"Yan Wei Raiders" is really a net red face mirror! They are completely different from the drama in modern clothes.

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"Yan Wei Raiders" is really a net red face mirror! They are completely different from the drama in modern clothes.

2018-08-31 20:25:41 220 ℃

The popular broadcast of "The Raiders" has opened this year's national drama mode, and Yu Zheng has once again fired a drama. However, this drama is really a mirror for the actors. Because it is the plot of the harem battle, naturally, all kinds of actresses are indispensable. They are all beautiful in modern clothes. They are completely standard red faces, but they completely expose the shortcomings.

The cockroaches of Changchun Palace, the play seems to be very old. However, the intensive map of modern equipment is completely a standard net red.

The first embroidered house is the auspicious of the box lunch, the good friend of the woman, because the beggar is shackled. In the play, the nose is collapsed, and the intensive figure of the modern dress is very "spoofed". It seems that the nose is quite a lot.

Jiayu's refinement map looks like a very temperamental big sister, completely unable to connect with her in the drama.

The noble 妃 is also beautiful in modern clothes.

Shu Yi modern dress looks a bit like Dong Jie, smile is very beautiful. But she is very old-fashioned in the play.

The exquisite embroidered workshops with the female masters at the beginning, the drama looks like a big pie face, but the effect of shooting it yourself is indeed beauty.

The heroine Wei Wei’s actor Wu Jinyan was ugly by many people, and the eyebrows looked strange. But in modern clothes, she still looks like an actor's face. It is so beautiful that she is too far from the drama.

Pure modern clothes are very young, but the costumes look a lot older.

In fact, Mingyu can see that it is a beautiful woman, and modern clothes are not bad.

The noble drama seems to be very old, and the modern dress is at least ten years old.

The role of Li Ruoning in the late evening is definitely the only difference in the whole drama. She is very beautiful in the costumes, and the modern clothes are the same. Very beautiful.

Of course, Qin Lan is as beautiful as ever. Because everyone is familiar with it, it will not be posted for comparison.