All naked call, back to watch the children! One step left to earn 450,000 U.S. dollars, is the World Cup brain powder

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All naked call, back to watch the children! One step left to earn 450,000 U.S. dollars, is the World Cup brain powder

2018-06-08 00:25:28 348 ℃

The next week, the World Cup will begin!

Although the president did not like to watch football, I still remember clearly that the World Cup four years ago was in the semi-finals of the German team against Brazil and the two worlds were super. The crazy thing that model has done!

The two goddesses who shouted for the player were completely crazy. Don't lose as a fan of idol trainees and "draft 101" draft shows!

Gisele Bundchen supports the Brazilian team and Haiidi (heidi Klum) for the German team, two people are on the Twitter screen, self-timer, cheer for the support team.

Gui Niangniang's Brazilian national flag spurs the players and

Hai Ma uses colored strokes to paint for Germany. Team cheers.

(Gi House)

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Gigi Niangniang did not forget to watch the World Cup with her child.

The nude mother took a photo with the German team in front of the TV.


The two goddesses are not crazy In the end, the Brazilian team lost to the German team.

Let Always Expect Brazil The team won the Great Goddess's Gigi, and left a cry after the game was announced.

(Gigi Ins compares his love to the Brazilian team, with the expression pack of the Hercules Cup)

(After the game loses, Twitter's Shangniangniang's heartbreaking “cry” facial expression pack)

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The two goddesses were pretty cute during the World Cup, like the stars who chased the stars.It seems that the supermodel Brazilian gang was chasing the World Cup chase especially crazy, but only the madness of the guild goddess was even better! Not only will she brush his face at the stadium, she will wear a Brazilian uniform at home to call and call.


It's not in your eyes at all, walking with wind, eyes killing, turning the T station into the momentum of the battlefield of the Gianninate...

(Rio Olympics)

Think of this, this year's World Cup, Gigi Niangniang should have gone crazy again! So before the World Cup, the president wanted to give everyone Popular science, the other side of the Goddess Gin Niang!

You think that the most expensive supermodel in the history of secrets, go T Will the 450,000 US dollar global goddess not like football?

Do you think that Gigi Nigami has a rugby player and she doesn't like playing football?

Do you think that the girl's heart has converged after the goddess has given birth to the child?


Sometimes, watching supermodels is like watching us, real feelings and crazy performance are no different.

You only know that Gianninate was on the cover of ELLE magazine during the 2014 World Cup, and swept the globe.

She also joined the world's third-known player Neymar and joined the June issue of Vogue Brazil. /p>

Even at the Brazilian World Cup awards ceremony, escort Hercules with lv bags. Cup.

(Gigi Niang escorts the Hercules Cup with an LV box)

< /p>

Do not know, Gi-goo Niang as early as in 2008, there is indirect sponsorship of the Brazilian team to go to the World Cup.

She is not only very fond of this sport Even when she was a child, she almost became a national-level professional athlete!

Because she grew very tall when she was a child, she was still a school volleyball player even when she was standing in the last row. Her height was abrupt, which gave her an advantage, and she dreamed of becoming a professional women's volleyball player for the Brazilian national team from an early age.

(Left II: Gigi who is very tall when she was little)

(in the school volleyball team's Gifani Niangniang)

Although dreams gradually became a desire to become a model Later, because of a shopping trip, she was discovered by a scout at a department store, but she has not forgotten the sport.

She told reporters in an interview that she felt that not only The men's team has a good look, and the women's football is also very good. If possible, she hopes everyone should have a sport. Even now, she hopes that she will have time to try more sports.

The healthy and beautiful Gigi Niangniang is attracting players' attention! Many world-famous players have taken Gini as their first goddess!

For example, your male god Ronaldo and Özil... ...

The most liked player in Nyaikumi's heart was Ricardo Izecson Dos Santos Leite, who was retired from Brazil. The last person to marry was American. Football star Tom Brady. She hasn't played with football players right now.

(Gi Yoo Niang and her husband)

However, although Gigi Niangniang did not marry her life-threatening ball item athlete, she is also very happy now.

Life was flat and my husband was a family friend who was more vigorous than that year. Little plum is much better!

In February of this year, Gigi Niangniang released her undisclosed wedding gown on the 9th anniversary of her wedding. Photo. The president is really showing off her and her husband across the screen!

Chapel, little wedding, not many guests, but she and she Husband looks very sweet in the photo. Sure enough, a marriage can not be shown on the wedding scale!

Now for nearly 10 years now, the two are still in love.

To some extent, 20 years of legendary status in the fashion industry The Gifani Niangniang is also considered the winner in the fan community! After all, she married the American football version of "David Beckham"...

She doesn't love giants to love players, but also lucky to marry love.

Then we can now see that when Jennifer Niang is excited to watch football with her child, her husband will be nice and clinging to another child to accompany her. It is really small and warm. It's sweet!

Gigi Niangniang seems to be a supermodel far away from us, but I prefer to treat her as an ordinary girl who appears in an extraordinary world. She also always said so, in fact, she was ordinary at first.

(Gigi Niang: I have no concept of fashion)

< p>She actually does a lot andOrdinary star-chasing girls are like, for example, even if she is very busy and will fly from the United States to Brazil to cheer for the game, ah, see the Brazilian uniforms can not help but like crazy kiss like this kind of small sister movement.

Whether she is a hobby or a job, she is always with us. With an dedication and enthusiasm, do the best you want to do.

(Interview with Gigi Niang)

In fact, this passion is great! Love and control of life, let Gigi Empress from the ordinary town girl, went to the top of the HF!

Then he risked losing a lot of high-end magazine covers. The spur of the moment decided to go to the business model again;

In the end, she bid farewell to the T stage, chose the second stage of personal development, and also faced many Do not understand.

However, just like her as a fan, she has been very assertive to do it, no matter how much her own madness makes ordinary people unable to understand. Turning those years that are not precisely defined into the greatest miracle she has encountered.

So obsession can be Change life's ~

If there wasn't a fascination with models at the time, Gi Yoon Niang could not be a supermodel;

If there is no obsession with a business model, Gi Yoonang cannot cross HF And commercial model two times;

If there is no love for ball sports, Gigi Niang is not likely to meet her player husband.

In this world, things that are crazy and infatuated are normal.So, when you are rushing to love it, do what you like!

No more madness, we are old.