30-year-old Zhang Yuxi and 37-year-old Xie Na hit the shirt, how did she lose so badly?

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30-year-old Zhang Yuxi and 37-year-old Xie Na hit the shirt, how did she lose so badly?

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< p> Recently, the eye-catching people who were eating melons found that Zhang Yuxi was wearing a shirt with Xie Na when attending an event.

From the official pictures, the two hot moms wore the same veil, but each has its own beauty.

The 30-year-old Zhang Yuxi is glamorous and charming, and she does not lose her sense of youth.

< /p>

Xie Na, 37, will pull up her long hair and reveal the rare gentleness and dignity.

After another friend broke the news After the photos of the two people without PS, everyone was surprised to find that Zhang Yuqi actually lost so many Xie Na?

From the photo It is not difficult to see that Zhang Yuxi does not seem to be suitable for this fresh and beautiful fairy skirt.

The whole person appears to be "the tiger's back" (Oh, no, it’s a real “tiger bear waist”).

Know that Zhang Yuxi’s legs And the little face has always envied countless girls

can be "arm thick back" but it is a "hard injury" that she has never been able to ignore.

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A netizen once commented on her figure:

It is true that the problem of "Zhang Yuxuan back thick" is not solved by fitness, and it will only become more and more burly.

There are the same problems, as well as Jiang Xin:

Jiang Xin is wearing the back of the suit, and it feels like it has exploded...

Fan Bingbing

< /p>

and Liuyan

< p>

I have to say that girls are thick and really ugly.

Is it very worrying?

In fact, there are always a lot of people who have a misunderstanding. They think that the thick back is because they are fat. If they are thin, they can solve the problem.

It’s wrong. There are many reasons for the thick back. It’s just one of the reasons for the “fat back thickness” that is best to improve. One kind, after all, take your mouth and open your legs and just slim down.

Of course, you can also do some targeted exercises.

Her sister's first push is the fastest-acting "Swan Arm", not only thin back, but also super thin arms.

Standing on the chest and holding your arms until two Side

The elbows are then lowered and raised.

Like the swan wings

Always keep your neck like a swan neck in the whole set of movements

Stretch as far as possible

Shoulder and chest stretch open

Two arms gradually extend to both sides

It’s just that the “Swan Arm” is relatively more tiring, but sticking to it for more than three weeks will have a significant effect.

In addition to fat, there is also a reason that many sisters have hunchback since childhood, and bad manners can also cause thick backs, such as before Yang Mi:

and Taylor Swift< /p>

Improve this hunchback best The method is that her sister has said that there are countless times of "station wall". Every day for half an hour, one week can see the effect, Super Super Super!

Of course, there are many reasons for hunchback. I haven’t developed good habits, illnesses, or heavy loads for a long time, and lack of strength on my back.

For example, the "butterfly bone" that many girls pursue is actually a pathological condition. The professional name is "winged scapula" (scapula valgus protrusion) due to Paralysis and weakness of the anterior serratus and trapezius muscles.

Image from the web

This state is often accompanied by pain and discomfort in the neck and shoulders.

To correct the "back thickness" caused by the winged scapula, you can try the training method recommended by the body master. Many netizens test it effectively.

Head up and retract chin

The shoulder blade is clamped in the middle and sinks

Clamp and hold your hand to the ground

Persist for 1 minute

< p>

The arm is lifted up and the palm is lifted up

Keep the chin back

If the arm is numb, you can Decrease height

Keep 10-30 seconds, 5 times as a group

Doing 3 groups every day

Okay, I hope her sister has solved the most distressing problems for the little fairies. The rest, look You guys!

Remember, if you want the most beautiful yourself, you can only work hard!

— End —