June cover girl: "YY Sister" Choi Aza

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June cover girl: "YY Sister" Choi Aza

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Ciyazha: The "mermaid" on the red carpet

June 2018 Cover: Triaza

The small coastal town of Cannes, which has a population of only 70,000 people, will be bustling every year in May because of the International Film Festival. In this two-week film festival, the exhibition of more than 20 campaign films and hundreds of other films has not been mentioned for the time being. The most talked about is the “killing” on the red carpet.

On this year's Cannes Red Carpet Contest, a figure emerged: A Cannes invite to go to the red carpet anchor, YY sister Cuiazha. Before there was an unknown network, there was a famous 9-minute fixed blanket with a record high, and Cuiaz was considered a clean stream on the red carpet in Cannes this year.

The girl in a sequined dress resembling a mermaid broke our stereotype of the net red + red carpet combination. It looks like a petite but pretty girl. In fact, she is a full-energy “big woman” in her bones.

The "Host" is at In the eyes of most people, it is a bright profession that can make big money. But the "host" of this bowl of rice is really not very tasty. In recent years, there have been more and more live broadcast platforms and anchors. The elimination rate of anchors is quite high, and only a small part of them can truly enter the public view.

The phrase “one minute on the stage, ten years off the stage” actually applies to every industry. You only see the anchor for an hour or two before the screen, but they want this for two hours.Every day we have to work twice as hard as we live.

Cui Azha did a lot of work before the anchor: He went to the downturn of the small nail shop to find customers; he started playing Taobao early and late. Shop; When the star's dream breaks, it is finally "received" by YY, and it has become a "ten thousand weeks star" until he is asked to go to the red carpet. These are the information we collected in advance.

However, no matter how she tries to make Cui Aza tell her history of tears and tears, she is calm and will never sell. The girl jokingly said that in fact it is "peer" with us.

Animation It is also considered to be a self-media. Before the live broadcast, it is also necessary to look for "selected topics." For example, if you see an hour of live broadcast, it may be three or four hours before the anchor has started preparing content and practice. Therefore, "live" is nothing special. Like other jobs, the more you pay, the more you gain.

She feels that she has something that many people can't have for a lifetime, so the frustration exists. She just wanted to think about how hard to work for the next goal.


F= Men's Wear Choi = Choi Azaa

F: Just Below The red carpet came on "Men's Clothing" and wasn't excited yet.

Cui: Of course. The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most influential international film festivals, and I am now on the international stage (laughing).

F: Are you the first person in the world of the host community to step out of Asia to the world?

Cui: How did you say that? I am not alone in the fight. Walking the Cannes red carpet is not so much a “outstanding encirclement” as I am. It would be better to say that the outside world is playing a more and more important role in anchoring the broadcast industry.

F : How is your mind now? Floating?

Cui: Haha, really not. There are more people who like me now than before and have received more attention. The influence will be greater, but also pay attention to their words and deeds. It's okay to have something to do with black powder and leave no words for them.

F : The more beautiful the anchor black powder was heard.

Cui: There are a lot of people who are black and me, but I don't usually care too much about it and I don't want to go to them. If some criticisms are justified, I will accept them. If it is the kind of "black" for no reason, you should not see it. But family and friends are my bottom line.

F : Ever wondered if you would go red when you first started?

Cui: Originally I had a star dream, but later I was awake and dismissed the idea. Then suddenly he was interested in the live broadcast. Because I really like it, I insisted on doing it. I really didn't expect so many people to like me.

F: Do you also have "two faces" inside and outside the live stream?

Cui: When I first started broadcasting, I hadn't completely let go. It might be a big difference. At that time, I didn't speak Putonghua well and I didn't know how to interact with fans. But now that live broadcast has become a part of life, the basics that you now see in live broadcast are my realReal state.

F : What was the biggest pressure after becoming a big anchor?

Cui: Thanks to my fans, I was able to round up the dream of a "civilian star." The pressure actually comes from myself, and I am always afraid that I am not doing well enough. I always hope that I can show everyone a perfect state. I can't relax and don't want to disappoint people who like me.

F : Something has been lost, what have you lost in the process?

Cui: It was time that lost the most. In fact, everyone watches the anchor and can work at home and sing and chat. But as I said before, there are a lot of preparations and exercises to be done before the live broadcast. Plus, if there are no special issues, I will meet the fans on a daily basis and there will be no concept of a weekend break. It will inevitably lead to a lot less in reality. Meet your friends or spend time with your family.

F : With studios, when you enter Cannes, how does your business want to break?

Cui: People are making progress. No matter what stage, I hope I can make progress, let more people know me and come to my live broadcast. And after setting up a studio, you actually have higher demands on yourself, because you are no longer responsible for yourself but for the entire team.

