Air bangs forever! "Oxygen bangs" fried

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Air bangs forever! "Oxygen bangs" fried

2018-05-29 10:25:32 320 ℃

Finally, Air Liu Haier was also a little 10 years old! Smart is age-reduction, but hard to comb, it is still special! Fortunately, "Oxygen Liu Haier" turned out, you quickly recognize it!


Your Air LIU Haier is too OUT

The recent trend of Liu Haier was really fierce. Even Baby was unable to cut Liu Haier. At first glance it was still tender, and it was a bit too heavy. Girlhood feeling.

but compared to the previous goddess Partial distribution of children, this is a bit "Sanmao" is not only the sense of the hair curtain really dragged back legs ah, feel greasy did not take care of, and Jia Xiaomei want to say you baby but a little out of the oh, air bangs already Not popular enough!

Now the most in the bangs definitely have to count this oxygen bangs! Liu Haier slightly thicker than the air, and there is a little bit of French Liu Haier's with the sexy, completely unconventional, age and smart.

As we all know that the density of oxygen is greater than air, this thicker, presence of "oxygen" Liu Hai was named. Compared to sparse air Liu Hai children, but not as dense as Qi Liu did not ventilate it is very heavy and dull, between the two, the arc will not be so obvious and tidy, very much in line with the pursuit of natural and comfortable aesthetic trends. Br>

The amount of hair will be closer to baby The bangs that were cut before giving birth to a small sponge, the girlish feeling is undiminished and more western, so baby you really should get oxygen bangs!

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"Oxygen LIU Haier" Too Almighty

The 3 Advantage Circles Do Not Discuss >

Oxygen Liu Hai includes all the advantages of air bangs, and it also perfectly avoids its shortcomings. The most important thing is that thousands of people have thousands of beautiful things. It will not rob a show at all. It can be said that it is a well-deserved "all-around player". Its obvious advantage is that it is definitely expected to catch up with Air Liu Haier as the next explosion.

Advantage 1: Betty Liu's light, casual and atmospheric

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Although the sugar and sugar during the Qi Liuhai period were sweet, the thick flat bangs were rigid and pressured by spirits and spirits, not enough for the atmosphere; and like using oxygen, like Liu Liu, “loosely covering the forehead, not only modified the facial features, but also made facial features more For the sake of refinement, but also let the temperament rise to the top, the United States can not do without the eye.


The thicker of the second element is really hard to say, and the straight-line lower edge completely exposes Guo Bi-ting's remedies' facial shape, and the reiki is completely free; the bangs are slightly Thinning, using a roll bar to bring out a natural volume, it looks charming and generous, this is in line with the "oxygen beauty" title Well.

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Advantage 2:Better than Air Liu Haier, not the same way

Tan Songyun's fresh and pleasant shapes are deeply rooted in people's minds. However, the sparse air bangs not only do not play a role in reducing the total age but they seem to be a little burdensome; Oxygen bangs can avoid this blemishes, fluffy and refreshing, and unlike the air bangs comes with A sense of weakness ensures that you can keep your charm, and your upscaleness is up!

The thin air Liu Hai asked Zhang Jia Ni's face to look a little uncoordinated. In addition, in order to create a sense of air, I often feel that the volume is too deliberate. I feel it is too much forcing on the forehead; Zhang Jia Ni is the figure of Liu Hai in the right figure. The hair lines are soft and smooth, and they are beautiful.

Advantage 3: No fringe on the eyebrows, beautiful Effortlessly

Liu Shi who fell in love with short hair last year tried all kinds of short hair styling. Although she managed to live full of ultra-short bangs, she did. No softer oxygen, bangs look good, and she brings some elegance. She's not really good; on the contrary, the thickness of the right figure is very moderate, and the quiet facial features are sweet and cool.

Cut the eyebrows on Liu's Wu Recognition is improvedThat's right, but as long as you neglect to take good care of your child's face value, and the face type is not so practical, it's a bit difficult to wait for; compared to the oxygen bangs, it's quite friendly, whether it's natural hair Before or in the amount of volume is very routine.

