She is a secretive little wildcat, scales can beat you a ton of nosebleeds, but she is completely uninterested in boys

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She is a secretive little wildcat, scales can beat you a ton of nosebleeds, but she is completely uninterested in boys

2018-05-04 20:25:49 305 ℃

This is today's 12-story story

Funny Eggs Strong>Remember to poke

It turns out that even in pink circles, there is reason! And the standard measure is the value!

Lastly, Stella Maxwell's ins story reveals her intimate photo with Wu Xiaofan, who has a small flow of meat! Except for a few comments that kept the distance away from Wu Yifan, most of the comments indicated that Wu Yifan and the young lady had a look!

(Straw and Wu Yifan)

< /p>

(Fans: You're standing together is a seductive landscape)

(Fans: Far away)

Cooperation to break the dimension wall? Yan worth too crazy to go? Wu Yifan cp is not Zhao Liying finally?

What? and many more! Is it not clear to everyone that the attributes of Miss Ladies and Sisters!

Although every movie is taken, it must be a sexy bomber again

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Private Street beats “Fart Pierced Pants” to make passers-by blush

Laughing in the bathtub, It is also able to make boys have a ton of nosebleeds.

But !!!She is the only one of the new generation of secret angels who publicly comes out of the closet.

(Look carefully, there is her female ticket in the mirror)


Worried about pulling and grabbing Wu Yifan is funny too

Can't help but want to popularize it?

Ding La was born in 1990 and was signed by Wei Mi angel in 2015. Although she is not concerned with Wei Mi, she has left a deep impression on Wei Mi’s fans by relying on her wild and sturdy steps and the inverted figure. The impression is that the rivers and lakes are called the little wildcat.

The most amazing part of her figure is that she interacted with Lady Gaga that time! She slumped her long legs and spoiled herself, and her waistline seemed to be under Lady Gaga's chest!

The most embarrassing one is her in 2016 When the year was fixed, it almost grabbed the first drop in the history of Yumeng Yao Weimi! There was no wrestling, but she was also black by Weimyin fans.

(Classic 踉跄~)

However, even if she is still controversial in Weiming, she has won the "world's sexiest woman" in the Outside the T station, there is no real ridicule.

Dera and Wu Yifan are not transnational cp It's too much! But she is similar to Wu Yifan. It's glamorous!

Standing harder! Men and women take it all, and her boyfriend bursts out, spreading her damn charm everywhere! Almost as long as it is the goddess, there is no She's being powdered ((ଘ( ˊᴗˋ ଓ ଓ ଓ ଓ ଓ ଓ ଓ ଓ ଓ ଓ ଓ ଓ ଓ ଓ ଓ ଓ ଓ ଓ ) ) ))))

From Barbara Palvin to Lily Rose Depp to Taylor hill... Not lover Become a sister!

(Stroll and Hungarian supermodel Barbara Palvin)

(Draw and Depp Daughter)< /p>

(Straw and Little Taishan)

< Br>

Every girl from the Straight Girl Xiaowen loved her!

The little stationery once revealed that he liked it cool and beautiful. , has also been on the plane in the public whispered! She thinks it looks good and good-looking, real people are several times more beautiful than the photos!

Small stationery is a non-virtual one. Pull, indeed in the super-model circle can also play! Look at her amazing proportion of the body, take a look at her long legs with PS effect, dare to ask who would not love her this beautiful and sexy Flesh!


However, it's more interesting to stay with Miss Ladies and Sisters than with her looks! Originally, with her face value, it's easy to get a big money and what's more, but she's just trying to find him, not only not bisexual butDo not hit the south wall does not look back!

If Gigot is also If you can evaluate slag and good words, then Miss Ladies and Sisters is definitely a masterpiece of good-naturedness.

< /p>

(Strolling and playing flutes)

This can also be seen in her two emotions...


A period was between her and grain~

It was Miss La Sister was formally signed as a year of mystery angels. She was photographed by a doggie and passionately kissed by a wheat garage!

After watching the video, I will again Nor can you look directly into the garage.

A message came out, and the fans of Miss Ladies and sisters broke their hearts. !

However, this relationship has left you feeling a bit hurt! Because ... the feelings of Ji Ji like any circle in this world, the first love and the predecessor is always white moonlight! After Miley Cyrus, who was the target of her work, was still hurt by her brother, she was still obsessed with her brother. Even if the young lady who was pulling her sister bursts out, how can she comfort her and accompany her, she will only push her back and leave after her brother ticks her finger!


(Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth)

The damage to wheat is deep, not only admitting to being in a relationship withIn a nasty manner, she even wrote a song "She's Not Him" ​​to suggest that she did not love her!

"You're not him, and she's not going to be him, why I just can't fall in love with you, just like I wanted Love you, I'm sorry, maybe that's beyond my ability."

< /p>

(Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth)

Apart from the fact that most people have been bombarded with this kind of thing, but they are still Even if you mess up with the grain, it will still give her INS like it, not to jealous of the other person's name! Treat feelings, super cool!

(pull and grain)

She never puts her own liking on people. This is very enjoyable!

One more time was her and Kristen Stewart's Afflictions~

They're both The romance was exposed in 2016 and has been in love until now! To be honest, it's not absolutely weak, but she's always soft before Christine! Their story is super sweet~

(hiding behind)

Dragging and getting drunk, Kristin helped her with her breasts; Christine couldn't help herself pulling and pulling to help her cover the paparazzi; went to the bar and was witnessed by the passersby to sit on the thigh pro. It's about 30 minutes...

(Little k: My wife's chest is what you can lick?)


They are very obsessed! Although Kristin is a handsome T's dress, but most of the time are long-haired sexy pull comparison attack!

But it is against them It doesn’t matter because even if Christine is tall and short and small, she can do it for her with tears. It’s been two years, and it’s not just about being behind and behind her girlfriend. Only kittens!

(Stir at the festival and small k)

As long as Kristen is around her, the beauty and neutrality of her bones is as if she doesn’t exist.

It's just a pity that's unknown so She lapped the boys and girls! Hey, goddess doesn't know what it's like.

(Stay up)<

Drawing is like a teenager living in a fairy's body. Her feelings are still pursuing purity!

Hopefully she wants Christine can often go for a long time, so that more people can believe in true love! It will also let more people know that true love has no borders or gender!

(Sleeping Dog Food)

< p>

Why do good-looking girls like good-looking boys? Let go before you leaveThink about it. Sometimes beautiful girls only appreciate beautiful girls!

- END -