies.

Move life to what she wants.

When Carmen is ready to secure retirement,

Let's enjoy life Time,

The next two big bankruptcies in life,

had hit her again unexpectedly

1980s & 1990s ,

Carmen Investing Stocks Failed,

Almost Complete Loss

So much so that she has to rely on selling herself,

Photographs taken previously to make ends meet.


Carmen climbs to the front pages of major US media,


This time is not fashionable.

As one of the victims of the largest Ponzi scheme in the United States,

Carmen handed over savings to Madoff,

With the latter's arrest,

Her hard-earned money went nowhere.

Carmen said in an interview:

>"I'm nothing more."

But she didn't complain about life,

but chose to face it courageously.

Started to earn money again .

Roman Roland once said,

There is only one true heroism in the world,

>After seeing the truth of life,/p>

Still love it.

Love for life,

No one is better than her.

Although for 80-year-old Carmen,

returning to the platform is challenging,< /p>

But she does not dare to swear at all,

will always remain the most humble professionalism,

takes every photo.

A public relations manager who had worked with Carmen introduced Carmen in her eyes: "In her place, you can't hear any complaints about foot pain or lack of sleep. She is tidy, humble and defensive. The professional attitude of the hour has given young models a lesson."


Guo Pei's "Room 2000" theme show,

Carmen personally finale.

At that time she also suffered from arthritis,

> But the 30 cm heels and 100 pounds of heavy clothing

are perfectly hidden,

No one sees her hurt,< /strong>

Everyone will always see that,

Carmen full of gas.

This is an evergreen professional, >

Also made her the darling of every show.

From Hermes's press conference to Dior's fashion show,

Carmen's appearance is basically a finale appearance,

She's Charm With the gas field people never forget.

Fashion-related movies always pay tribute to her.

For example, the silver-haired grandmother in "Prada's Queen"

is In the imitation of Carmen's fierce elegance.

For the United States, Carmen has his own unique understanding. First of all, no The only "slave" she used for cosmetics was the veterinarian's ordinary cream that was developed for horses and wiped the skin.

Carmen said: "It feels similar to many famous cosmetics, but It only costs $3.99 a year.

She wouldn’t go out in a big name. The simple habits.

When young, Carmen liked to use a sewing machine to put together a few cheap blankets bought from charity shops into a fashionable jacket or an evening dress for the dinner party; Carmen also remained in the catwalk in Paris. Cheap jewelry worth only $28 will be worn.

"The best The state is given by herself, not by makeup or skin care products. Of course, sun protection is important, it can make our skin older and slower.

As for myself, I want to be able to remain in the most comfortable and comfortable state, rather than a certain age-appropriate state of people's inherent ideas. At the same time, I will make myself feel satisfied and happy, and I can quietly help others.

The following picture,

is Carmen's old age Photo of the resident's card

From the hands of the famous photographer Norman Parkinson.

< /p>

She jumps in the rain on the screen,

Unrestrained, elegant,


The years do not take her elegance.

Time will not take her beauty.

She said: "beauty is a responsibility,

whether 18 or 80."

So, for her, < /strong>

White hair and wrinkles are also gifts of time,

“You don’t chase after years, I’m not pushing

At any time, she was only responsible for beauty.

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