Laoganma is the hottest woman in China to visit New York Fashion Week!

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Laoganma is the hottest woman in China to visit New York Fashion Week!

2018-09-13 20:25:14 299 ℃

"Dangganma", "Shuangmei" and other representative elements of China also landed in New York Fashion Week! I did not expect that the hottest woman in China also successfully met with New York Fashion Week.

Master Kong Hanyang, Laoganma, Shuangmei, A number of Chinese-style brands such as the Summer Palace, Yunnan Baiyao, and Onecup have joined Tmall's national wave action, and each brand has its own unique design sense.

Master Kang Hanyang

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Summer Palace

Yunnan Baiyao

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One cup

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Tmall’s national tide action is to promote these brands, first to help Chinese brands go abroad and to the world, and secondly to deepen the world The impression and understanding of China's new national tide.

From Xinhua Video

There are 19 Chinese brands participating in the 2019 Spring and Summer New York Fashion Week, and 2 new ones this year. It already accounts for 1/4 of the total number of brands, so it seems that the Chinese brand really wants to rise. The following grapefruit takes you to see a few of the more resounding Chinese brands.

The first independent sports brand in China Particle Fever (particle fanatic), with "Chrysanthemum" Wang Ju as a model to help.

Best-selling Chinese down jacket brand in 47 countries Bosideng opened and closed by Wei Mi Royal SupermodelAA, Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Renner also came to to help out.

JNBY released the 2019 Spring/Summer Unlimited new series, opened by the Chinese new generation supermodel He Cong, by Tesla The Queen Mother, Maye Musk, closed her collar.

Angel Chen created this series of spring and summer 2019 with the inspiration of the female pirate Qing who dominated the Pacific during the Qing Dynasty.

Founded in 2017 new generation fashion collection collection brand F/FFFFFF, this issue of spring and summer 19 The series is based on the combination of Eastern philosophy and modern technology, reflecting the feeling of nature and the unity of nature and man. In addition to NBA player Enes Kanter and other well-known athletes to help.

Chinese brand is taking the trend of the original Occupy the international market, I hope that China will create every corner of the world!