“Oxygen bangs” into explosions< /strong>

They have all changed

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This is a collection of face-lift, age-reduction, utility, etc. Liu Haier, who has a variety of advantages, is naturally loveable. The actresses have invariably reserved oxygen bangs, and they have no friends!

Yang Zi

Here changed to oxygen liu hai's yang zi feels neat and tidy, but also brings with it a little cool feeling, straight-line natural drooping frenzy with nature is not contrived, even the five organs are clearer and clearer up Now.

Zhang Tian'ai

Zhang Shaohan

Angela's Liu Haier's shape is too tender. Jia Xiaomei just wants to say that time is always favoritism for beauty, and he is less boring than the early doll-type heavy Qi Haier. Feelings, and her bright eyes are even more match, not only that, both sides of the hair also modified her more obvious cheekbones, the United States just right.

MA Sichun p>

It's not that the larger the bangs area is, the bigger the face is, the smaller the face is. Like Ma Sichun's use of his forehead hair, he can make his face look better. The facial features are also out of the way. The feeling of oxygen Liu Hai contributed.

Lan Yingying

Yan Yingying's forehead is actually not very full, so she is very clever use of oxygen Liu Hai to modify, put her features more delicate and delicate, the overall feeling of giving people a particularly comfortable, youthful feelings blowing.

Mao Xiaoying

Ma Xiaoxiao who boarded “The King of Crossing the World” was in front of her eyes. The slightly frizzy bangs were full of sweet children, and her cute straight hair and special soft sisters., affectionate love.

"Oxygen bangs" special care >

For you 2 moves


You still have to be Liu Hai's The increase in the amount of 1-1.5 times can have the most in oxygen, Liu Haier, not only do not pick people but also take care of children, teach you two tricks children, let your styling Liu Haier more points.

Method One: Baby teacher tells you to use a hair reel

To deal with Liu Hai's most time-saving and efficient props, of course, it's a roll. It won't miss. Baby had also sent a note on Xiao Hongshu to teach you how to get bangs. It is still worth studying.

Knocking! In order to radian can be more naturalItaly, the best choice for medium-sized hair, the angle of the roll should not be too high, you can stay for about 10 minutes!

Method 2: Hair dryer makes Liu Haier more fluffy Strong>

Baby's Little Red Book also mentions that the hair will be sprayed semi-wet and blown dry with a medium-sized roller comb. The fringe will be fluffy and not greasy. Effect.

Step1: Using squirt bottle to bang Spray wet to ensure that the water does not flow in the semi-wet state;

Step2: Hold the hairbrush in one hand, and the other hand blows Liu Haier first with a hair dryer to lighten the roots; /p>

Step3: Using the same technique, and then adding Liu Hai'er as a whole Blow to the right to make bang more fluffy and natural.

Step4: Use a round comb to increase the size of the chin with the inward approach, and finally loosen the bang slightly.

To create the perfect "Oxygen bangs"

They help you with your efforts

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Step 1: Use good shampoo, wash out fresh and natural

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1. Katy dual function scalp shampoo 240 yuan

2. 馥 绿德雅油 refreshing shampoo 148元

3 .Wilender's soothing balanced shampoo 298 yuan

4.L'Occitane herbal essence anti-dandruff shampoo 190 yuan

Step 2: Hair dryer + hair comb to create a fluffy sense

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1.Dyson Dyson Hair Dryer Supersonic HD01 2965 yuan

2. Philips luxury pet lock water series hair dryer HP8280 129 9 yuan

3. Panasonic nano waterIon blower 329 yuan

1.Tangle Teezer cylinder Blowing comb small size 350 yuan

2.Moroccanoil Moroccan oil ceramic flat air cushion comb 260 yuan

3.wetbrush cushion airbag massage comb 109 yuan

< p>4. Sephora styling white comb 179 yuan

Step 3:Get started with a roll bar to create Smart Radians/Volumes

1. Sassoon Direct Roller Dual-Use Hair Stick 279 yuan

2.Repit titanium intelligent electric roll About 480 yuan

3.SALONIA dual-purpose curling stick for around 250 yuan

4.VODANA electric curling stick for about 500 yuan

Interaction time To slightly!

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