A Jiao immediately hit back to the prototype? Goddess also have trouble

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A Jiao immediately hit back to the prototype? Goddess also have trouble

2016-07-22 19:16:33 384 ℃

No man love practical joke

There is a suspected explosion of crumpled treasure livery

No one has stepped on the bride's dress.

Don't be anything quechaojiuzhan yesterday, Chen double wedding is sweet and successful

Before the wedding, Michelle Chen has said the bridesmaids is necessarily the most beautiful, openly, she gave the bridesmaids prepared dress simple elegance, mix with all your heart and with all your soul

The bridesmaids all Yan value online, let people boast a good meal to eat melon

What the hand is recognized as the goddess makeup, so it is

A full-length, not so emboldened enough. This picture from micro-blog Jon, help A Jiao stovepipe yo ~ but the floor line betrayed A Jiao, the art master craft to be enhanced

And group photo of the scene in a comparison, the gap between vision and reality is still a little big

Even as the human scenery, small thick legs are very upstage.

Look on the back more than the (left Jon, right A Jiao)

Plus this pair of high heels slightly off, do not think it is difficult to cut points

Thick heels can fill height disadvantage, but more cumbersome and less elegant

In fact, A Jiao is not a small rough legs two days a day, the life of her arm and leg muscles,

In order to reveal her slender legs, too often wear stockings

The mind is the heart of Sherry silk stockings, second leg chopsticks

A Jiao was broke in the first leg and arm in the first leg and arm injections of more than and 30 needle meat toxins in order to muscle atrophy to significantly thin

A set of significantly shorter

A set of strong

But as long as the shape does not make mistakes, the goddess immediately the United States to come back

Or hide the meat.

What is the position, face so, who cares her leg thickness.

You say is not ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~