The most thin and comfortable trousers this season must be it!

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The most thin and comfortable trousers this season must be it!

2018-05-04 10:25:35 241 ℃

Previous Top sisters have talked about many popular, well-worn trousers, wide leg pants, jeans, etc., but today I’m going to talk about smoking trousers~▼

TOP Sister:

Its models belong to the type of upper and lower collection. They do not have close-fitting pants. They are not as wide as straight-leg pants and wide-leg pants. They are self-cultivated and cover the defects of the body. ▼

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A lot of female stars switch from pencil trousers to smoking trousers because they are comfortable to wear and don't eat good long legs. "It's a comfortable and fashionable look that casually takes a casual denim jacket or sweater."

Her 100 The ride is also very high, whether it is with a simple shirt or an elegant little jacket are self-style ▼

Liu Shishi Since the short hair cut, the original warm style has become more handsome, and the two smoking pants look out to wear a pleasant holiday atmosphere. ▼

Shu Qi's Plaid suit look is also brighten up ▼

Smoking pants from Yves saint laurent's first female trouser suit "Le Smoking" launched in 1966 - smoking suit, Le Smoking The advent of the era that women can dress freely has arrived ▼

The appearance of smoking pants not only means that trousers are no longer present It is a male patent that encourages women to fear the worldThe vision of defending freedom to dress ▼

Fashion is dying, style is perpetual, this classic still continues today, many Stars will use a smoking outfit instead of a skirt, femininity will never diminish, but they will show more independence spirit ▼

As a UN woman Goodwill ambassador Emma Watson dressed in a smoking outfit and black high heels attends the event. She has a good image and is not too rigid. ▼

Many actresses on the red carpet will wear Le Smoking to show their elegant and sexy ▼ ▼

Coats as classic collocations often appear on various shows, sexy and serious you can freely switch ▼

Left To the right: Haider Ackermann Spring 2013, Stella MccartneySpring 2013, Saint Laurent 2014ss

Doror’s smoking outfit is more feminine and fully reflects the graceful curves and charm of women ▼

Christian Dior Spring 2013

Of course, smoking pants are not limited to workplaces and formal occasions. In daily wear, It's even more versatile ▼

Black smoker trousers are the most introductory style, and should be staffed, no matter which Suit jackets are fit ▼

The same-color smoking pants are even more casual, and the overall look will be very high. ▼

On the matching item, the smoking trousers are really not fussy. Whether it is a shirt, a printed long sleeve or a suspender, you can wear a chic style ▼

Either sporty or elegant suit You can rely on a pair of trousers to achieve ▼

Many of the unique styles of clothing and smoking pants may be better than ordinary pants. More style, it will not be too irresponsible master ▼

Fashionable media people leaves this strapless top very personal, with A well-tailored smoking trousers is very capable, perfectly showing the figure while fully demonstrating the design of the jacket ▼

In addition to the usual black style, the styles with side stripes and belt elements are also very eye-catching ▼

Sometimes try to challenge bold blouses and add a little surprise to your style ▼

Plaids and stripes are naturally falling apart, Plaid stripes Smoking pants can add a lot to your monotonous style ▼

The patent leather elements are also popular in these two years, and the patent leather smoking pants also make the shape look more avant-garde.▼

Taylor Tomasi Hill's denim stitching pants is also very special. Even if the whole body look is all black, but it is enough to provide the final point ▼

Smoking pants are generally waist high waist, When the clothes are released, they are very casual. When the clothes are bundled up, they are more formal. Everyone can change their own style. ▼

Smoking pants actually have an increased effect. Fashion blogger Natasha Goldenberg is only 155cm tall, but she can always wear a high-waisted smoking trousers and high heels to create a high effect. ▼< /p>

The trousers are suitable for girls with thick thighs. To get a better figure, put on the top of the shirt. Pants ▼▼

The most important thing we can't overlook when choosing pants is the matching of shoes. Smoking pants are suitable for almost all shoes, and slippers or Mueller shoes are both casual. Feel free ▼

With high heels Very elegant, although it is basically a simple top + smoking pants, but it is easy to bring out elegant temperament ~▼

Of course, it can also be mixed with sports shoes, the effect is also very good ▼ ▼ p>

But even if you smoke your trousers, there are taboos you can't run into. The same loose smoking trousers have a good effect.

The selection of smoking pants is very particular. The most important thing is that The length of the pants, the best length is to the ankle, the most thin and most conducive to collocation ▼

When it is too long , Put your trouser legs up, more handsome ▼

It is best not to choose too wide thigh style, it is easy to look leg Crude buttocks ▼

Speaking here today, as long as you have a suitable type of smoking trousers, one in the closet Most of the clothes don’t need to be worn out, and everyone quickly buys them!!

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