Zhang Xinyu announced marriage, marriage proposal exposure, marriage is not a pigeon egg is love

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Zhang Xinyu announced marriage, marriage proposal exposure, marriage is not a pigeon egg is love

2018-08-05 20:25:01 143 ℃

Zhang Xin is married! (Thanks to the weekend for not sleeping, let the editor share her joy for the first time), the groom is particularly special!

Remind everyone, this time it was not a hype or an exercise. The wedding photos were not notices, but even the marriage certificates were dried together. Zhang Xinyu really married.

The marriage proposal was exposed together, laughing and bending Zhang Xinyu, laughing The groom of flowers:

When a female star marries, there will always be a pigeon egg, and she will write a rich second generation. There will be all kinds of luxurious photos and scenes, but Zhang Xinyu, she is married to love, the diamond ring is not big in the same circle actress, but happiness. A little bit will not be less.

As she said, one day I am married, not because of my age, but not because of each other’s conditions. Suitable, only one reason, marry him, marry love.

In fact, Zhang Xinyu has been in love for a long time, but the relationship between the love is too low-key, the only photos There are no male figures. More often, there is only one hand:

The fans and the major media can only find clues about who the boyfriend is from the clues of the photos. Since the announcement of the love affair on March 28, the two continued to be low-key. Until July 3, it was discovered that this boyfriend is not the handsome instructor in the "God Dog".

After that He Jie was taken out, it was not an ordinary brother. He participated in "One Stop to the End". The very famous knowledge contest program is that Wufu is also a literary genius.

Okay, let’s call Zhang Xinyu a “military, hello!”

< As a soldier, He Jie has a busy life of 12 years and 50 days of vacation. He has contributed a lot to the city's anti-terrorism. He often lost contact with his parents, or he was urgently recalled from his parents when he visited relatives.

(Small Mimi’s saying, how can I see this kind of work rhythm? I don’t have time to meet girls and fall in love, thank God’s Dogs, and let Zhang Xinyu and He Jie solve their lifelong problems in their work. )

Not long ago, Zheng Shuang was exposed because "this is the armor" to know the current boyfriend, that is, variety show Director Zhang Heng. It is the representative of the non-rich businessman outside the circle who is looking for a love. In these few days, Zhang Xinyu also became a husband because of variety.

In other words, fans who are still worried about single love beans should not only partner in the play, maybe their lover is hidden in the staff?

When you marry an actress who is married to an ordinary person outside the circle, you have to say that Ella and her husband, Lai Sixiang, have been married for six years, and Ella is more feminine in this love. Produced his son last year, Xiaoming Jinbao.

Although she did not have a marriage Turning into a wealthy wife, her husband’s income is also unsatisfactory. Two people still have to work hard for the mortgage. The newly-married Yaner does not dare to have children. Even the honeymoon trip is delayed for unlimited money.

But happiness will not be affected.

I believe that Zhang Xin’s choice will definitely be full.

A month ago, Zhang Xinyu once shot a group of wedding gowns for the fashion bride, with the text, to be their own bride.

At that time, some fans commented below "Looking forward to your wedding dress" That day"

I didn’t expect this wish to be realized in just 30 days, Zhang Xinyu, eventually became He Jie Bride.

When playing Li Mozhen, Zhang Xinyu revealed in an interview that he felt Li Mozhen is very stupid, she will not delay her life because she does not love her, so she gets away from the entanglement with Li Chen;

She said that Li Mozhen is paranoid about love and thinks "man It’s not a good thing. I don’t agree. There are good men and bad men in the world. Seeing fate and looking at luck, now she has found her good man.

She realized love from Li Mozhen’s love. It is easy to get along easily. When two people get along, they will find many differences in personality and outlook on life. At this time, they must break up rationally. Therefore, she met the same three Jie Jie, and she decisively entrusted her life.

In the play, Li Mozhen regrets his life; Zhang Xin is a good friend.

I don’t even say it, I wish: Happy wedding, full of round!