Do not wear underwear VS only wear underwear, Europe and the United States this wind, you dare to chase it?

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Do not wear underwear VS only wear underwear, Europe and the United States this wind, you dare to chase it?

2018-06-08 00:25:22 356 ℃

The high temperature in China has been going on for a long time. Many people have already begun to show up.

You wear shorts in a skirt:

You wear a beach shorts and I'm naked:

I'll be bald when you put your hair...

? ?

In a country where almost no one will care about how you wear it, how fashionable or how embarrassing is the fashion sense, whether it's a brand name or a hole-t-shirt that nobody cares about.

So, many international students choose to wear their clothes in the bottom of the country to wear them here.

After all, Europe and the United States In the summer, all the sisters only wear underwear or underwear.

Even if even everyone Ordinary, with thanks to meat and growth patterns, the skin is not white enough and not small enough, but this does not prevent everyone from confidently showing the most beautiful appearance.

There areThose who are in Europe and America Diva will stand at the top of the trend whenever and wherever they are. There may be times when this trend style is not accepted by the general public, but they all read "My aging mother is not Care."

These days, when you revisit your friends Found that 20 years ago, Jennifer Aniston has had a sense of fashion today.

Two other starrings It will not lag behind.

10 years ago The big bang, Penny, who was still tender enough to pull water, had a similar style of dress.

The back was worn wearing ugly underwear, wearing a chest sweat and nausea.

It is also a good choice to occasionally give a fake chest.

The other fashion style has become "OK, you don't wear underwear, I just wear underwear to the streets."

After all, not every sister has a symmetrical and Size-pleasing chest.

Then, the exposed clavicle and small waist became a new trend in the summer of these two years.

Nevertheless Underwear is still not wearing underwear, compared to the somewhat conservative domestic, it seems to be a little difficult to implement.

But who can say There are some styles in this style that cannot be used by everyone.

Of course, I hope that in the summer, everyone will be able to dress up beautifully according to their wishes. After all, regardless of men and women, how to control their own body and how to dress up It is a birthright that oneself and how to wear out one's own style. Without harming the interests of the public and others, everyone's hobby and body should be respected by others.