The vest line is outdated, and now the most popular figure is dad bod!

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The vest line is outdated, and now the most popular figure is dad bod!

2018-08-04 20:25:25 125 ℃

If you think this is the best body

Your thoughts need to be updated

The most popular body is now dad bod daddy belly

is the following

There are countless girls who are obsessed with it

The essence of dad bod is

Some little fat

but not too fat

Man with this body

You will go to the gym if you eat too much.

Shenzhen can eat 200 kg

You can also eat the whole pizza

For example, Leonardo...

Little Harry Connick

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The male god star of the abdominal muscle vest line

has a father's belly after becoming a father

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Because many people have a wife and children

There is no extra energy to take care of the body

The stomach has become bigger.

Speak back

Women are especially fond of men of this size

There is no sense of security.

The most important thing is to take photos with such men


The bodybuilding of the abdominal muscles is very good

But dad bod will make people feel more cordial and caring

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In fact, dad bod and baby are the best.

The belly can let the child sleep.

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The lost abdominal muscles Handsome to get the feeling of Dad

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Fat dad can take better care of children

Although fat but strong body

Age is not lost to the abdominal muscles

But if you are fat,

there is no such perfect curve

Describe you want to get more fitness

Read and transfer to the dad bod around you

Let them enhance their self-confidence