F : What if I couldn't eat the anchor, entertainer, or a bowl of rice one day?

Cui: Well... First of all, I love the anchoring profession. I hope I can do it all the time. But if everyone looks at me later, I may be able to open a small cafe and raise a cat. Coffee and cat are a perfect match, haha. I estimate that every girl will have such a "quiet years" dream?

F : Come to the next generation anchorAre you referring to the Ming Road?

Cui: Actually, I am not a predecessor, but I may be able to get in earlier than you, and I can only share with you my experience over the years. I think the roads are all step by step, and there are no short cuts or inevitable "roads." If you must say something, it is: hard work. The harder you work, the more fortunate you will be. In this process, we must find a way that suits ourselves and we can always do it happily.

Talking to the host, we thought she The character is outgoing, the work is public, the appearance is beautiful, but Choi Aza is an example of this kind of crowd. It is rare to see a girl who looks very different from her character. In addition to her good appearance, she was impressed by her steady and unyielding behavior.

Initial "See" She is in her studio. Cui Aza is a talk show plus song and show anchor. In addition to his favorite sings, in order to bring more joy to fans, Choi Aza often uses blacks and exaggerated performances to make people laugh. She lived like a lively to heartless girl.

When he was travelling with Cuiaza on Cannes, she discovered that she didn't really like to speak and was surprisingly quiet. For 24 hours a day, apart from eating and sleeping, Choi Aza spends more time looking at things and thinking. She put all the language and energy into the live broadcast. At other times, she is basically in a silent state, even if there are other people around.

In addition to going to Cannes to take a red carpet and participate in some interviews, Cuiazha’s main purpose is to observe and learn. Not only watched the premiere of the main competition film “The Children of the Rivers and the Lakes” directed by Jia Zhangke, and asked him humbly to Jia and other directors.

For this There is no lack of doubt about the red carpet invitation. But what we want to say is that we canIt is necessary to take someone who looks good. More importantly, she has strength. As a Korean girl, Cui Aza, who is an actor, singer, and online video anchor, started her live webcast in August 2015. It took only 1 year and 4 months to get the YY platform “the best of the year”. The "Best Female Gold Artist" award was officially awarded the title of "Queen of the Week Star Queen."

A chance in 2014 made her on a television show. In the show, Cuiazha appeared as a manicurist. Putonghua also said that she was unfavorable and she immediately enjoyed the audience. Simple and straightforward, she said: "At the time it was to advertise for their nail shop, and there was no idea about the entertainment industry."

But nail salons eventually closed. In order to make a living, Cui Azha opened another Taobao shop. Also holding the purpose of propaganda for his own store, Choi Aza played the live broadcast.

But live this thing It is not so easy to sit in front of a mobile phone to speak, not to mention a Korean girl who is not very standard for a mandarin. Fortunately, she was "received" by YY and concentrated on her training in language and talent. This created her today's YY sister.

Diligence is Cui Aza's cheats. Since she started broadcasting, she has been online almost every day. The longest one-time broadcast or because of vocal cord surgery, it is impossible to speak.

It is not accurate to say that she is an online red anchor. It is not “red” in Choi Aza’s eyes but a job that should be taken seriously. There is only one reason why she fights like this: I want to give my family a better life.

Cui Azha was young Grew up beside grandparents. Grandpa is a local judge in Yanji who is very serious and serious. Choi Aza, who grew up with such words and deeds, has always been well-placed and upright. Cui Azha is a very pure girl. She looks at people first.

Short, fat, thin, yesWhether rich or poor is not a criterion for her contact with her.

Cui Aza's father died of illness when she was a teenager. She had not entered the community for the first time. She felt helpless. The father's illness made it difficult for ordinary family members. Cuiazha has also tried to borrow money from people he knows around, but the help he gets is a drop in the bucket.

The father finally left because of an uncontrollable condition. At the time, Cui Azha thought that if it had money, it might be different.

So Choi Aza Afterwards, he worked hard to seize any opportunity he could seize. He would work hard for every job. When her live work was on the right track and earning the first pot of gold, the first thing Choi Aza did was to buy a house for her grandparents who had grown up in Yanji to provide them with peace of mind.

Although with some auras and good income, Cuiazha did not choose luxury indulgence, and he still treads his daily work. Most of the money earned was insistent on Grandpa.

After returning from Cannes The normal working rhythm was restored without too much rest. She used her own practical actions to break the stereotype that some people have for the anchor. In any case, Cuiazha and the live stream are still very long-term. I hope she can keep the light on the red carpet and create more dazzling value.

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