Yang Mi does not bring the queen of goods, at the airport began to demonstrate the early autumn fashion wear

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Yang Mi does not bring the queen of goods, at the airport began to demonstrate the early autumn fashion wear

2018-09-11 20:25:13 146 ℃

Under half of New York Fashion Week, I don’t know if everyone is still enjoying it. Today’s New York is still a lot of highlights! "Spicy Chicken" Nikki-Mina once again made a demon, as well as Yang Mi, Zhou Bichang's departure airport map, let us take a look!

Star Show

"Spicy Chicken"

Two days ago, Nie-Mina, the "spicy chicken" who caught the horse, appeared at the Monse show, and the spicy chicken, which was not surprisingly endless, was dressed in a large-scale dress. "Broken chest" big show full body, and then with a short red hair, change the show "Spring".

There was a frying pan on the online commentary. Of course, it’s not enough to see the usual style of spicy chicken. Odd, the netizen only said: This style is very spicy chicken!

Maybe everyone hasn’t slowed down from the "Spicy Chicken" in the "Spring" style of the Monse show. She will appear again at Opening Ceremony. A yellow down jacket with a pink leather skirt is not as good as her proud double chest!

"Spicy Chicken" Show styling

Sling leather skirt can not hold the proud chest! The show will serve spicy chicken. Interestingly, the "Spicy Chicken" is a big show on the show floor, and it feels like a lot of drama. Don't be a spicy chicken, anyway, netizens are used to it.

"Spicy Chicken" teaches you to be arrogant and cold-faced

Emma-Roberts >

Without comparison, there is no harm. Emma-Roberts appeared at the Boss show, wearing a black dress with a white dress and playing with elegant "black and white" to showcase good clothes! Hmm~ Contrast it really makes people's eyes refreshed a lot, even netizens also said: ordinary people are still suitable for this method.

Yang Mi

and our stock queen, Yang Mi, as Michael Kors spokesperson departed New York, and the airport styling seemed to win. The big power is wearing a letter print top, with a denim skirt and flat loafers. It is easy to dress, and it is comfortable and stylish.

It’s perfect to wear it in the early autumn.

Yang Power Departure Model

Overview of Yang Mi’s show style in previous years, most of them will not go wrong, but fans who may have broken their hearts are used to the example of the stylist’s pit. Weibo commented on the power of the power. Give force, and list the three do not principle:

Do not red lipstick, don't stick double eyelids, don't ruin the bangs.

As a queen of goods, I believe that the power of the power will not go wrong on the wear, look forward to it.


Invited by Michael Kors, there is also a pen and pen, wearing a casual suit with jeans. What kind of spark will be with the good friend Yang Mi's show, it is worth looking forward to~

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Mansur Gavriel

Speaking of this The season's most intimate and most beautiful show, must be Mansur Gavriel 2018 autumn and winter series, the show is arranged into a restaurant, each location has a different delicate dessert, let the show guests eat Look at it, high to no.

The temptation to open the food, Let's take a look at the design of Mansur Gavriel this season. Still based on the cream color, and the brand's minimalist line design, from gray to caramel to faint pink green yellow and blue, each piece is fresh and practical, after reading a lot of grass .


BOSS 2019 Spring/Summer Collection Brings a "California Breeze Breeze" This fashion show is the first appearance of the BOSS men's and women's collections. Inspired by the coastal cities and modern architecture of the vast Pacific coast. So the whole series uses a lot of geometric patterns and stripes to keep the boss as cold as ever.

Again, this season BOSS is divided by color, the series is very strong! Coupled with the brand's traditional suits, wide-leg pants and other items, there is no lack of modern and urban style in sports.


The trendy Tibi must be a must-have for New York City girls Simple, modern, practical and stylish just right! This season's Tibi brings us different ways of playing suits, getting rid of dull and rigid.

Easy binding and asymmetrical tailoring have always been Tibi's masterpieces, and this season is no exception. The addition of plaid and bright color schemes makes the wardrobe of New York's senior white-collar workers no longer monotonous.


So far, the most glamorous show at New York Fashion Week is Rodarte, which returned to Paris from New York. In the spring and summer of 2019, they showed their best skills: romance, Fantasy cascading fairy skirt. The girls who are decorated with flowers and tulle are like the forest elves, with the aroma after the rain, with surreal beauty.

Mingyan's make-up makeup is inspired by Picasso and deserves to be savored.

Rodarte Makeup

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