Wu Jinyan’s debut appearance in the fashion week was blown out. The foreign media did not have a repair plan.

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Wu Jinyan’s debut appearance in the fashion week was blown out. The foreign media did not have a repair plan.

2018-09-13 10:25:02 292 ℃

Although the TV series "Yanwei Raiders" has officially ended, but the performance of several starring on the Internet is still high, especially Wu Jinyan, although some time ago and CCTV The staff of the film station had some unpleasant cooperation experiences, but they still couldn't stop her from being hot on the Internet. Now Wu Jinyan is already among the top actresses.

Before the big hot TV series "Yanlan Raiders" opened the way ahead, and later there is such a support for Bole, Wu Jinyan's acting career can It is said that just like opening a hang, just finished the recording of various domestic variety shows, Wu Jinyan was invited to the United States to participate in New York Fashion Week.

Everyone knows that New York Fashion Week is only opening soon, but there are already many domestic artists going to the front line, like Jing Tian, ​​Guan Xiaotong, Yang Mi, etc. They are all active in the forefront, and Wu Jinyan is a very popular female artist recently, but the foundation in the fashion industry is not too stable, and this is the first time Wu Jinyan has participated in Fashion Week.

So in many details, Wu Jinyan’s work team naturally cannot do everything. When domestic artists enter fashion week abroad, they will always follow A very skilled photographer, and then the fashion week styling pictures circulating on the domestic website, most of which have been processed through the later intensive process, so many domestic artists’ photos look very perfect, almost zero, but no one is perfect. Even if the star artist's own hardware conditions are indeed better than the ordinary mass base, it is not perfect.

So every time a foreign star shoots a star photo, it becomes a mass judge to judge an artist's state. The most authentic evidence, and Wu Jinyan, probably because of the first time to participate in Fashion Week, so all aspects of preparation are not particularly adequate, the first batch of photos passed back to China, actually shot by foreign media, until the foreign media shooting After the photos were circulated on the Internet for a while, Wu Jingyan's refinement map was once again spread on the Internet.

In the intensive picture, Wu Jinyan has a tall, long-legged, slim and temperament, absolutely It is a stable goddess fan, but in the photos taken by foreign media, Wu Jinyan’s body is thin and thin, and the color is not as good as the intensive figure. And the most important thing is that Wu Jinyan’s tall feeling is gone, and it seems that the body proportion is It's not very harmonious. It's not like the one-six-six-five, which is said by the official encyclopedia. I don't know if it is because she learned to dance from a young age. Wu Jinyan's calf muscles are also relatively strong, so many netizens are watching the pictures on both sides. After that, they all vomited that Wu Jinyan was a photo.