Princess Charlotte is 3 years old, she is simply a replica of the Queen of England...

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Princess Charlotte is 3 years old, she is simply a replica of the Queen of England...

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Said the owner of the book: "The fact is that it is the royal family who brings goods to the public" ~

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The recent British royal family is very lively. Last week, William and Kate just raised their three children. In a blink of an eye yesterday, they arrived at Charlotte's third birthday.

Remember that shortly after Wang Hao gave birth to her third child, William took Charlotte and George to the hospital to see her mother and younger brother, and Princess Charlotte smiled at the camera He waved passionately throughout the process, and even before he entered the hospital, he turned his head and gestured to people. Many people thought that the little princess had quite a style of seeing the queen.

Follow Fan today to see how little the princess and the Queen are.

-------I am the Royal Splitter -------

< p> ☞ appearance and preferences

First, from the facial features, foreign media agreed that the eyes of the princess and the Queen are particularly like, eyebrow-like curvature and blue pupils are exactly the same.

From the Queen’s early photographs, her hair was light brown before her hair turned white. Charlotte's hair color was apparently inherited from the queen, and George's little prince was a blonde.

Face and mouth are also very similar, even capturing both the body movements and the smallness behind the curtain fabric Emoticons, also have a similarity of a hundred, this disgusting little eyes and sulking mouth is a family ~

The princess and the queen both prefer pink, and the Queen has managed to use pink retro wavelet points without effort (who was not a young man at that time)

In addition to looks, the princess's personality has also been with his grandmother~At the time, Charlotte was quite lady-like and holding flowers, keeping a smile like "seeing the big scenes." Little steps and expressions could easily be seen when grandmother was in the same year.

In the same visit, George sighed with a small emotion and looked like he was "roughly hungry." Go away.

The small public move is not only calm and calm, but there is a kind of curtsy to the other party. Royal etiquette is full.

The little princess and the queen are also faithful animal lovers. It is well known that the queen likes Corgi and the horse, at an early age When they have their company.

Charlotte also inherited the queen and loved all kinds of small animals, often seeing Charlotte and The furry rabbits and the big dog named Mouse come into close contact with each other~

------ ---I'm the dividing line with goods--------

As a member of the royal family, Charlotte and her grandmother are too much attention every day. The masses are not only concerned with what they do, but also about what they wear. In everyday wear, what does the princess and the queen have in common?

☞ Everyday Wear

1Let's go for a pleasing course

Although the Queen is wearing a whole palette, from the photographs, the queen Every hat on the field is echoed with the clothes's symphony, and comes along.

Similarly, Charlotte Each appearance of the princess will also choose the same color of clothes and shoes, red shoes with red shoes, blue with blue shoes, and in the future should also be the same as the top grandmother like color hat ~

< /p>

And from the little princess's daily pictures, she can also see that she always has a pair of Mary Jane shoes.

3 are the moment to steal the moment with a cargo king

first look at the queen, no matter how the suit is changed, with almost all Launer black "small party package", from the British high quality Handmade leather goods supplier Launer.

Launer has also been certified by the Queen (Royal Warrant by Her Majesty the Queen), but the brand price is not astonishingly expensive, only ten thousand yuan, and her jewelry phase It's more affordable and affordable than ordinary people.

In the William and Kate's century wedding in 2011, the Queen carried a Launer, so hours later people all over the world were Search La Uner, leading to the official website directly took the opportunity, indeed is true. bring the queen.

before To see the 2018 London Fashion Week for the fall/winter season, take the brand's bag.

And the Queen is dressed up, Unlike ordinary people who eat melons, the biggest difference is that they often wear gloves (not because they are cold).When they wave to the people, gloves are the most elegant accessories for the Queen. For many years, most of the time, the Queen wears gloves. From the Cornelia James brand.

CoThe rnelia James brand was founded in 1946. The first pair of gloves provided to the Queen was the "big list" - the pair of gloves at the Queen's wedding in 1947. In the following decades, the Queen’s gloves were provided by their families.

In 1979, Cornelia James obtained the Queen Warrant by Her Majesty the Queen and continued to date. The official website of the upper left corner can see the Queen's certification badge. His family used traditional British production techniques, fabric lace, cotton, silk or satin silk, very delicate and exquisite, many hot pursuit of elegant women sought after and loved.

Let's take a look at the classic moment of the little princess's taking delivery. When Charlotte mentioned that she was going to visit her newborn brother The blue print dress is from the Little Alice London brand, accompanied by a deep blue cardigan from Amaia Kids, a pair of Mary Jane shoes and ankle socks.

Charlotte's headdress also comes from Amaia Kids and costs only £6 (about 54 RMB). ), sweaters and skirts on the Internet are priced at 45 pounds (about 396 yuan), a match is very cheap, and soon all sizes sell off the goods, is worthy of a huge appeal to shake hands The Royal Bring the Gonggong ~

On the third birthday of Charlotte yesterday, Kensington Palace official blog The blessings released were accompanied by a picture of Charlotte's attendance at the first day of the year early this year. Wine-red coats and Mary Jane shoes, pink scarves, dresses in photos quickly became the search hotspot, and global kids began to snap up.

Charlotte's Backpack from Cath Kidston The 2017 spring-summer collection is priced at only about US$20 (approximately RMB130). Of course, it is currently out of stock. Red double-breasted coat from the Amaia Kids 2017 autumn and winter series often worn by Charlotte, sold for 120 pounds (about 1080 yuan).

Pink scarves came from Marie-Chantal, the Royal Queen's designer, and are currently sold out on the website.

The red Mary's small leather shoes are from the Spanish children's brand Donna Carmen, priced at only 30 pounds (about 270 yuan). The same color headdress comes from Amaia Kids.

During Christmas last year, Charlotte was a price-favored and sought-after photo in a family portrait. Mary Jane shoes also come from Donna Carmen (about 270 yuan), lace socks from Condor (about 100 yuan), the hairpin is Amaia Kids (about 20 yuan).

To accompany Mom and Dad to Germany I was wearing this body ~ fresh and elegant, no panic ~

In fact, last year when Charlotte was born Related topics have also been related to the various princesses who kissed the princess with the same parity, such as the age of two, the princess wore a yellow, blue and white cardigan sweater, from John Lewis (John Lewis), only 107 yuan~ John Lewis is not only a well-known British department store, the British royal family certification brand, but also operates his own clothing and children's clothing.

The clothes worn during the half-year-old exposure were even cheaper! As long as 200 pieces, you can also have a princess with the same paragraph ah ~

The small skirt in the photo is the Spanish high street brand M&H (not H&M!). As long as 21 pounds (equivalent to RMB, at most 200) heard that the supplier knew that the princess was wearing her own brand, she really couldn't laugh or laugh. On the one hand, she was sold for the small skirt and she was happy. On the other hand, she was out of stock. The pink cashmere cardigan from the British children's wear brand The Little White Company, priced at 55 pounds, is also taking the civilian route.

Saying so much, the Charlotte Princess, whose appearance and style are so similar to the Queen, is currently only the throne The fourth heir, so it is unlikely to become the Queen in the future ~ But whether or not to become a Queen, you can do your own small publicity ~

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