Zhou Bichang went to New York Fashion Week to catch up with Yang Mi! Is this the Zhou Bichang I know?

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Zhou Bichang went to New York Fashion Week to catch up with Yang Mi! Is this the Zhou Bichang I know?

2018-09-10 20:25:17 410 ℃

Seeing New York Fashion Week is in full swing, all the stars and big coffee flew to New York to enjoy a visual feast. Yang Mi, who has not appeared at the airport for a long time, was succeeded by netizens this morning "catch the bag." Her simple and comfortable wearing seems to be prepared for long-term flight.

Let's letter printed top, brilliant yellow lining up a big power White skin, with denim skirt and flat bottom Lok Fu shoes, simple and comfortable. The diagonally slanted small powder bag brightens the overall tone, and the eye-catching netizens recognize it. This is not the actor's endorsement of MICHAEL KORS Whitney limited edition handbag!

This bag is a special edition of the Tanabata special edition of the Tanabata Valentine’s Day at the Qixi Festival last month. Red color as the main color. The pink model can better reflect the power of the young girl~

As we all know, when the power was last year’s birthday, < /font>MICHAEL KORS broke the advertisement for her only supermodel, never refers to the tradition of spokesperson, invited Yang Mi to become the world's first MK The spokesperson, her personal charm has been recognized by the global fashion people.

Actually,< Font>Yang Mi has been MK's diehard powder! Orange, dark green, gray, these popular colors have her. Every one is still as beautiful as her back~ It’s really a born queen! Also no wonder MK asked her to come to contemporary speakers!

On the other side, Yang Mi’s close friends, as well as MK’s brand friend Zhou Bichang, have also been ready to go to New York.

with big powers The difference is that the pen is full of neutral handsome wind. The upper body is MK's casual suit, paired with jeans and dark gray ankle boots, showing the charm of mix and match. The intertwined ribbed shoulder bag and individual small glasses are modern and casual.

The two have been They are all good models in the circle, celebrating birthdays, singing together, eating together, and being happy.

They also often participate in the MK brand event, watching them stand together, really worthy of a good CP!

Beijing time At 22 o'clock on the evening of October 12, 2018, MICHAEL KORS will hold the 2019 spring fashion show. These two like-minded friends will also watch the show again. What kind of sister flower model will the two open? Let us expect their wonderful performance~