Why beauty is the same, fat girl can also be a big star

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Why beauty is the same, fat girl can also be a big star

2018-05-04 20:25:54 220 ℃

The recent drama was really good, one by one.

The Idol Trainer was broadcast, followed by the female version.

My mother does not have time to look , but brush tweets often see this 3unshine combination.

The middle man named Cindy, her expression was made into variety of expression packages.

Before this combination Was criticized as saying "too ugly", but the following set of photos is a bit surprising!

From the exaggerated styling and pose to photo effects, there is a Japanese magazine flavor.


It's no wonder that many people on the Internet suggested that Cindy take the “Watanabe-to-Umi. course.”

The picture below is the Japanese funny female artist.

Speaking, crossing Bianmeimei is really a debris flow.

There are no exquisite features and slender figures, and even the image of beautiful women in everyone's cognition is different.

But it's still Fire is a mess.

It not only has its own fixed variety show, but also plays the couple with the handsome actor.

Observed during the prime time, the ratings are high!

Advertising also received Soft hands, from drinks, beauty products, and toilet paper ... relate to all aspects of life.

Any change, others Can take the high fashion route!

You are often invited to see shows by big names. This is Gucci this spring and summer show, with his creative director Mi Kaili happy together.

Vogue Magazine also used to For the transition to the United States straight "annual women" title.

Yan Jiaren said that the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 will most likely see her!

Fire to this Of course, it is impossible to rely on funny modeling alone.

Business level is really good.

Becoming a comet is Watanabe straight beauty small dreams.

Because he liked to watch a cometFunny short plays, so the idea of ​​creating funny artists, can bring joy to others.

Fatiness is a junior high school The thing, because I joined the baseball team to eat more, and slowly became a fat sister.

But she doesn't worry at all. On the contrary, she feels this is more suitable as a comedian.

Next, Learn to train entertainers of entertainment artists.

Because of a Beyonce imitation show, this allowed Watanabe to fire straight up.

Deluxe to Action Super image.

Although he is fat, dancing is not ambiguous and is more flexible than her mother-in-law!

So it's not casual I will jump and play. To achieve a vivid effect, it really practice for a long time.

At last I could jump to Beyonce's own look, which is quite inspirational.

One shot Later, Watanabe did not slack off.

She has received more funny shows and she has performed very well on the show.

This is a mouth After receiving the food, when the food was successfully received, Joseph went to heaven.

Surprisingly filled with words, we eat goods to understand.

Red to this In childhood, Naomi himself did not have any big stars.

Lovely as always!

Vogue was invited before A lot of female stars shoot their daily skin care makeup steps.

From Bella, Kim Sister to Rosie's sister, the supermodels are already beautiful before skin care, and the next smearing is meaningless...< /p>

Photographed Watanabe Naomi The style is different immediately!

It is said by netizens that makeup is the most visible effect in this series.

In the video, Watanabe still maintained her usual hilarity. style.

Let the girls' make-up look behave like a lot! This video mother-in-law has seen it three times...


There's this dirty-eyed eye shadow disc...

It's too terrible! This is the daily routine of our ordinary people!

Looking at her Ins, you know straight beauty isA person who is no idol burden.

There was a lot of grimaces in the self-portraits. There was no fear of exploding black photos.

Various daily routines Super cute, this kind of distribution: Every girl is a princess in the water.

Become more than watching the ins of many female stars.

Like Straight Beauty There are one more cute girl in Japan.

It is Buruzon Satomi.

The readers may be Not yet familiar with her.

Although she is famous for "3.5 billion," maybe you have already seen it.

Hui Meimei’s self-confident working career leader has taught her younger generations who are in love with trouble.

Kings in a video Frequently, self-confident gestures also look handsome and super-brainwashing.

This short play has been imitated by too many stars. Ashida loves food, vegetable dishes, and even plays!

From now Huimei is wider and wider on the star's path.

Only there was a fixed variety show. Last year, she shot a movie with popular actress Kiri Kiri.

Similar to Watanabe Naomi, Zhihuimei also cannot call a traditional big beauty.


But because there is too much Personality, from her iconic hairstyle to the rough makeup, is now imitated by a large number of people.

Not a pretty girl Instead, imitated by a pretty girl? It is a fresh phenomenon.

When it comes to celebrities, the keyword most likely to be associated with is “ good looks.

Now, the more The more female stars like Watanabe Naomi and Zhimi Hui became popular.

Face is round and the meat is tumbling. It does not prevent them from being who they want to be, and is recognized and loved by everyone. .

Perhaps, too It is because of these "shortcomings" that everyone believes that they have made a difference.

There are too many beauty faces in the entertainment industry to challenge the viewer's eyesight.

On the other hand, Nao Watanabe and Umi Hiromi’s meat and flesh, plus their cute character and diligenceWork hard and make people feel more profound.

So with thousands The painstaking efforts to achieve the aesthetic standards of assembly: big eyes, awl faces, chopsticks legs...

It's better to insist on your own personality. Become a distinctive new era beauty.