She was overwhelmed by keyboards: "You're so fat, you don't deserve a handsome husband with an abdominal muscle."

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She was overwhelmed by keyboards: "You're so fat, you don't deserve a handsome husband with an abdominal muscle."

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It seems to hear such voices from time to time in life:

How would you like to chase a man?

You don't deserve him at all, don't be devastated;

He is with you and you must have taken a fancy to your money;

You two are a little No match, certainly not long-lasting


Some people like to think about the feelings of others The content is full, even with the worst speculation. As if the general appearance is not worthy of marriage to the prince, it does not look good enough to find a dwarf pig.

@Windbell always can't help but touch the fish: Well, because I'm very fat, the men's ticket is very thin. Many people who have seen my male ticket will There are words in my words that "I'm really good" and "Truely loyal" mean that my fat girl can be appreciated and I am grateful to Dade. But please don't think about these people. He and I are so fat. Together for seven years, my soul is much more interesting.

There is no match in the world of love, only love does not love...

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The couple in the photo

Girl named Jenna Kutcher, a wedding photographer

Husband Drew, a professional fitness trainer

Jenna smiles cheerfully in front of the camera

She shares her husband Drew's sweet picture

Telling the romantic daily life of the two people


However, it is precisely because of this


She can't accept the criticisms and queries of netizens

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Because she looks like

doesn't seem like everyone expected Instead of being so fat

so, why should she marry a strong fitness trainer?



Husband Drew is a fitness trainer

not only looks handsome Also has six packs of abdominal muscles, naturally good to say nothing.

So in everyone's eyes

This excellent man should be with a woman of the same figure. /p>

In recent days

a tweet of her

Initiated a heated debate on the Internet and touched many friends

Jenna put on a kiss with her husband Drew on the beach and wrote, "There are a lot of friends I personally believed that they could not believe that I married such a handsome husband. "I was shocked to be honest. My poor posture made me feel insecure. I was deterred from marrying Mr. Drew. Why can a sleek girl seize his heart? I began to feel that I could not afford him, and I did not think: "Maybe it's because I'm not thin enough, I'm not worth having him"."

"He already has every curve that a man should have...

"Review Over the past decade or so, the man has accepted every curve of my body, my imperfections, my weight, and my acne. He always reminds me that I am beautiful, even if I don’t feel right in my heart. So yes, I There is no gap between the thighs, my arms are strong, my butt is rugged, but he is like me like this, and I chose a man who is willing to accept my shortcomings."

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"Jenna finally wrote:" I think my body It's much better than his actual size, he (Drew) is also, and you are also. If you feel that true love should not be confined to the appearance, please transfer it to your friend.", just uploading Jenna for four days Then the tweet ushered in 40,000 users praise.

"Jenna urged everyone not to deny the value of their existence because of others' opinions. In front of the “right person,” we are seeing no more than mere external expressions, but the “heart” buried under the skin. If one day, you meet a person who can accept everything, please be sure to cherish him, do not let this person easily pass from your life.


We cannot ignore her excellence because of her fatness. Br>

When she was 23,

he successfully won two bachelor's degrees in business administration and mass communication.

After graduation, there was a Good work in everyone's eyes


With her own hard work and specialization, she took a firm foothold in the circle for a year.

Now, she Already one of the top wedding photographers in Wisconsin.

Adhere to your career because of the superb aesthetics and superb technology.

Jenna's wedding photos have always received wide acclaim.

The value of her personal brand has exceeded $1 million and there are nearly 200,000 fans on social media


But the person who hates her is still pervasive.


The remarks that ridiculed her body were filled in her comments area.

Especially her and her husband were not matched Malicious remarks once made her very depressed

Later, as more and more discordant voices

She has thus become very low self-esteem: "is notIs not really worth her husband"

She also no longer send pictures of herself and her husband


When she was sad about this incident, Her husband stood up.

Not only opened the ins, but also announced to the world: "I'm Jenna's husband...."

Expressed every day without hesitation His own love for his wife, to spread enough dog food to netizens

Maybe it is with the encouragement of her husband's love

This time she no longer retreats

Jenna's most loving and powerful counterattack on the keyboard guys in front of him

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Who said that fat is not worthy of the United States and the United States

Body is not equal to love

Fat is also worth having good love

True Love is so simple.

You can accept each other and encourage each other to become better.