The most beautiful four eyes! Hurry up and see which one you belong to

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The most beautiful four eyes! Hurry up and see which one you belong to

2018-05-04 20:26:00 347 ℃

Say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. This sentence is a good proof of the importance of the eyes. The eyes can not only make us see this beautiful world, but also make our appearance more beautiful. The little brother and sister who often play social software are also very familiar with the "a pair of eyes to save a face" of the stem ~

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Both boys and girls look at the opposite sex for eighty percent will first look at the eyes, so there is a beautiful pair of eyes is a very The important thing, today we talk about the four most beautiful eyes that everyone recognizes, come and see what kind of oh ~

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First: Peacheye. As its name implies, the appearance of peach blossoms looks like a peach. It is characterized by long eyelashes, slightly upturned eyes, a little blush around the eyes, just like drunkenness generally gives people a feeling of drunkenness and drunkenness. ~

Second: Dan Fengyan. Dan Fengyan is a single eyelid or double, but not all of the single eyelids and doubles are called Dan Fengyan, is not it a bit awkward ah ~ ~ ~ because Dan Fengyan looks like a single eyelid so it is also known as single phoenix.

Eyebrown's eye feature is that the eyes are relatively narrow and the skin at the eyelids is thin. This kind of glasses will give people Two kinds of feelings: First, it looks very beautiful, even more attractive than double eyelids; Second, very sharp, giving a very sharp feeling.

Third: almond eyes. Ancient people want to describe the beauty of a woman and say that her eyes are almond eyes. Also as the name implies, almond eyes are like almond nucleus. The eye shape feature is that the eye tail is relatively short, mostly double inside, and folds of the eyelids are relatively small. The girl of almond eyes can always give people a very pure and playful feeling.

Fourth: Fox Eyes. Ancient women described as extremely sexy will say that her eyes are fox eyes, so the fox's eyes are very beautiful, the eyes of the fox The characteristics of the department are that the inner corner of the eye is facing downwards and the outer corner of the eye is facing upwards. The end of the eye is narrow and slightly upturned. It is very sexy and does not know what kind of eyes the sisters belong to?