Surprised | Face with an ideal boyfriend and 188 height, but there are 36E cup girls?

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Surprised | Face with an ideal boyfriend and 188 height, but there are 36E cup girls?

2018-06-08 00:25:11 629 ℃

SeaMonkey recently discovered a handsome "little brother". I believe everyone will see that Rain Dove will be "he" fine at first sight. The handsome facial features are not only attractive, but also the height of the best boyfriend - 188cm. But who can think of this handsome face, there are 36E cups that many women envy and hate behind their long legs? Yes, Rain Dove is an out-and-out girl's house. Her figure and face are just gifts that God gave her.

Usually seeing Rain Dove's commercials are full of handsome, I believe every girl's dream boyfriend is like this It's right.

The tall nose, hooking eyes, and perfect proportions are still full of facial expressions. Tough suits are worn on the body and Rain Dove can manage it easily.

Rain Dove often appears On the menswear show floor, when everyone thought she was a handsome male model, she saw Rain Dove on the womenswear show. In short, he should not be deceived by the appearance of Rain Dove.

Rain Dove became popular because of the handsome appearance of the man and the proud body of the female. However, Rain Dove also has many problems in life. Many people think that Rain Dove is a transgender or thought he was a man when he saw him.Health, I believe this is also what has always troubled Rain Dove.

When it comes to men's wear, Rain Dove's handsomeness can't be concealed, and his gestures are full of male charm.

And be her female After the characteristics are revealed, there may be some sense of inconsistency.

Wear Dress Rain Dove is actually sexy, but it is always unrealistic because it is too tough.

Rain Dove always wraps his chest and Rain Dove always puts some men and women on Ins. Contrast figures installed to overturn everyone's stereotype.

The difference between men's and women's skin care products is this.

It looks like a more seductive look.

Rain Dove throws these men's and women's clothing photos backOne of our great suggestions is how to match a couple. Actually, senior couples wear outfits that are not the same type of T-shirts, or half of you, and I am half the kind of stitching. Watching Rain Dove's demonstration is enough.

Couples wear tips: Do not choose the same style or T-shirt, you can have a color echo or a print with the two look very harmonious is The most powerful.

Same person The appearance of the same frame between the two characters is really magical. Have you ever wondered what it means to be married to yourself?

In addition, Rain Dove took a comparison chart of a series of sports, also very feel.

Rain Dove was initially rejected as being a boy, and she only felt that she was a littleNice looking girls. Afterwards, she decided to face up to her own girl's identity and put her own men's and women's clothing on the Internet. Her self-confidence also made more friends pay attention to her and understand her.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with Rain Dove, but you can wear a handsome suit and wear an elegant dress. You can freely change your gender. Now you are missing such a person with unique personality. Rain Dove also showed us how to wear "boyfriend power", just simple three kinds of single product can be.

1, White Shirt

White shirt is more neutral When the girls are dressed, they do not need to choose the proper white shirts. The simple and relaxed styles, with a certain profile, are sufficient.

2. Motorcycle Jacket

The motorcycle jacket is A very magical existence, how fragile girls put on the hard-core, sexy look that concealed inside. It seems that there is a kind of magical energy, full of cool and handsome spirit, but also exudes wild breath.

3. Suits

Suits are a great choice for creating a neutral style and “boyfriend strength”. Do not be too self-cultivation style, loose, strong suit suit the most appropriate. In addition to the more classic black and gray, Plaid series is also very hot, if you feel that the figure is not good enough, plus oneA wide belt or girdle seal works better.

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